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  1. Ah, bless. He's got templates........ We will miss you next week. Off somewhere nice? I'm in for the Euro Masters. Good games this week. Bit annoyed that my chipping game was totally off and sometimes I would miss easy putts but nevermind.
  2. If only I responded well to the fightin' talk. I should be around tonight from 8.
  3. My evens made the cut, woo. Would have been even better if I had matched by previous days score of -7. See you all sunday.
  4. I almost did the same on that hole too. Managed to escape with a double though. Wasn't a pretty sight. Really like this course though, strangely. I know it sounds like I'm making excuses but it really doesn't help to play it in SDTV 4:3 though composite. Ah well, there's always next week.
  5. As usual I can't make that time. I will probably be around at about 10:30 tonight and tomorrow, if that's any use to anyone?
  6. I had another practice today....... ....... only joking. Ha. I'm here all week..........
  7. Just had a go at this doing 18 holes with a novice character. Equalled my best score, blimey I thought. It was a bit lucky though with about 4 chip-ins. I pretty certain that I will not produce the same round on Thursday.
  8. I'm in too. Novice characters only I see. Interesting......
  9. Excellent games they were. Fairly happy with the second of -14, messed up a few times though. We wondered where you had got to milko. Shoi - Don't say that more aces were got in the second game?
  10. Nice scores everyone. I should be able to make 8pm too.
  11. I might be around too, after 8pm. (must avoid tyler )
  12. My connection died, so I decided to call it a night. Good game though Shoinan, cheers.
  13. I'm still unsure. I shall post here if I am around tonight.
  14. It was indeed a good game. Well done tyler. Again. Although my putting was mostly good I was let down by my chipping. Nothing would drop. I must have used all of my chipping skill in the semi against Meatball. Your approach play is much better than mine most of the time too. I may not be able to make tonight now, we shall see.
  15. I will be a bit late tonight, about 10:45. Is that still ok with you?
  16. I'm on 3.90 M33 using Sony NP9660 no-umd mode, the cso is 710MB. This is on a slim PSP.
  17. It was indeed a very close game. I'm at work now (booooo), so is about 10:30 good for you?
  18. Cheers. Excellent games. I was probably fortunate to make those chips, as was apparent in the later game when I missed loads by a few inches. Shame I couldn't have played Tyler last night when I was on fire.
  19. I alwaysa make it late on Thursday, so it shouldn't be a problem.
  20. I'm in too. Meatball - Sorry about all this, was away all day today too. Are you around at about 10:30 tonight? If not, then I don't mind withdrawing and you can go though to the final.
  21. guage v Spleen Spleen wins 2UP at H11 Started off well for me with a couple of nice chipins to go 2up after 4 holes. We then drew 5 and 6 before guage pulls one back at 7. For some reason my network goes and I'm signed out of the PSN. I managed to get back and we decide to play the first 2 holes on the 2nd 9. The first hole is won by me to give me the game. We play 10 and 11 anyway which are both draws, with guage making a great chip on 11 for a birdie. Great game guage. EDIT: bit too slow at the old typing.
  22. Oops, sorry. I've only just got back are you still around? Probably not.
  23. I'm not in during the day tomorrow, but should be around from the usual time of 8pm.
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