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  1. Anyone know if Bogus Journey is being released on 4k Blu-ray? It should, excellent adventure 4k release was most spectacular dudes!
  2. Loved it thought it was great. A feel good movie just like the first two. The special effects fit with the budgets of the previous films. They always had that odd look about them. Made them feel different and it’s nice to see a film again that doesn’t have any negative tones in it. It’s joyous.
  3. Very underwhelming showing, nothing stands out.
  4. Anyone got Spartacus? Watching it now. Seems Good, don’t quote me on it. Can’t find a reliable review to verify if it’s good or not. Haha. Colour seems fine, I’m watching it with Dolby Vision.
  5. I’ve watched this 3 times now. This is by far the best thing I’ve seen this year. More songs resonate more the more time I view it. This thing is 2 and a half hours long, it’s not many things I rewatch in such a short span of time that run at that length. its quiet uptown and who lives, who dies, who tells our story. Just breaks me emotionally. Im not one who gets emotional about things often but when it tugs my heartstrings just right. It weeps me right up.
  6. The movie is great stuff well worth a watch. The following from the same movie, but from the live concert. It’s mostly known for MGS4 it’s how I got introduced to the film. And the original
  7. After hearing the buzz about it for a long time, I couldn’t wait to see this and it did not disappoint. I watched it the day it came out, since then I’ve listened to the soundtrack a few times on Apple Music. Followed up with a 2nd showing earlier today. It’s a resonating story. Standout songs for me. My Shot Who Lives, Who dies, Who tells your story :’( Wait for It The Room Where it happens History Has it’s Eyes On You What’d I Miss Some people have made some lovely animatics for this.
  8. Zero9X


    Re:Zero is finally back and it’s as good as ever! Starting off where the last season ended.
  9. Any recap would be difficult. I watched this one prior and I don’t think it managed to cover everything.
  10. Just wait for them not to parry, they are open then. You can also throw them over your back.
  11. Limitedrun have physical copies up for preorder. I preordered the deluxe PS4 version.
  12. Finished this now. Thankfully. Did a complete 180 on this, I loved it until I got 90% the way through. When you think you’ve nearly finished it, the game just drags repeating the same go here 3 times and turn this thing on. The setups for the battles dragged on much longer than they needed, felt it got really cheap towards the end. The last boss fights are just terrible and didn’t fee rewarding at all, really struggled to get through. Really didn’t enjoy my time on the last couple of levels.
  13. http://www.ign.com/articles/2020/03/29/nier-replicant-remaster-ver-122474487139-square-enix-nier-automata-remake-reincarnation Cant wait! Was and still obsessed with this game. Which is why I was disappointed with Automata. One of the best gaming soundtracks I’ve ever heard. Bought it on release. This is the Replicant version which was only released in Japan. Released in the west for the first time. The original version did suffer with some technical performance problems, so it will be nice to see a nice new version of this.
  14. Just finished it, loved it. Don’t think it’s as good as Half-Life 2 but it’s up there. Hop3 we don’t have to wait so long for the next one.
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