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  1. So I'll admit I've not watched this (and I'm pretty sure I won't do during the theatrical release at least) but I did read about this elsewhere and all I thought of was this (not a spoiler per se, but does somewhat reference what was in your spoiler) Edit: Argh.. this was in response to papalazarou's post. I thought I had it quoted...
  2. Only in the US. It was a 15 here http://bbfc.co.uk/releases/poltergeist-1982
  3. FYI, it appears Bay isn't confirmed to direct. There was an update to the story that Goose linked where Bay says on twitter that he just met with Spielberg to talk about it.
  4. They mentioned in the Comic-con panel that it will be coming to US Netflix soon. Hopefully that'll include the 4th Season. When that'll happen is unknown (maybe in the fall?).
  5. Latest trailer that's very action orientated. Still not seeing that comedy angle yet. Lot's of new footage by the way.
  6. I'm curious, is the UK content really that bad? The last time I was in the UK it seemed pretty ok to me. In fact in some cases it seemed better as they can show more US TV shows exclusively as there's less competition in the UK. All I know is that I discovered Person of Interest thanks to the UK Netflix. Other services like Hulu prevent the US Netflix from getting a lot of TV shows.
  7. Didn't see any news of this in the remake thread but of course this had to happen. http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=117143
  8. Sure you're right. I made a pre-judgement of a review that 1) I've not read myself and 2) for a film I've not seen. Perhaps I needed a little bit more context from that review before making my comment and I'm happy to admit that it may have been reactionary. Even so, I never said that I disagreed with what the reviewer said. I was just putting forth my opinion that it doesn't have to be one or the other.
  9. I wonder how it couldn't have occurred to the reviewer that the film could be both? I mean it's not like it has to be one or the other.
  10. But, then you get Two Face, the ferries, mobile phone bat vision and the most cringe inducing, misplaced speech from Gary Oldman, when his son simply asks "why's he running?". Utterly speechless at this. What you call "overblown nonsense" I, personally, found to be some of the most gripping moments I've seen on film. The length of The Dark Knight never bothered me as it always kept me on the edge of my seat. I agree there were times when I thought is it was about to end but the film constantly took me by surprise and in directions that I never expected. I also can't believe you found the
  11. I can confirm the person who made that comment is from the dev team. Also, another poster in that thread, called codecow, is also another developer.
  12. Like many others have said, I absolutely love reading all these stories. This game sounds so awesome and I'm slightly jealous of not being able to play it. Alas there's no way my PC would be able to handle it
  13. Indeed it is! I can still remember the shock of it when watching it at the cinema. The best part of the UK trailer (which, by the way, I also saw just before SIn City as mentioned in the OP) was that it doesn't give any of the major scares away whilst still being a pretty damn creepy trailer. Compared that to the US trailer where they gave that scare away by showing that scene . Completely agree with womblingfree, definitely one of the best horror films that I've seen and a cinema experience that I'll never forget.
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