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  1. Skull Island was brilliant, Godzilla less so. Maybe it'll be in the middle some where. Maybe.
  2. Was this post predicting the future? I got my controller and Chromecast this morning too. Bravo. Have we got a list of friends? I have none. pfspleen is me.
  3. Only took a year, maybe this is what the next gen consoles are doing too.
  4. I've been impressed with it too, certainly is more than playable and currently the better option when it comes to Cyberpunk. I also got PGA Tour 2k21 for £1 which is pretty good.
  5. I bit the bullet and bought Cyberpunk on this, been playing it on my TV via an old laptop, it looks great as far as I'm concerned. Using a PS4 controller connected via an 8bitdo Nintendo Switch adapter and wouldn't guess that it's cloud based. Impressed. Especially now I'm using a wired connection, wireless was appalling. Ha. Stadia controller and Chromecast next week. Nice.
  6. My Xbox Live services are unavailable, which means I can't do anything on my S. Sigh.
  7. Minecraft on my Series S still takes ages to load, also doesn't quick resume yet. Along with Supraland.
  8. Mine came from Hinckley this morning. It's not a Tory.
  9. Nothing yet, it's 7 minutes into the delivery window. Come on Imran!
  11. That's what mine says from Smyth's via DPD. Edit - Sigh. Nothing works.
  12. That's what mine says from Smyth's via DPD. Edit - Ha
  13. That's what mine says from Smyth's via DPD.
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