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  1. I've opened my gates to friends. Leif is in town, Ables had a jester hat and Nooks has a crazy kimono stand for 220k! Oh yeah, turnip price is appalling.
  2. Are you still open @SteveH? Found some more turnips on my island. Ha.
  3. Excellent work @Fneeb heading over now. Left a tip outside of your house, nice island.
  4. I've got the kitchen island thing, 170k it was. Looks nice. Probably.
  5. I dropped an Ankylo Torso too, he's got loads of them now. Ha.
  6. Yes, this is what I'm going for too, got another full loads worth but I've made my money back and then some with the single trip to @Flams.
  7. Thanks @Flams, in and out, mostly painless. Cheers. Left a tip on your beach.
  8. Ade has been there for 45 minutes!
  9. #27, I'm here for the long haul.
  10. I love his turn in Best in Show, a stone cold classic.
  11. I'm moving my house tomorrow up to the top left corner of the island. I'm sure this will mess up my quest to move all six of the rocks into the same garden, have three now but they keep popping up in places I've missed. Ho hum, what's another day (or more...).
  12. Yeah, definitely. Those were certainly great times.
  13. Ah, probably went to sleep. No worries.
  14. Yeah, I would've thought so. It's open now.
  15. All quiet now, and breathe. Thanks for the tips everyone, the gates are still open, I'll probably be away though.
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