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  1. I took my one of my daughters to that, her first ever Football match, she supports City which I suppose is kind of inevitable for a kid her age. Still, fantastic atmosphere, loads of stuff was put on aside from the game and only £7 for me and free for her a good afternoon out. Game was pretty bad in the first half but the second was excellent.
  2. I think this encapsulates a lot of what I’m enjoying about it, I know the quests to an extent and I know the areas they take place in but it still feels like an adventure in many respects. I got my first talent points today and I haven’t looked at any guides at all for vanilla Warlock, everything looked inviting. I spent 1/2 an hour working out where I wanted to be. Heading out from a hub I’m checking I have water, food, soulshards etc. Working out little routes for myself, it feel much much more open than bfa and certainly much tougher. Enjoying it a lot. Pixelbark, I hated classic Palladin playstyle, genuinely did not enjoy it at all. Is it still at the seal twisting stage or is it patched past that,? cos that was awfull. I didn’t enjoy my pally until Wrath really.
  3. From first impressions, rolled a warlock on a pve server. Forsaken, I remember every quest and where the mobs are thank god, there are no where near enough rattle cage skeletons spawning to do the quest but it’s a lot of fun. Got to level 6 or so before my first death but warlocks are pretty tough it seems. Not a class I ever played in vanilla but really enjoying it. Got the elvui classic set running which is a big help. The game is super unhelpful at low levels which is something I forgot, I genuinely wouldn’t want to play it if I hadn’t already, it’s a ball ache in places. More to follow.
  4. scruffycat

    Silver Jews

    Well, damn. Really fucking sad news.
  5. ARC which are my initials, excitingly.
  6. A hell of a lot of bands that I like I didn’t start listening to until they had been around for years. At the moment I have been listening to a lot of British post punk stuff, Wire, Gang of Four etc I was the wrong age group really at the time they were big but it’s great to discover them late on.
  7. You know the one thing I actually would really enjoy from classic, proper low level bgs again. I had so much fun with my warrior in the 19, 29 and 39 brackets. Gah I’m sort of half tempted by classic but I’m just not sure.
  8. I don’t think I’ll be playing classic but I’d absolutely roll Warlock, they always looked like a real fun class to play in Vanilla.
  9. You can pick up teams for all sorts of reasons though. I think I’ve mentioned this before on here a long time ago but I started following Wolves around 1984 I think, purely because I wanted to go to a proper football match and they were the only midlands team playing at home who I could get to and wasn’t ticket only (just think, but for fate it could have been Villa) and I absolutely fell in love, even though they were fucking dire at the time. I have no connection with the City itself, indeed I’ve lived in Manchester most of my life, does that make me less invested? I don’t know, I would hope not. I think as long as you are prepared to follow a team through thick and thin then you can count yourself a supporter as much as anyone. Funnily enough my boss who’s Glaswegian is a Wolves fan as well, I have no idea how that came about.
  10. Yeah, I thought this. It should have ended with him just walking away from the phone booth anonymously into the crowded street
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