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  1. I'm not in during the day tomorrow, but should be around from the usual time of 8pm.
  2. I'll be around from about 8pm tonight if you're there guage.
  3. Cheers. My first Albatross and it didn't save Thought it was going to do it automatically :( Never mind. Good game though.
  4. Spleen v spanx Spleen wins Dormie 2 What a game. spanx wins the first two holes to go close to a total whitewash. Then I get the next four, which includes my first ever Albatross. Yeah. We finish with two draws to give me the match. Excellent game spanx.
  5. Ok, I'll be around from about 8pm, once the kids are in bed.
  6. Can't believe I have to qualify I'm around tomorrow night spanx, if you are too.
  7. I probably won't be around tonight either, but I'm free the other nights.
  8. I should be around tonight at about 9pm too. But, I doubt I'll be able to make tomorrow night. I'm around Fri - Sun night though, from 8pm.
  9. You were lucky, I thought for 1 second you were going to say this years....... Then there would have been, TROUBLE.
  10. I'm in. At least it's not Shitty Peaks.......
  11. Shame. Just before the final I managed to get -7, which is by far my best score on this course. I knew after this that I wasn't going to be able to do the same again, it proved correct. Good game though. I still, mostly, enjoyed it.
  12. I'll see you too..... The less said about Silver Peaks the better, as far as I'm concerned. Good play by Meatball though and as nice hole in one by shoinan.
  13. Blimey, just made the cut after a shocking round. Will I get better? Probably not. I seem to be really bad at this course every time. 8ish start tomorrow is it?
  14. The more the merrier. I'll be there at 830.
  15. Anyone available tonight at about 8:30 so I can play my round?
  16. I'll be able to play tomorrow night, after about 8:30pm?
  17. Nice score. Bit of a shame that it doesn't count, I'm gutted for you. Then again, you'll probably do the same again
  18. I'm waiting for my first, still. Came so close twice. Once on Silver Peaks when the tee shot hit the flag and then on the first couse hole 6 (?), the par 4, hit the rim of the hole but just too fast. Damn it!!!
  19. I would prefer to stick with the eight player type. The four player, although excellent, does indeed take a long time. Also, it may be embarrassing for me to have other players see some truely shocking shots on Silver Peaks.
  20. I'll be up for this too, I LOVE Silver Peaks. May only be able to get on from Friday night though this week.
  21. It wasn't a hole in one. It was a 140yd eagle. Still no aces. Excellent game indeed. Pretty damn tense stuff.
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