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  1. One of the things I don't like is a time limit. Sometimes I just like to explore. Take JSR. They create these beautiful environments and then slap on a time limit, forgetting that some of us don't care about scores or beating the clock - we just like to play and enjoy the scenery. If I remember the Edge review correctly, the sequel did away with the time limit. If so, that was a smart move.
  2. Hi, I don't know because I can't afford to buy as many as I'd like.
  3. How many earwigs could you fit in a can of coke?
  4. Do the bathroom ones qualify as creatures?
  5. OK so you all like him. Nevermind. Let me steer this one off-topic: Sponges are remarkable creatures aren't they?
  6. did Bill Murray become a good actor? I always thought he wasn't very good. But now he's, like, suddenly very good.
  7. Levelling up didn't interest me very much when playing PSO. I loved the setting, the chatting, that sort of thing...
  8. Funny thing about gamers #46578 Some of them complain, quite reasonably, that official magazines are a load of shite. Others love to tell you that Edge is way too expensive and that, come to think of it, it too is a load of shite. Go figure.
  9. That's so true. If some people here really believe what they're posting then I pity them. I hope they're just bored.
  10. Sorry, but I found him too cold.
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