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  1. It's really hard but great.
  2. Not really a track per se but this work of genius:
  3. The presentation is less painful than Forza Horizon 4s to be honest and it's skippable.
  4. Hah stage 2 boss of Hatsuki Chronicles is kicking my arse. Those green tracking beams are hideous to avoid. Sure I've dealt with them in a Darius game but jesus they're tricksy.
  5. That looks brilliant. Will buy on Steam! What's Ginga Force like?
  6. Nope. I still buy games i want to play. Simply because I have a weird mental block with gamepass that means I never actually play anything on it properly. I'll download a game, play a bit of it, forget about it and then delete. It reminds me of pirating games in my youth Even games I really like I just move onto the next thing. I've then bought that game in a Steam sale or something and played it all the way through. Gamepass sort of worries me a little that it'll go the way of Netflix. A lot of original content most of it mediocre to shite. I think it'll drag the quality down
  7. Right but there's no reason to own an Xbox if you have a PC by that logic?
  8. Yeah all those other MS acquisitions have deffo delivered the goods. Oh wait the opposite
  9. I've been trying to buy a graphics card for almost 6 months. New stuff is clearly imaginary.
  10. Don't get the conclusion here. What you're getting on the PlayStation without all the Sony Japan stuff IS essentially an Xbox. You won't buy a PlayStation because it doesn't provide what you want but will buy an Xbox which also doesn't provide what you want? Sony have turned into Xbox and I haven't bothered with their consoles for years but that's an odd conclusion.
  11. Mostly look good but nothing to get me to buy a PS4/5 yet. At least they showed some bloody games in comparison to Microsoft and their completely blank release schedule.
  12. I've had two 360 controllers shit the bed and two Xbox One Elite controllers. The latter costing more like £100 and lasting less than a year both died in the same way. I've never had any other controllers die.
  13. It's pretty hot. If you want hot hot then Sichuan hot pot base is pretty damn firey. I made a dry pot with Sichuan hot pot base, chili oil and dobunjiang which was pretty fucking hot. Only manageable due to the huge number of Sichuan peppercorns.
  14. Eh? It's spicy but deffo middle of the road. Don't go anywhere near their chili oil.
  15. No different to when all the Xbox stuff ended up on PC. Didn't look that bad earlier perhaps it is now.
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