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  1. Have never really been a fan of cricket. But me and the wife was glued to the last 3 overs then the super over. Does not get any better than this . Love it when it's down to the wire. Do feel lady luck was with the English team a tad. Good move to show it for free. Loved the shoots from Trafalgar Square. This and the men's final at Wimbledon made a top day for me.
  2. For me it wasn't particularly anybody but I will admit that Keanu Reeves bit was a bit special.
  3. Did not know Alien Isolation is coming to Switch. Nice. Links Awakening Panzer Dragoon Luigi mansion Those 4 will be fine thanks. And maybe a sprinkling of Doom Eternal.
  4. Got Jet Set Radio soundtrack , think it's the Future one. A Wipeout EP that came free with a magazine.
  5. 2021 for Metroid 4 me thinks . Hopefully the trilogy will be released soon.
  6. Yuujiin

    Splatoon 2

    Don't get any closer than this.
  7. Yuujiin

    Splatoon 2

    I picked time travel as well. Perhaps it's an older player thing. Like the shifty station in this splatfest. Had a good run last night.
  8. Katana Zero is very good but not really slow paced. The soundtrack is spot on as well. Especially the Nightclub level.
  9. Aragami looks like it would suit you . Not played it but it seems like a decent Ninja Cell game. If you like to take your time perhaps Sniper Elite V2 might suit you.
  10. Anybody brought Grip ? See it's in the sale and will have a anti grav vehicle update soon . Don't really get on with Fast RMX. To many track obstacles to dodge at speed.
  11. With 50 year old ones I'm proper fooked. Mind you I beat the carrot. Haha.
  12. So I think I'm at the same place. Getting no Quest icons on the map now so is it just a case of exploring on my own now?
  13. Yuujiin

    Nintendo Switch

    I have just transferred a nearly full 128gb to a 200gb on a laptop. Put the old card into the reader. Drag and drop the file Nintendo to desktop. Make sure the new card has been formatted on the Switch. Then do the reverse to the above on to your new card. Took around an hour and a half which seems along time but quicker than to redownload everything. As your going to a 128gb card it should not take so long.
  14. Yuujiin

    Nintendo Switch

    Out of all my digital games the only ones I play regularly are Hollow Knight Dead Cells Enter the Gungeon Celeste Just shapes and beats
  15. Yuujiin

    Nintendo Switch

    If anyone is after a micro SD card Amazon have a 200gb Sandisk going for £25 today only.
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