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  1. They've all useful in their own way and the game will be much harder without them.
  2. If you buy it on PC and then install this http://enhanced.townofsilenthill.com/SH2/index.htm then you pretty much have the definitive version.
  3. I fucking loved Nioh but your mileage may vary . The combat is a bit more Ninja Gaiden, and you have to also be defensive, and dodging is important again and is in fact built into the stamina system. Builds are a lot more varied Its rock hard, but as you steamed through this you shouldn't have a problem!
  4. Er you're giving the guy corn seed. It makes sense.
  5. Also for PC. Hopefully lives up to Hard Corps!
  6. Do some investigations and murder earlier monster repeatedly. That should allow you to craft better weapons and armour.
  7. I've replayed Vagrant Story more than any other game. For me it now seems like a sort of proto Dark Souls which explains why thats my second most played series. Its balls hard and obscure, with all the good stuff hidden away.
  8. Null and void because the Wiimote is second.
  9. Hang on the DC controller is an abomination. Possibly even worse than the Gamecube controller.
  10. Ah shit yeah. My mistake!
  11. Er you can still use the heart...
  12. Trails in the Sky. To the extent I've never actually got past the first bit. Which is shit cos I've heard it gets bloody good after 10 hours or so of boringness.
  13. There are some bosses where dodge is pretty much necessary mind...
  14. Hence the reliance on nostalgia and releasing new game version X
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