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  1. I've got 4 and have just started Zaffo....
  2. There's loads of examples of a light saber not cutting through things like they are paper in the original trilogy. It sparks hitting things etc. Don't really this as a problem to be honest.
  3. We're never, ever getting a game were a lightsaber can cut through anything so I don't see why people expect it to. Do they cut through everything easily in the films? Or in any previous game? Nope.
  4. El Spatula

    The Surge II

    Yeah the art design is awful at times. Then weirdly good at others. Playing on PC I've had no issues with pop in etc been rock solid. The docks bit is proper ugly as owt though.
  5. El Spatula

    The Surge II

    Just finished this and found it to be extremely compelling much better than the first, Areas are a little messy at times, but the core gameplay is solid. Also found a massively overpowered build that made some of the difficulty spikes a bit more manageable. It's almost great, but needs a bit more cash thrown at it, a better art director, and some improvements to level design.
  6. Its a bit souls like. You die very easily. Especially on the harder settings. It certainly feels much better than Tomb Raider and less woolly than Uncharted. After recently rinsing Remnant and the Surge 2, both of which are great by the way, this is just what I wanted. It looks bloody spectacular and is fun.
  7. I have a shitty 20 quid keyboard and a mouse that cost about 30 quid. Surprisingly I use a controller 99% of the time.
  8. Its a bit like "it's a Nintendo game so let's add 2 to the score" thing.
  9. El Spatula

    NIOH 2

    PC release date please.
  10. Sorry yeah that's what I meant by restart, reboot. The Xbox app doesn't seem to like sleep mode much. I've had to do it a couple of times before especially with pre-loads .
  11. When you target a body part in TTD it tells you what effect it'll have.
  12. If it helps Thor, signing our of game pass and restarting then signing in made it work for me. Given how shite the MS Store is I'm not surprised the XBox app is a bit odd.
  13. Or just subscribe to Game Pass and get it, and lots of other games, for well cheap.
  14. I loved Sekiro and played it obsessively until completion. It has some of the best boss fights I've come across, and moment to moment fighting mechanics are superb. it just isn't particularly replayable for me, as there isn't much to do that's different on the second run. Bloodborne and the Souls game are on a different level for me. I also fucking loved Nioh for a similar(ish) setting with immense combat. Not as good a game, but a lot more replayable. Also bastard hard.
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