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  1. Spleen

    Nintendo Switch

    They work fine with a PS4 pad too. That's what I use when I play on the TV. They work better in docked mode. With added bonus of motion sensing and rumble.
  2. Teleporting with an aim?
  3. Spooktacular surely.
  4. I've got a couple of the CooleedTEK ones and they work fine with on the Raspberry Pi.
  5. Spleen

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought he meant aren't we getting 2 on the 3DS.
  6. What the fuck did I just watch? I'm in!
  7. Poor game from Pompey, didn't really look like scoring apart from a couple of times. Some of the fans make me embarrassed to be a football supporter, idiots. Sigh. Ho hum. Next year... Maybe I'll support the team where I live now? Oh, I'm in Coventry.
  8. Yeah, you saw it hit the crane. This is fantastic TV.
  9. We played poorly against Sunderland, very few shots by either team really, only a wonderful stike sealed it. Hopefully Thursday will be different, I'm not confident really. Hopefully Pitman is ok and will play.
  10. You can do proper shots on the driving range, all the way to putting. It's pretty good.
  11. Interesting that the team I support have drafted another QB. Hmmm.
  12. Conversely I thought it was hilarious.
  13. I've been playing a lot of Excite Truck recently, it's still great I think. Also, Sonic Colours is brilliant, especially the music.
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