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  1. The Makioka Sisters By Junichiro Tanizaki I’m a huge reader of Japanese novels and this is considered a classic, a must read. It’s set just as the second WW is breaking out and is ostensibly about the end of a certain era in Japans class system, a decaying ossified period that is about to completely change beyond all recognition. There are definite parallels with English novels written around the first WW. For those that don’t know the story it revolves mostly around the sisters attempts to marry off the second youngest of them and the youngest sisters attempts to live her own lif
  2. Chilled out Saturday , chilled out Monday.
  3. I’m not sure, I think it may have come out in April.
  4. Ahh magic! Ta, definite slow purchase of the set from me.
  5. Those are lovely, I’m kinda thinking of buying the set, again, for my daughter in a couple years because she would really enjoy them. Where are you getting them, I couldn’t see them on Amazon?
  6. Absolutely, I buy big bags of Thai rice from a Chinese supermarket. Really good value and terrific rice. My local little organic shop does this stuff, it’s so so good.
  7. i barely remember the show funnily enough, but man that theme tune.
  8. That Kelly Lee Owens album is superb
  9. Happy Christmas everyone, had a big drive down to Nottingham to test my eyesight see my mother in law in a really nice park where we had a picnic Christmas dinner. A very socially distanced but great day. Hope everyone had a good day and are now vegetating on the sofa.
  10. oh that’s not bad, it looks like it should cost more.
  11. im in love with this record player, what is it?
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