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  1. Cheers mucker. You just may have persuaded me to part with £7.99. Anyways Level 3 of R Type Delta is lovely.
  2. Is that Ghost Hunter? I've been wondering if it's any good, but it looks bloody lovely!
  3. Precisely. The screen isn't that big. Shooting with any accuracy would be hard. I suppose you could use the stylus thingy though.
  4. Hmmm still not convinced.
  5. Eh? Your hand and finger would get in the way of the screen though.
  6. http://tinyurl.com/2z9hv Looks......... disturbing.
  7. That sounds....... a bit crap.
  8. Yeah the PSP has WiFi as well.
  9. Yay! New versions of old games, with maps! And gimmicks!
  10. New games please! And show the DS already!
  11. El Spatula


    Battery life = 10 hours apparently, so not bad. And that screen is fucking amazing.
  12. El Spatula


    Gah... me wanty. It looks lovely. I even like the 'ickle disc thingys.
  13. Looks odd. Screen looks kick ass.
  14. Disgaea? Street Fighter II? Project Zero 2? Ninja Gaiden?
  15. Oh thats the second "Instant Death" Ghost. That pissed me off less as I pegged it immediately. One thing that scared the shit out of me was the broken backed woman, who kinda squirms across the floor in a really HORRIBLE way.
  16. You mean the Kusabi thing early on? I fucking hate that thing. I was trying to kill it for ages, thinking "Hmm maybe it's like the Headless Monk things from the original", I used up all my film and then it touched me once and I died. Fucked me right off it did.
  17. I prefer Project Zero 2 to the original to be honest. Mainly due to the fact that the 3rd day on Project Zero is hard as fuck. Whoever came up with the idea of putting a random ghost which is far harder than anything else in the game needs shooting. Twice. Then recusitated, and shot again.
  18. I personally love end of game bosses. Kinda puts a full stop on the game, if done well. Facing up to an adversary you have been after for the whole game = brilliant if done well. Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Ganondorf, or Mundus are all fantastic boss fights.
  19. If you save at the last save point, then go back out top the main town (I forget what it's called, but it's on Nede) and choose Private Action, you can talk to his daughter. She takes off his Limiter, this makes him have around 10X the HP, run at Bunny Shoe speed, gain the ability to cast spells whilst moving, and he gets some enormo-death spells. Basically he's hard as fuck, even with 4 pairs of Bunny Shoes, the Eternal Sphere, and loads of Cave of Trails equipment. Even at level 255 he's harder than a particularly hard thing.
  20. Plus SO2 had one of the hardest end bosses ever. DON'T make the mistake of talking to his daughter before you fight him. *shudders at memory* I must have lasted oooohhh 10 seconds?
  21. Ah! You started as the girl! Starts much quicker as Claude.
  22. If that. I don't remember it taking very long at all.
  23. Am I the only person who DOESN'T want Sega to go with MS? At all? Ever?
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