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  1. Against all the odds this continues to be great.
  2. Tried this in VR last night for the first time, my god it's beautiful.
  3. Rogue One is now on the UK Netflix. One of the best Star Wars films.
  4. Yeah, I couldn't find a 4k version of Homecoming either.
  5. The US Office is hilarious, all of it.
  6. Ah, I never saw that and I played it for ages. Bah. I guess I'll have to buy the proper game now when I next visit Indonesia.
  7. How do you get into the zone mode?
  8. This is out now, has anyone watched it yet? I have and thought it was pretty good. Humorous in places, dark in places and quite violent in places. 5 out of 7.
  9. Bah, all gone. Ho hum.
  10. Agree, it's probably up there as my favourite Star Wars movie, originals included, such joy. I really don't get all of the hate, although it does seem to be from people who haven't seen it. Killed by The Last Jedi backlash and release date I think.
  11. Reddit /r/nflstreams is what I use. You can watch the straight American coverage, crazy ads included.
  12. This sounds the same as last year for you. Pompey held 0-0, bang goes the 100% record, ho hum. According to the reports they even had their goalkeeper sent off and a midfielder had to go in goal. Classic scenes! I love that. Shame it came very late in the game though.
  13. An impressive 1-0 victory. We're gonna walk this league...
  14. Cheers. Are you sure you're not me? Haha. I remember being a very young Liverpool fan too, I started going to Fratton Park with my dad and have never looked back.
  15. Pompey fan here living in Coventry. All through the highs and lows (very lows) I've been a Pompey fan, grew up on the IOW and went to my first game in 1980 something.
  16. Along with Rogue One it's definetly the best since Empire. I enjoy the prequel trilogy for its sheer hilarity of awfulness. Especially since subscribing to /r/prequelmemes on Reddit.
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