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  1. I want to but Fear was absolute bobbins. The less said about the original after a few seasons the better.
  2. Finished watching this and it's not bad. I agree, the relationship aspects of it are eye rollingly bad. But hey, SPACE!
  3. I've just done this too, for home delivery.
  4. We'll make the playoffs again and play terribly in then. Again.
  5. My island is open to friends, Redd is here and still got three things, that may or may not be fakes.
  6. I'd love for it to be set on the Isle of Wight, having grown up there.
  7. If any game is crying out for an HDR release then it's Mr Driller...
  8. 82YV2 is the dodo code, of your internet is back and you want it done tonight.
  9. My dodo code is 82YV2, turnips are 541. It's on turnip exchange but I've limited it to a queue size of 2, and locked it a while ago.
  10. No worries. Infuriating isn't strong enough. Ha.
  11. I'll send you a new code tonight if you want.
  12. This is mine. https://turnip.exchange/island/d86e842a
  13. The one week I didn't get any and it's 541. Ha.
  14. I've opened my gate again. Redd still had over painting left, Celeste it's also here, near the entrance a few minutes ago.
  15. You're in my friends list, it went to sleep though. Have opened again.
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