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  1. Zero9X


    My copy of Demon Throttle finally shipped from special reserve games. The collectors edition is sold out but the normal version is still available. https://specialreservegames.com/demon-throttle-switch-single/ Trailer for those that haven’t seen it.
  2. Saw it today in imax. What a film. Even better than the original. More aerial sights to be seen and the final act was thrilling.
  3. Enjoyed the first episode, only issue I had was the exaggerated accents. Felt like I was watching Eastenders.
  4. I’m hyped for this and I’m actually enjoying Horizon forbidden west. Will have to come back to it. Shame. I picked it up on ps5 as I didn’t have a good experience with their previous pc ports. DF said the best way to play it on PlayStation is the PS4 version on PS5 in performance mode. I’ve downloaded both versions to test graphic fidelity. Once you go 60fps it’s hard to go back to anything lower for me. I’ve been playing forbidden west in performance mode due to how much better it feels to move and shoot things.
  5. Oh dear interesting game. Still can’t make sense of it’s mechanics. But damn, it’s one ugly looking shooter, the scaling or bgart shimmers like crazy. Unsure how they could release it like this. I’m playing on ps5 too. It’s well weird. It’s really unimpressive compared to what’s been released by indie developers. This should really be £15, they charged way too much for this.
  6. Playing on steam with mouse and keyboard looks and plays stunning. Music is lovely too. Looks nice, sharp and vivid. Goes without saying that Nightdive does it again. Z-Clip Emulation, anyone have any idea what that does? Looking forward to John’s take on DF on this and MVG.
  7. Anyone know if there any places to preorder standard or limited physical copies of Klonoa and Live-A-Live yet? If not anyone know the best places to keep an eye on whether they are Japanese or western versions?
  8. Zero9X


    Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba, love this show with a passion. Not sure how they manage to animate such epic battles. They are so wonderfully animated, brutal and tense. The entertainment arc and the film have been astounding.
  9. The podcast is brilliant, love seeing them bounce and laugh off each other telling their stories. Latest episode is the first in video form. https://youtu.be/W4NVPRKqrN4
  10. There was one that was missed from my list. They always run - haven’t heard of this one before but looks really good. Very style 2d action game. Thanks Secret Santa & JPR!
  11. Thanks Secret Santa and JPR! Received Omori Yuppie Psycho Some really different games to get stuck into, hopefully my mental health will be ok.
  12. Enjoyed this, do feel it could have done with a bit of a trim. It is definitely a parallel to what’s been going on the last couple of years. It can be very heavy handed but I think it needs to be.
  13. All done and sent to JPR earlier.
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