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  1. bah...my 360 just died. Merry Christmas.
  2. Haven't received mine yet.
  3. @beertiger Yeah, I wish wasn't like it as well. I was just trying to shed a little light that these things are usually picked up before release, unfortunately other people make the call as to whether they should be fixed or not. I just don't like seeing someone attacked for trying to give 'insider info' for everyone, when they can't share 100% of the facts. People should vote with their wallets on this one.
  4. I gotta side with jawadx on this. Its shitty that the voice comms haven't been working properly, and I haven't been online yet with the patched version to know if its any better. However I think some people on here are being a little harsh. I'm pretty sure jawadx can't really discuss exactly why certain things haven't been done without breaking NDA's and getting in shit from his bosses. From my experience no developer wants to release a game with bugs and quite often if there are glitches in the final code, its highly likely that they were found by QA before release. Time pressures/Publisher
  5. Read the same review, it does seem a little unfair/scathing. The reviewer doesn't seem to like anything but still gave it 76%.
  6. Any chance of joining the guild? Btp - Orc Hunter
  7. hey all, i have a few logos that i'm going to post in the next day or so ish... (although Star Wars may get in the way a little bit). They're all simple black/white designs, but may spark off other ideas with people. I'll get some images up soon!
  8. Hi all, What shall we art/design guys do in the meantime while waiting for the final Name, Font and Style to be decided (or have they?) I'm thinking we should come up with some logo designs for 'Disposable Media' and 'Ban Request'... Any thoughts? Mike
  9. I'd be interested in helping out with Art/Graphics.
  10. Franchises may not die out soon, but in 10 years time i'd like to think that there will be more than just Star Trek and James Bond to satisfy my cravings... if no-one supports new ideas, when will they appear?
  11. Just read your post Neuromancer... a good speech. Maybe you're right about all that you've mentioned, uk dev's should be whoring themselves to safebet their future's and they should be acting like 'proper' businesses. Maybe i'm taking the moral stance because i've been in the firing line, suffered from seeing a company i enjoyed working for fall apart so easily. I (and the other 17 people) wasn't one of the people that could make the decisions to safeguard our future... I was thinking about making our game better.
  12. i just deleted my post by accident, so i'll do another quick version.... I think games have reach a plateau where graphics aren't going to get much better... There will be a point where everything will look great all the time, and Fifa 2008 won't look much different to the 2007 version at all. Look at the differences between Goldeneye and Red-Faction (years apart), graphically nothing is really 'that' different, you've still got a gun on-screen... theres the same bit of lens-flare and lighting... the only differences we're going to see is improved graphical tweaking (i.e. bump mapping, impro
  13. Franchises are good, you're right (again!). But for how long will consumers hand over money for essentially (in many cases)an update? Yeah, things are okay at the moment, but it won't last forever. On the whole its harder for a smaller team to show what they're made of when they a) don't have a huge team to create an epic hit B) don't have the finances to do so c) don't have a publisher thats willing to put in the extra cash to make it a sellable product. All you end up with is a mediocre release that no-one buys because they're all looking at the next Metal Gear, Tony Hawk's etc. All these pr
  14. Neuromancer, I think we're getting wires crossed, you're blaming publishers and i'm defending development teams. I agree with survival of the fittest, its unfair. But hey thats life... Publishers need to try and get away from the mentality of having franchises all the time, because its damaging in so many ways. I don't think that the untalented are in power, they're just playing a safer game (Harry potter anyone?). From a business point of view thats sensible i guess. Anyway.... Its only going to get worse when the next gen machines arrive. Edited (again).
  15. My old company had a lot of problems with a certain publishers marketing department...
  16. Those reasons have nothing to do with lack of talent. However, I do agree with the 3 points mentioned. Edited.
  17. If they can't sell it, then they'll probably be last ditch attempts to get someone else to distribute it. But if they're not going to make any money, then why bother? Time will tell.
  18. They could allow another publisher to sell it, but by the sounds of it, a hefty bank loan could be in order. Or it just won't be advertised at all.
  19. The uk is in a bit of a pickle at the moment, I was made redundant last October (with another 20 companies apparently) and it was a total nightmare finding work again. I was getting pressure from the Agencies to relocate to another country or move up north. Unfortunately those were options i couldn't take. That doesn't necessarily mean that it makes things easier, my old boss has had an incredibly hard time trying to get work again. Half the company left the games industry to get office jobs because it was that difficult. I was very lucky to get the opportunity to get in with another company
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