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  1. So on this after I finish Ys IX. Despite not actually liking Zelda games that much I seem to like similar games. No idea how that works.
  2. Most games these days are pretty good at suggesting settings. I genuinely can't remember the last time I pissed about with settings much as a primarily PC gamer. Can if you want but mostly it ain't necessary. The consoles have similar options these days, bar the Switch.
  3. How about you watch it and let us know what it's like before we invest time in it?
  4. Well MS are going for the don't bother releasing anything for your new console approach which is certainly novel.
  5. Nothing? You just make lines with shapes. More lines is more points. It's no harder than like football or something.
  6. Yeah. Street Fighter? Hard to explain? Tetris?
  7. I absolutely loved this, just ticked all my boxes for some reason. Bizarre given very few games hold my attention now, and I don't ordinarily like open world games. It's just so free form and the world is amazing. Helps that it's gorgeous. So much better than almost any other game I've played recently. Even made me put Mass Effect Trilogy to one side. Haven't played last of us due to not having owned a Sony console since the PS2, but that's a massively different almost incomparable game.
  8. Dead Space 2 is significantly better than the first in most ways except possibly tension. That's only because the first one used the majority of the tricks so well
  9. Scarlet Nexus. Needed some anime madness, and this is so far brilliant. Great combat and batshit.
  10. I think part of my issue is that almost every other passive hobby is just as much a waste of time so why not play a game?
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