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  1. They're on a different system to the posters preference as mentioned at any opportunity?
  2. Footle in predictable positing shocker.
  3. I'm slightly worried this is going to be a bit poo. I don't know why as I'm proper looking forward to it.
  4. Yup its fucking ace. Weird that a throwback shooter is a breath of fresh air. Not weird that people are moaning it's not on Game Pass.
  5. Nah best to just jump in and say everything is shit without thinking.
  6. Wait what. V is the most fun? I can get the repetitiveness but V is awful.
  7. Almost entirely different people no?
  8. Yup, shite from first impressions. So disappointing,
  9. Plenty of other people post the same stupid shit in every other thread. It's predictable as fuck.
  10. Despite being PC only these days I'll only use m and k as a last resort. Despise it for anything other than RTS and perhaps the odd CRPG.
  11. Laila and Akash both seem tasty. Don't think either are the 1121 strain.
  12. That's about the same as I've spent to get an Elite controller that doesn't fall apart in nanoseconds* * It's still taking the piss, but the elite controller build quality is fucking terrible.
  13. They also weren't that great. The DC was super meh bar a few standout titles.
  14. Nope. My nostalgia gland is broken. Saying that I haven't owned a console since the 360.
  15. Chimera Squad is very good as an intro Xcom. Not too dense, but still fun. Faster paced as well. I really enjoyed it.
  16. It sort of makes a point of that. Most of the normal, balanced people got munched or subjugated.
  17. Yeah I really don't get the unlikeable characters thing. Bar the antagonists, who should be unlikeable everyone else is great. They aren't standard video game characters no, but so what. It's an unfairly maligned game.
  18. What about the other reviews that are decent? Nintendo life are primarily over generous with Nintendo games as per every reviewer.
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