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  1. It's a Harrisown take. Usually means it can be safely ignored.
  2. Well this is a bit fucking good innit.
  3. If they could just port over all the PS exclusives since the PS3 that would be awesome as I haven't played any of them. Been looking forward to this!
  4. They one upped Nintendo by not having an utterly shite controller.
  5. And yet it's still probably more useable than the DC, Gamecube or N64 controllers...
  6. Forza 5 and Halo Infinite are both massively overrated. Especially the latter. How it got high scores I don't know. It's worse than almost every other Halo game by miles.
  7. Xbox Elite Controller can fuck off for breakability. Had three fail in three different ways. Great controller, utterly shite quality and especially at the price.
  8. Forgot about the GameCube controller. That or the DC one. Both utterly terrible.
  9. Can't be much worse than actual guinness to be fair.
  10. I bloody loved this from start to finish. Utterly barmy and just fun.
  11. Also I could just as easily have: Half Life 2 Deus Ex Dragon Quest VIII Final Fantasy VI Morrowind
  12. Dark Souls Vagrant Story Ys VIII or Felghana or Celceta Devil May Cry 3 SE Front Mission 3 Possibly.
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