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  1. Jackson 1 - 1 BigGus BigGus 0 - 2 Jackson Good, hard fought games. Gus was ahead in the first match from early on and I had nearly given up hope when I equalised in the 85th minute. A draw was a pretty fair result, Gus did hit the bar in the dying moments though! Second match was a bit different, I dominated for a while and took a 2-0 lead but after that Gus had some very good chances and certainly deserved a goal or more! Cheers for the games mate, you're a superb crosser! See you later on GTA.
  2. Is there going to be one!? Yay This series is really special, the music is certainly leagues ahead of the Boosh. My favourite is the Lord of the rings, when the dwarf says "And myy Axxeeee", it's such a perfect delivery... like David Beckham.
  3. Incase anyone is interested my Eldar army is for sale in the trading folder here: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=182955 It's poorly assembled, mostly unpainted, and cheap! By the way that figure is awesome JoeK!
  4. I like your team name, and you said I'd win my league so it's only fair
  5. Prof Layton (DS) - Started this yesterday, it's amazing fun! I love puzzles, and the characters are adorable. Contra 4 (DS) - Brilliant game, if a little unforgiving, it's my first Contra game. Ikaruga Demo (360) - Never been a scrolling shooter fan, but I love the play mechanics, really mind boggling switching and dodging means I'll be buying this when I can get some cheap points. FIFA 08 (360) - Preparing for the new rllmuk season Portal (360) - Completed, wonderful stuff, needs some DLC. EDF (360) - 30 levels in, mostly played on co-op, it's pure drunken fun. The vehicles are awesome, I've never laughed so much as when we found the hover bike the first time. GTA San Andreas (Xb) - Getting in the mood for GTA4, I hate the crappy aiming system on this though.
  6. The Premiership Baring Miner Willy Chooch Paddyo SaintM Manic Minor Mitchell Donnie Darko Benji Steely Pompey Humdrum The Championship Gus Sean_L_99 Digimmortals Wallace LittleJoe Tyler Wincho Porko ASM FC Backdrifter Slotter Scratch League One Petey's Puppeteers Tomox FC Yawdib Animis Razzle Tsunami1 Gambit Giants DangerM Parakeets FC Webbinho FC Joffy 2018 themomentbefore Harbeyfield Wednesday Billy Brown League Two AFC Sloces sithlordx andzy1uk FC Paul Jeffery Bash Warszawa mackenies old boys Legendary's Lions AS Mortis Muppets Tobert's Tornado's bph athletic Sporting Goat Keeper FC Cup winners (name the winners) League Cup: Miner Willy Champions League Cup: Baring UEFA Cup: Gambit This competition was a brilliant idea Mike, nice work!
  7. We're fucking great in Europe we are, they are all heroes, what a game the back 4 did have! Have to admit though, the Arsenal equaliser was one on the best goals I've ever seen, devastating run.
  8. I'd deffo change if I had a good choice of teams, but I'm 18th on the list, sorry mate.
  9. I'd love to but....no All the best, Digi x
  10. Add a 23rd game where you randomly play somebody that could be from any division.
  11. Hello everybody! Looking forward to slogging it out with you all. Watch out for Forlan is the only advice I'm giving for free (pm me if you want to pay for more)
  12. We could combine these two so that Premier league gets League 2 teams, Championship gets League 1 etc. I like the idea of making Premier league get rubbish teams, however it's done.
  13. Mage all the way, it's the most fun way to play, make a mage today! It is hard at first, but when you can make your own spells it gets brilliant.
  14. What's the chances that all these pictures are taken from an ingame photo mode? Photos and video replays will be a second layer of icing on this already Earth shattering cake.
  15. Who's Benji? Thought I'd be in the Championship but I'm confused about a new person in the Prem. Can't wait for the new year, shame I don't get to play Mitchell though. I think I'll be sticking with Atletico, for Forlan mostly. Unless Liverpool become available that is..*please Steely*
  16. Playing board games on a TV saps all of the enjoyment out of them for me. It's all about gathering around a table, with snacks, and having a laugh, the 'playing' is secondary. Great news for people unlike me though! I need to get round to buying Ticket to ride, which version is the best?
  17. Don't want to start a thread, so I'll just pop it in here. Howcome the League One thread is locked? There is still a relegation to decide!
  18. Grr, I hate the way that after the penalty claim (Which was quite clear admittedly) Andy Gray decided "Liverpool get lucky" and "Ref gives Liverpool advantage" would be the headlines tomorrow and spent the entire rest of the match talking about it and making out that it was happening all the time. Other than that penalty shout, the ref was completely fair and correct at all times imo. Looked to me like on 83 minutes we played Torres almost through on goal and he might have been pulled back, but we didn't get a replay, nor a comment from anybody, felt as if I was the only person in the world to notice it. edit: Disciple did! o/ To comment on the actual match, Arsenal were amazing in the second half, and we did some good defending, Skrtel and Hyypia had a really good game. The ball is in our court, I couldn't care less about Saturday's result (Though if we win it we could come 3rd).
  19. My experience (And nicky's) has clearly been very different to Owain's. WAR isn't going to have official forums apparently, and as nicky said, you should never visit them anyway. The closest to official forums that WAR has so far is www.warhammeralliance.com, some of the developers actually post there and it is well moderated and friendly (For now). Anyone on rllmuk that has had the pleasure of being part of one of our WoW guilds on RP servers will agree that they're the way to go.
  20. RP servers are normal servers just with far fewer wankers and people using punctuated sentences and realistic names, you don't have to act differently unless you're using /say which is never
  21. I think teens will be far more interested in Dark Elves than High elves, and on an RP server (Which I assume we'll be choosing), nobody will get away with the name Legolas without an appropriate amount of abuse.
  22. Good post nicky, and I will just confirm that guilds are not race specific, and you can indeed travel to another race's zones and take part in all of their quests / PvP etc. I'm guessing that most rllmuk people are going to want to be Destruction? I am yet to be converted to their evil ways, but I'll read up on some more lore and hopefully find something I like. Seems to me like the Dark Elves are for pervs and emos, Chaos are fairly cool but by far the most popular, and Greenskins will be totally boring to roleplay as "Ug ug kill dem stunties" over and over.
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