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  1. Edge was fine, I managed to log into the cloud gaming once then a pop up appeared and it took me to a cookie page that I couldn't get out of. I then tried force rebooting it which it obviously didn't like. Ha. All is fine now though.
  2. I tried the instructions from MS and everything went crazy. So much so that my Steam Deck was stuck in a boot loop. Managed to get it back working by flashing the whole thing from USB via recovery mode. It's back working now, have installed EmuDeck and played a bit of OutRun and Test Drive on PS2. This is great. Also installed Coin Ops too. Will try again for Gamepass cloud streaming.
  3. The BBC Sport app says he's a cricket podcaster.
  4. NYY Vs Boston Redsox live on the BBC! Not that I follow baseball at all but it's live on the BBC so I'll watch it.
  5. Out of Sight The Mummy (1999) Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  6. I watched Out of Sight last night, probably one of my favourite films. Princess Bride, Commando and Flash Gordon are up there too. Haven't seen Children of Men yet. Or Paddington 2.
  7. I'm pfspl33n if anyone wants to add me. Cheers.
  8. Excellent. Enjoyed the first a lot, hopefully they keep it up.
  9. Wayne on Amazon is brilliant. I've watched the first series of this and really like it, it's great to see something set in Australia for a change.
  10. Spleen

    NFL 2021!

    Well, that was entertaining. Ha.
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