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  1. Whoever recommended Solitairica I say thanks! What a fantastic game. Finally beat it last night!
  2. Did you all see this? https://bungiestore.com/products/preorder-destiny-2-shadowkeep-collectors-edition-ps4
  3. And no release date for Australia. Ah well no point in even looking at this then,
  4. Was about to buy Everybody's Golf and Beat Saber on VR at the weekend but thought I would hold off till this week - however fractured my ribs playing football on Sunday so no golf or saber dancing for me for a while! Any good VR games where I sit and don't move?
  5. Do you mean the fact that Sean Bean is the narrator?
  6. The more I read about this next update the more I realise that if you step away from this game for three months or so you end up totally baffled as to what is going on and what to do. Do you think they realise this is a block for gamers who want to come back or people new to the game?
  7. So I've been involved in a few Trademark/Branding legal debates and that is actually not that bad. The problem is that should the event in gaming become larger or their device become larger that at some point their brands may cross over and a legal battle will commence and that can cost tens of millions. It is better to nip it in the bud in the beginning than to have it come into a minefield in a few years. They trademarked the name and did branding etc. You can build a brand and a trademark and discover someone else has done the same AFTER you have launched and it gets even more trickier then especially if the other company hasn't trademarked but can show they were established first.
  8. Phelan

    Clash Royale

    As a Scotsman that is possibly one of the clans I could never join.
  9. Phelan

    The Division 2

    It is pretty badly bugged these days. I did a whole level 3 control point that felt like it had moved two feet. It existed but you climb invisible walls and everything was moved. Total mess. Did the mission but couldn’t enter the supply room as the moment you went near it all the graphics went weird, the game turned to night and all the walls etc disappeared. Latest patch has screwed up a lot of stuff
  10. Phelan

    The Division 2

    So this is weird. I restarted console and force quit Division and managed to do a control point at level 3. I’m wondering if the update hadn’t worked or something?
  11. Phelan

    The Division 2

    Yup, yup and yup. Staying in cover. Sniping from miles away. Only using close combat when necessary. Have a a drone that heals me and the seekers that drop to bring you back if you die. Still getting fucking slaughtered. I haven’t rage quit a game in decades!
  12. Phelan

    The Division 2

    I rage quit this today. Tried to do a hard on my own and it just wasn’t possible. Some enemies are taking three whole clips from my 120 m60 and two hits from them and your armour is gone and two more and you are dead. It’s just bonkers. I’m at 476 and I think I’m done with it. Near impossible to do any of them solo so the end game is basically team up or don’t play.
  13. Phelan

    The Division 2

    There is challenging and then there is really fucking dumb. Fine if you are in a squad but horrendous on your own or with one extra. I tried one tonight. No luck. Killed so many times. Just stopped being fun.
  14. Phelan

    The Division 2

    Hmm level 3 control points are near impossible solo. I feel like it needs a balance for those of us who play mostly solo. I can’t get any new blueprints because the level 3 enemies slaughter you so quickly. Gmass-UK and I and attempted a level 4 and it was just horrendous to be honest. No fun at all.
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