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  1. But that's completely impossible right? Oh wait, no, you're right - different people have different experiences. Sounds to me like his connection is fine and is up to hosting, and the connection of the other hosting player gets in the way a bit when he's not hosting. Meanwhile your own relative lag experience at the other end is 'more lag at home'. Anyone would notice within seconds of starting a home match here that it just doesn't work.
  2. I'm aware of this. When surrounded by idiots and cunts I am currently tending to default to cunt mode. I don't like this any more than anyone else does, which is why I'm leaving.
  3. He's just made a fairly big, pompous, condescending insult based on something about which he is in fact completely wrong. So no. No he isn't. Erm, so you are saying you personally experienced more lag in your home game here. That being the only first-hand evidence you have from this experience, it says very little.
  4. I was angry, true. I quit but I deserve to be kick out anyway, true. But I am absolutely not lying about this and only a total cock with no command of any of the facts at all would accuse me of lying about this. The 'general consensus' has no idea about playing home games at my house and no other explanation for the fact I have many points away from home and none at home except when playing at my gf's. Something makes the game not work. That's just how it is. No amount of snide, false accusing by any amount of ridiculous sycophantic bullies will change that.
  5. You don't know this at all, and anyone who thinks this in fact very, very wrong. So it sums nothing up at all. The game is completely unplayable at home on my connection. I have only been able to play at home at my gf's house. If you don't believe me you don't believe me, but you're wrong, because it's completely true and you have absolutely no basis on which to insult me and assert otherwise. Absolutely fucking none.
  6. Evidence of what? That I'm an angry cunt? Sure. That the game really pissed me off with its unbelievable unresponsiveness and lack of basic functionality of any kind when hosting? Sure. That it actually works perfectly and I'm lying? Not at all. Seriously, it is not playable at all here. It is not even at any point anywhere close to playability whatsoever. And it's fine away from home (except that I often suspect the opponent is suffering from the same hosting woes which befall me - which makes the whole endeavour feel even more unsatisfying).
  7. And until then... you have no evidence with which to accuse me. Other than the fact I'm an angry cunt. Unfortunately that fact doesn't make FIFA playable when hosting in this house.
  8. How can you prove that I'm a not? I am telling the truth. That is why I quit. I don't appreciate accusations, without basis, otherwise.
  9. as if. I can just see it now. "Wow, this really is unplayable. Why don't we just get a beer" I accept that I played like a cunt despite whatever mitigations there may have been. However, I am being accused of lying. And I am not lying.
  10. Yes, of course, statistics are meaningless and your argument is worth more than mine despite you having no evidence whatsoever and no experience of the matter at hand (playing on my connection) at all. You fucking spacktard. Try and play a home game on my connection or accept that you don't know shit (it's something about which you have absolutely no evidence or experience) and should shut the fuck up.
  11. That would be giving me an unfair advantage, so I would never have requested it. I would also never expect to be allowed to play again after that (if even I did for some reason want to). I might have been angry but I'm not stupid. Unlike someone who is refuting all arguments off hand despite perfectly good evidence (and no evidence at all the other way), and trolling just enough to make me glad I fouled him lots. As for the penalty, you slid through my player to clear the ball, took him down before you got anywhere near the ball. I'm pretty sure it was a bullshit-automated-CPU-AI-clearance-tackle as opposed to your doing, but it was still a penalty. I would've otherwise got to the ball first. no shit, I touched the ball about 12 times in the whole game.
  12. Thanks for your concern but I do not have X assigned as slide tackle.
  13. Who the fuck has X assigned as slide tackle? I'd had enough. I think we've established that. I have no decent camera and no intent to play on anyway.
  14. Since when is two red cards outlandish? We drew. You hit the bar a couple of times and I fucked up a couple of one-on-ones and should've had a stone wall penalty. It was a draw.
  15. Um, the game was already over? Doesn't affect anything, just adequately displays how I feel about the shitty netcode. I'm sorry that it went down like that, but maybe you deserved to have such a shitty game experience if you're sat there telling me how the game plays on my connection when you have absolutely no fucking idea whatsoever and all available facts back me up.
  16. Hogwash. You can't prove that either, and my playing stats back me up very strongly. It's irrelevant what you experience in the game. On my connection, right here, I very definitely have a disadvantage at home and I strongly suspect an equivalent advantage when playing away.
  17. Home: Played 3, pts 0 Away: Played 3, pts 7 I'll go get my .5 stats and add them on. In total Home: Played 7, pts 4 Away: Played 7, pts 13
  18. a. I drew the first game b. I had lost way before my first red card in the other one Play the game at home, here on my xbox. I promise you that what you say is absolutely, 100% not the case.
  19. How about you look at my Away stats vs my Home ones? Then tell me that I'm not experiencing a disadvantage at home (and perhaps an advantage away from home).
  20. It really, really isn't. Which is why I'm leaving. Half my games are totally pointless, the game simply doesn't work when hosting here.
  21. Don't know. It's in the FIFA thread somewhere. Mid Nov sometime. Are you including the one (or more?) home win that we know to be an away win?
  22. I was at my gf's house. Felt a bit more lag at home but it was at least playable. Those games were excellent.
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