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  1. Do people like the original Panzer Dragoon, i always found it incredibly boring. Rather play Space Harrier or Starwing at the time.
  2. Anyone else watching this? It's a dramatisation of the Central Park Five case. Absolutely disgusting and horrifying what these children and victim went through. This has been excellent in execution. Reminds me of "The Night Of" from HBO. Hot off the heels of Chernobyl which I thought was the best thing I've seen all year. Then this follows right up. Watch it ASAP!
  3. The human story is goddamn idiotic. Really spoiled the film for me, one character not to say names is unbelievably badly written. Strip those elements out and the action was great. Even if it was mostly in the dark again. At least with the originals you had some campiness and some proper serious moments. It fell flat on both of those things.
  4. It does massively.
  5. Agree with the above, very disappointing. The driving feels dull and slow. I haven't played transformed in a long time, so i can't remember it being like that. I suppose the variance with the vehicles transforming did something for it also the tracks were alot better.
  6. Thanks, ordered now.
  7. Yeah i've been looking for this on PSN, seems to be on the HK store but no where else. Not even on steam.
  8. Loved it! Just like @Super Craig mentioned I had the same issue. Other than that, the action went up x10 and more vicersal and brutal than the last two combined. Halle Berry & the dogs were amazing. Made me wince alot and laugh in awkward horror. Brilliant stuff. I'm suprised the BBFC made this a 15!
  9. Zero9X


    Yeah really good. Has a great artstyle and animation. Seems good story wise too.
  10. Zero9X


    Anyone else watching Kimetsu no Yaiba? Really enjoying this love the artstyle.
  11. Watched it last night. Thought it was good. Found it fizzled out after an hour. Wanted more pokemon. Me and my mate predicted all the plot beats from beginning to the end. Still a decent watch but no where as good as who framed Roger rabbit.
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