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  1. Turnip price is a pitiful 64 here. The hot item is a Mini Workbench, just so happened that I had loads of hardwood and iron, so made probably about 50 odd. Nice.
  2. This pause for people coming and going is a bit tedious...
  3. I've taken to wearing a rather nice Corte skirt.
  4. Oh yeah, my friend code is SW-8488-9341-2897 I've added loads of people that I were friends with back in the good old Wii U days.
  5. I had her yesterday, bought a rug and wallpaper. Started the game on Friday.
  6. Thanks for visiting, not much to see yet. Cheers for the cherry and apple.
  7. JBJQN is my code. Only been going for a couple of days though. It's raining at the moment, bring an umbrella.
  8. Spleen

    NFL 2019!

    I know, it's crazy.
  9. Spleen

    NFL 2019!

    It's seems that we, the Cardinals, have traded the injury prone RB David Johnson to the Texans for WR DeAndre Hopkins. How the fuck did this happen? Fire BoB? Not that I care. Ha. Although my wife being a Texans fan might say different.
  10. It was a great finish (from a Pompey perspective). We did have most of the play I thought but the final ball just wasn't there. It certainly came alive after 78 minutes.
  11. I greatly enjoyed the third episode, best of the bunch in my opinion. Hugh Laurie was great I thought.
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