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  1. I just bought this the other day too. Just up to level 13. Did my first strike and loved it thoroughly. Please add me if you're also fresh off the boat. PSN: daddyorchips
  2. 900p? Pop-in? Fun?
  3. Haven't dabbled with Diablo since 2 but a big fan of Torchlight. Unfortunately, having just started, my game seems to be locked down to friends only invites. Does anyone how to change this? Otherwise, feel free to help me by adding me! :-)
  4. Missed out on Binary Domain... Nooooooooooooooooooo!
  5. Boozy - appreciate this as I couldn't get in last night.
  6. I'd like to get involved in this too, as I've just ordered this game (a lurvely £15 from Blockbusters, 2nd hand). Request incoming...
  7. Ok, I'll bite. Where's the cheapest place to buy memory cards on the highstreet, or for that matter, a bricks and mortar that has stock?? Think I'm going to go for the HMV deal.
  8. Anyone find the Veteran races easier than the Pro? The last few races in the game seem a little less hectic and lacking in dynamic disasters compared to those midway into the game. Still loved single player mind, which was proven by this being the first Motorstorm campaign I've finished (and in three sittings to boot). When it gets going the game is both stunning plus you can't help being sucked in by the intensity of the action. Next the multiplayer!
  9. Re the speeded up sensation, it may just been I'm not a big fan of the animation in this game in general. NPC's penetrating walls and throwing spasmodic fits aside, it feels too fluid at times, like the enemies have no weight. Really I'm nit picking though. The rest is a lot of fun. I don't know how far I've got into it, but I'm starting to worry how far they're going to stretch out the travel from A to B mechanic.
  10. Perhaps. I guess I'm playing devil's advocate. Most importantly, at the end of the day, everybody wins.
  11. Also, and I know this may sound bonkers, but does the game feel umm too smooth when running at 60fps on the PC? Kind of like the animations were designed to run at a lower framerate, so that everything feels slightly speeded up. Just me then?
  12. I guess the blur doesn't really bother me. Thanks to the default enforced vaseline AA filter that is deployed on the PC, it appears to my eyes that the game is designed to run at a lower resolution. Draw in I'll give you, but it's far from a game changer. It's an amazing port.
  13. Tell you what, I'm blown away by the 360 version of this. I own a decent setup of a PC (Sandy Bridge and crossfired 6950s) and yet the 360 holds it's own against it. Granted I sit further back from my TV than I do my monitor, but as it stands right now - sans DX11 support (which im hardly holding my breath about) - 360 owners are not missing out a jot, bar a smoother framerate. Well done Crytek!
  14. For example:- Again, spoilers warning!!
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