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  1. Yes but all the dragons are big and not handgun sized like the one she has. Swamp dragons aren't tiny.
  2. That is what I don't understand. Why would you change the stories when you have so much to access. Making Lady Sybil a vigilante is fucking bonkers. I wanted to see her looking after the cute dragons who explode when they get nervous and not being used as A FUCKING GUN!!
  3. Oh god there are more clips It all feels so wrong.
  4. Holy fuck that trailer is a disaster. Vimes doesn't wear eyeliner. The guy hates all pomp and wear shirts till they are see through. Why is he in a band with rocks in it? Everything about that trailer looks abysmal. They also release a short clip of death and Vimes meeting. Only certain magic users and people who have actually died meet Death and also Death doesn't chuckle!!! https://twitter.com/TheWatch/status/1314617651042365440
  5. Well we finally finished the fan film. Trailer went up today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9AoCTc99Ak
  6. I think it was AU$500 initially but they had 25% off so it was AU$375
  7. I use the Arctis Pro Wireless and it's without a doubt the best headset I've used for gaming. Switchable batteries are excellent on it for when your battery runs out during a game etc. Sound is brilliant. https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-pro-wireless?color=white There is also a workaround for using it on Xbox too and it will work with PCs right away.
  8. I logged in recently and was baffled by everything and switched it off. It's just too complex these days if you haven't played in a while.
  9. My mate just got me on to this show and, well, fuck, what an amazing piece of television this is. I've burned through seven seasons in the last week (only six episodes a season) but this is truly a majestic piece of perfection. I can't believe there isn't a fifty page thread on it on the forum.
  10. My games room is coming along nicely
  11. Yup it is already out. Give it a go. @Mr Do 71 add me if you want I'm Phelan74 on Xbox
  12. Yup you can play the whole game without Co-Op. It's great. Immersive is perfect. Enemies don't have a level. It's you v them. "Once the update lands, Breakpoint players will have three options to choose from; there's the Regular Experience, enabling those that actually like the game's original flavour to play on, while the radical stuff can be found in the Immersive Experience. This, says Ubisoft, "removes gear level and tiered loot entirely, and offers a bunch of new tactical options." It also features partial health regeneration, limited resources, a minimal interface
  13. Single player on Xbox. Don't know anybody who has it.
  14. I picked this up for cheap and I'm really enjoying it. Put it on immersive mode. So no levelling or anything. No HUD. Just the game and me. Lots of diving into the ground. Sniping my way around using thermal imaging etc. The game is awesome!
  15. Phelan

    The Division 2

    That's still marketing I'm afraid to say. I get there are people massively invested but the smart play would be to create condensed versions of the videos with key info because most people don't have 2 hours to watch something like that.
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