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  1. Thought it played really well. But yeah looks like a ps3 game. Really suprised Square released a demo in this stage, looks really really rough. I thought the darkness of it was my tv, glad others are reporting the same. Couldn’t see anything.
  2. Just put on the Synapse release of Dario Argento’s Suspiria. It’s absolutely stunning with fantastic hdr and a Dolby atmos audio track. Well worth picking up!
  3. This is the weakest in the series I’ve played. Combat is a bore, I hope they don’t do it again for the next one. If they do, they will need to speed it up and fix its issues. Fed up seeing characters trying to pivot around the environment. Good on them trying something different but they failed spectacularly. Hopefully they go back to the beat em up style of the previous games, give it a combo system or make it more dynamic.
  4. Zero9X


    As for R-Type Final 2 it’s also available to preorder physical in English on Nis-Europe. There’s an inaugural and limited editions for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. https://store.nisaeurope.com/collections/pre-order
  5. Zero9X


    Yeah I rotated it, tried playing with the joycons attached. Will try it with a controller pro instead. It was released by Nicalis - https://store.nicalis.com/products/ikaruga?variant=35737241452709 Appears to be sold out now, I picked up mine off eBay.
  6. Zero9X


    Love the cotton reboot, picked it up on ps4. So easy to learn, I love giant numbers on the playfield! Preordered the physical switch limited edition now. Also picked up ESP Ra.De. PSI on switch, one of my favourite cave shooters, that Drive Waves 2019 mix is fantastic. Found it available on Apple Music to download. I also picked up Ikaruga on switch too physical recently too. Another I never knew was released. I tried Tate mode on this by using the switch in handheld mode but the controls were still in the horizontal mode. :/
  7. I think s13e10 is one of the best episodes they ever done. Worth sticking with It. It’s different and very emotional, I think it paid off for all the episodes and setup prior. Amazing stuff!
  8. I’m enjoying this, starting off on difficulty squire. Just so I can learn the levels. I haven’t played the original games in years but I don’t remember the levels being as cheap in design as they are in this one. There isn’t really much of a warning with some of the platform elements. There’s one bit on one of the first levels where you can slide down a vine to fall in a river, but if you jump off on it the next bit you’ll land on a log. If you don’t immediately jump or react that log will almost immediately keel over. Im not much of a fan of that. Correct me if I’m wrong though, just haven’t played the original games in ages.
  9. Zero9X


    Latest episode of Attack on Titan. What an episode and it was only just people talking. Goddamn!
  10. Thanks for this. Will check this out. Missed this post. Anyone using reshade? There’s a few presets out there for it. It does take about 5-10 fps off it though when using it. I’m not a big fan of the orange or amber glow the game seems to have on default. https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/game/2052/ I’m using the realistic fx one at the moment with the nvidia sharpening at 60. Playing in 1440p at dlss auto at the moment and has improved the visuals with me. Only cascade shadow resolution at medium at the moment for the extra 5fps.
  11. I’ve fixed it up a bit by adding some sharpening in the nvidia drivers and tried a couple of reshade presets, settled on one called ultra realistic. Looks a lot better now.
  12. It’s definitely dense, I just don’t think it looks great. A lot of reused assets about and flat textures, I just don’t see what others are seeing in this. EDIT: I think I know what my main issue is, its the TAA. Looks very blurry to me, looking online for a solution others are having the same issue. Disabling it turns off DLSS which isn't really an option.
  13. I think this is a really ugly and boring game, I’m playing on pc with high settings. A lot of repetitive textures, the city itself feels really lifeless compared to other open world games. The one thing I hate most in this game is the advertisement posters, I’m fed up of seeing Bottom’s Up. Horrible poster. Witcher 3 had issues at launch but it wasn’t a boring world to travel in. You always came across something unique and quite beautiful to look at, the monster designs, quests and fights were also engaging. Cyberpunk has none of this. The side quests are the most generic I have seen in years. I’ve been doing all the yellow markers too. The huge amount of blue dots on your map are just padding for the game due to lack of original content. They are mostly just a normal fight with a couple of enemies and some really bad loot you’ll just end up selling as junk. This is Fallout 76 & Anthem bad. I haven’t even mentioned the glitches and bugs I have come across. It’s just a really bad shallow game.
  14. Thanks SS! Received the following: Assault Android Cactus World of Horror Phantasmagoria Teardown Thank you so much. I can't remember if Teardown was on my wishlist but it was one that has always been on my mind. My new cpu upgrade for this will help. Also the horror aplenty, will give me goosebumps over to the new year. Love it!
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