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  1. For delivery which was the same as VIP one. Think it was just a confirmation thing. To be honest he did not seem overly concerned only had to rattle of the first 8 from my VIP code
  2. Just got off the phone with Curry's. I have coming the disc version which they only do as a bundle. Comes with 12 months PSN sub and £20 credit. Came to £512 altogether. Should be with me Monday. All they ask for is confirmation of VIP number , address and obviously your card details.
  3. Was just going through the Coming Soon on eshop and I spot Zombies ate my neighbor's is coming on 28/06. £11.99 not to badly priced. So getting that just a fun title from the SNES era.
  4. What he said. That's how I have done high rank . Get your items sorted, eat some food then select Join request at the board in the gathering hub not the maiden.
  5. Been hunting at high rank , did not know it was a low rank item. Thank you very much people will give it ago tonight.
  6. Nargacuga cutwing is there a specific way to get them. Have hunted the thing 6 times and not a sniff. Need 4 to progress my Long Sword to the end of the Nargacuga tree. The annoying thing is I have all the materials to progress afterwards just need this one thing to advance.
  7. Simply games have the Series S in stock https://www.simplygames.com/p/xbox-series-s-console--extra-white-controller--official-play-and-charge-kit--revent-chat-headset--3-month-game-pass-ultimate-membership-xbox-series-x
  8. You got to admire his enthusiasm made me chuckle.
  9. Sure it's £24.99 . Just looks to hectic for me. Struggle with Cuphead. But wait till I have a few drinks it will be an impulse buy.
  10. I thought it looked a step up from the last one with them trying to put a story into it. I'm sure the gameplay will be fine. The demo played ok for me.
  11. How come no one has mentioned how good Monster Hunter Rise looks in the new trailer? That will keep me going till NMH3. Then the wait for Splatoon 3. If by some miracle Metroid Prime Trilogy drops in-between then happy days
  12. I thank you sir. Trust me it don't happen that often.
  13. Now you know. This game has got to be the longest ever I have kept interest in. 3 years has flown by.
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