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  1. Ah good to know! Thanks
  2. I had two missions last night to take photos but it wouldn't let me take any Is this a known bug? Played some more yesterday and send off two expeditions. I must have spent $100 million of crafts now. Few S class frigates etc. You get some good cash when they come back. Have about $40million in the bank and upgraded a lot of my equipments but still can't find my original base which was on a perfect planet and had everything in it.
  3. That's my main issue. Without that knowledge the movie just doesn't have any foreboding or pace. Not sure you should have to do a podcast series, read some books and more just to enjoy a movie. Way too much self-indulgence from Tarantino on this one.
  4. Yeah you can. It sucks. The lesson is to not send them on missions that are too hard for them.
  5. Yeah my Hunter is Arc, Titan is Void and my Warlock is Solar also. It is a shame you can't pick and choose but such is life.
  6. Yeah did that and it took my to a base that is just a prebuilt ones that have nothing of my stuff in there
  7. Alright. I can’t find my fucking base. Loaded this up and where it said my base was was simply a normal planetary building. So not my base. And then hen with the quest active it says my base is in another system but doesn’t say where? How do you find it??
  8. I will say that soldiers find a dead body and then go about their business far too quickly but to be honest - especially indoors where people would be stunned if they found a dead body but the point of the game is sniping. Up the hardness. Play around with the sight and try and complete as ghost. That's the fun part.
  9. Use The Vow if you got it in the Valentines Month. Draw is around 600 so much faster than other bows and has good impact. I'm smashing it with it. Stand back. Kill everything. Let your team mates collect all the motes while you provide cover.
  10. I'm impressed as how he has been able to hoodwink the execs by throwing in the occasional saucy gag just to make Star Trek like he always wanted.
  11. That shit drives me nuts. So many people with no concept of how to play. I watched a guy with 15 motes invade recently and get killed. I was fuming!
  12. Alright I have Titan and Hunter Solstice Armour on Majestic (no fucking idea how I'm going to get 200K on a Nightfall!!) and onto my blues with my Warlock. I had a week off last week and watched movies and shows on my iPad Pro while I plodded along with Destiny and did my Hunter and Titan Armour. Anyone got any advice on how to do a 200k nightfall? Closest we got was 165,000 which is nowhere near!! Shattered Throne is gonna be a nightmare but such is life.
  13. That's what I thought but I bought the Annual Pass with Foundries and Menagerie so was baffled why I couldn't get access to the foundries when I have access to the Menagerie at the moment?!?
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