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  1. Thanks @murray, managed to just get in. Left a tip near your pile of things.
  2. Can I have a code please? I'll post you something, as I'm full of nips.
  3. Mine are 63! I've love a code sometime this afternoon.
  4. 128 here, which is more than yesterday, so that's good.
  5. I'm at a massive 125 at the moment. Virtually the highest it'll get according to the calculator. Great.
  6. 169 for me. Still have 2000 to sell.
  7. Thanks Moose. Managed to offload about 3000 for almost 1 million bells! Still for 2000 left but I'm up now.
  8. 110 this afternoon, tracker has gone down to 200 max. Sigh.
  9. I'm carrying my turnips around all of the time just in case! I'm not really though. Or am I...
  10. My data in that page hints that I could get 600+ tomorrow morning. We shall see.
  11. 101 at mine, spent 500k. Should've shopped around, it'll be fine...
  12. 141 bells my turnips were worth this morning, 139 this afternoon. Hope it doesn't keep on dropping.
  13. Done it at last! Only had 35 turnips but by Christ that was shit. Will post a tip. Thanks. Even leaving is a nightmare. Haha.
  14. I'm trying again @jonnyalpha Edit - oh, it's full, and then it kicks you all the way back to the start of the conversation. FFS.
  15. Yes, that is very very annoying. Unlike a Nintendo game to have shit online play...
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