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  1. The issue is: Are Games (Finally) Growing Up?

    One of the things I don't like is a time limit. Sometimes I just like to explore.

    Take JSR. They create these beautiful environments and then slap on a time limit, forgetting that some of us don't care about scores or beating the clock - we just like to play and enjoy the scenery.

    If I remember the Edge review correctly, the sequel did away with the time limit. If so, that was a smart move.

  2. I think that people actually form no substantive connection with their characters, rather they get stuck into the cycle of levelling-up.

    Levelling up didn't interest me very much when playing PSO. I loved the setting, the chatting, that sort of thing...

  3. Can anyone explain who is buying / how on earth is the Official Playstation One magazine still going? Demo of Tomb Raider 3 you say? Get in! What the hell are they reviewing.

    Funny thing about gamers #46578

    Some of them complain, quite reasonably, that official magazines are a load of shite.

    Others love to tell you that Edge is way too expensive and that, come to think of it, it too is a load of shite.

    Go figure.

  4. Blimey. I don't think there's any other magazine that suffers from such a weight of expectation as Edge.

    Still, anyone trying to appeal to an audience of gamers is making themselves a creature of burden, eh?

    That's so true. If some people here really believe what they're posting then I pity them.

    I hope they're just bored.

  5. I'm a student, so if the magazine were to increase in cost, I'd have a hard time justifying the extra expense. £4 is enough, no higher please.

    How the f*ck can anyone complain about the price of Edge when video games themselves are so damn expensive?????

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