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  1. I binged the first series as my wife loved it and s2 was coming up. And yes, s2 is certainly as good so far as the first. And I loved the first series.
  2. If it’s the album I’m thinking of it has one of the most amazing ‘of it’s time’ gatefold sleeves ever.
  3. Well, it depends. What position was the team playing her in?
  4. The Oxbridge connections defiantly helped a lot of them will have done footlight reviews and I’m guessing fringe as well before TV. Plus there were quite a few largely forgotten smaller shows that were precursors to Monty Python or TWTWTW etc where pretty much everyone half decent appeared on. Late 50s to late 60’s TV comedy has a quite interesting history.
  5. Ooh I bought that Metronomy lp today, not that version though. Did come with a free comic I think.
  6. Well shit, that’s some miserable news. Ballad of the broken seas is one of my most favourite albums of all time, but I loved pretty much everything he did. Gutted.
  7. I had this problem, I changed the settings to run as admin in which worked and the fps went straight up. I’ve had a bit of a play around with this, really enjoy the art style and the combat feels great but there’s so much that’s not really grabbing me. Mostly though, like Pungee above I hate the controls, movement in particular.
  8. Interesting nobody has mentioned Gary Neville, I don’t watch much live football these days, has he fallen from grace?
  9. Actually I agree with this, T3 having the best ending, just the fact that however it plays out they cannot stop the war.
  10. I can’t tell you how much I love this song.
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