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  1. If any game is crying out for an HDR release then it's Mr Driller...
  2. 82YV2 is the dodo code, of your internet is back and you want it done tonight.
  3. My dodo code is 82YV2, turnips are 541. It's on turnip exchange but I've limited it to a queue size of 2, and locked it a while ago.
  4. No worries. Infuriating isn't strong enough. Ha.
  5. I'll send you a new code tonight if you want.
  6. This is mine. https://turnip.exchange/island/d86e842a
  7. The one week I didn't get any and it's 541. Ha.
  8. I've opened my gate again. Redd still had over painting left, Celeste it's also here, near the entrance a few minutes ago.
  9. You're in my friends list, it went to sleep though. Have opened again.
  10. I've got Redd in my town, have opened the gates to friends of anyone fancies a gander. His beach is behind the museum, no ladder needed.
  11. Thanks. Turnips on her island are selling for a massive 16!
  12. I've sent you a friend request from my wife, BexKlopp.
  13. I'm popping over! If that's ok. I'm going to get island envy aren't I?
  14. 194 here. I'll wait... A new low of 19 at the wife's place. Ha.
  15. 176 here, could reach it's maximum this afternoon of over 200!
  16. The dizzy heights of 132 here. 27 at my wife's...
  17. Super friend! Mine is 107 and predicted too be rubbish this week, 32 at the wife's island.
  18. My daughter has for 523 on her island. She's on https://turnip.exchange/island/22405bf9
  19. Sorry, internet went. Open again now.
  20. My internet went crazy so the gate closed. It's open again now and I've just checked Redd and he had one painting left. This may or may not be fake. Ha.
  21. I've got Redd in! Have opened my gates to friends of anyone fancies a piece of art, there might be some non fakes. His beach is behind the new museum place, no ladder needed.
  22. 28 at my wife's place! Lowest I've ever seen.
  23. Easy peasy. Thanks. Came as me and my wife (BexKlopp).
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