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  1. So, we meet again in the fourballs and again in the singles. "tyler... he's the snake to my mongoose, or the mongoose to my snake. Either way it's bad. I don't know animals." When's good for you? And milko + U-1? I'll probably be around most night until Sunday, although my parents are up here. Next week I'm working lates so won't be back until about 11pm.
  2. 8:30 on Saturday sounds good to me.
  3. From those I can make Saturday and Sunday from 8pm onwards.
  4. What about Friday? I can stay up late too.........
  5. I'm afraid I won't be able to make it, I'm not sure if I can get on at all tonight. Have said that, I wouldn't have made it for 9:30 anyway as I'm working earlies this week and have to get up at 4:15. I should be ok for Thursday though.
  6. Cheers captain, you did quite well too. Well done to U-1 though, two great wins. THE YANKS ARE GOING DOWN COME ON TEAM EUROPE!
  7. Cheers, some truely shocking golf and inspired stuff from both of us. Well done tyler, it went to the wire again. Still can't believe I missed the last putt...... COME ON EUROPE WITH U-1.
  8. I prefer Peppa Pig myself. Honestly.
  9. That is correct, it is some shit or other on one of the NickJr channels. I 'love' it.
  10. No wonder you are skill at golf. Here's mine: You can just see the PS3 behind the TV. Wii and original modded xbox behind the doors, away from children's fingers.
  11. Wednesday should be ok for me too. tyler - Hopefully I should be able to get on tonight at about 8pm. I may be using a SDTV though, which gives me a nice excuse already.......
  12. Great win shoi, excellent 1/2 from scratch. Europe are on form.
  13. Can't do during the day, family things, so I will try to make Monday night. Unless you're free other nights before then?
  14. So, we meet again.......... When would be best for you?
  15. Go EUROPE. Go get 'em Steve. Everybody, after me: Were leaving together, But still its farewell And maybe well come back, To earth, who can tell? I guess there is no one to blame Were leaving ground Will things ever be the same again? Its the final countdown..........
  16. Cheers for the kind words people. It was indeed a very close game, going to the wire. We both made some shocking shots but I just managed to hold it together. I must admit I cheered a little when tyler went into the water on the last, sorry. Poor old USA. Come on EUROPE.
  17. I'm around now tyler...... .....bring.....it.....on.....
  18. Excellent, a European. With so far Shoi, Scratch and Yewone in the team I see the European domination continuing. Hoo-rah. Bring it on, you Colonists.
  19. Don't question the tyler, it'll only end in tears. I'm up for this although I haven't read it yet. Looks well confusing. I'm working lates though this week which means I don't now get home until about 11pm (bloody job moving 60 miles way). Will that be a problem? EDIT - He questions and wins. Nice.
  20. Good game people. Quite happy with my score, except the penultimate hole...........
  21. Of course. The more the merrier.
  22. I'll be up for this too, and I should be around at about 8pm. Welcome back templates.......
  23. Welcome back Tyler, we need somebody great to take charge. Are people up for a round of Kratos Krazy Kangaroo Kup tomorrow, about 8pm? Tom - The more the merrier, welcome to the fold.
  24. What about a Kratos Krazy Kangaroo Kup sometine this week? Kratos only at Oceania? I was playing yesterday on Silver Peaks hole 5, the one with the pillars. I thought 'I'll go for the pillars', only bloody made it. Nice tee shot within 2 meters of the hole for a great eagle. I cheered.
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