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  1. I use private internet access, about $40 a year I believe. I don’t think it’s good for Netflix other territory streaming though.
  2. Zero9X


    The fall anime has started but nothing has stood out. The legend of the galactic heroes has resumed, but it looks like all the best shows coming start around the 14th.
  3. A dinghy with a puncture
  4. Zero9X


    They are perfect almost, 3rd film problems withstanding. Won’t spoil them, but there’s more to get out of them than just a standard retelling. The animation is also on another level.
  5. I’m not really feeling either at the the moment. I think the main problem I have with both the Bombcast and Beastcast in general, any regards to news stories I don’t think they voice a genuine or original opinion on what they talk about. More often just go off on tangents. They don’t seem to have anything relevant to say.
  6. I’m half way through I’m enjoying. But I’ve predicted most of the beats. its directed by Vincenzo Natali of Cube & Splice fame. EDIT: This film fell off a massive cliff in its final act. Shame, was good the first two thirds.
  7. Totally agree, which what makes it great like most of the films from 70s and early 80s.
  8. I think this will be my film of 2019. Gripping from beginning to end. Only one nitpick
  9. I’ve got a C7 but I play my audio through a separate decoder doesn’t come through the tv. So I don’t know if the C7 is also effected by this.
  10. Same. I watched it via Dolby Vision, I didn’t have the sync issue that yourself did. Not that I noticed anyway. Looked great.
  11. Just put it on, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Finally realised that the starting shot of the overlook hotel you can see the helicopter blades at the top of the frame. Bright whites and really clear picture, if it wasn’t for the fashion it looks like it was shot today.
  12. Watching it now, I think it’s decent. Blu-ray.com didn’t seem to like it, looks bright and vivid on my screen.
  13. Anyone watch the directors cut yet? Just wondering if the changes from the theatrical version is any good. Enjoyed it in the cinema.
  14. Latest episode is strong and very funny. Great stuff, I find the show isn’t as consistent as the boys as it meanders a lot. But when it delivers, it really delivers. This season has been the most consistent possibly due to it being the final.
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