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  1. I wasn’t around when Wrecking Ball was introduced but he’s such a jerk on certain maps. And I’m not beyond being that jerk when the round is otherwise lost but I do it with a sense of shame even if my spamming of ‘this is happening’ suggests otherwise. The other day had two Wrecking Balls spinning around Lijiang Tower Garden for three minutes, waiting for someone to finally switch to a suitable counter.
  2. No, it was me saying that my aim is statistically more accurate with gyro and 30fps than an analogue stick and 60fps in Overwatch.
  3. 120fps is great and all but until Microsoft embraces gyro controls I’d rather crossplay with Overwatch PC players on my Switch at 30fps because my Switch Hanzo would destroy my Xbox or PlayStation Hanzo in a 1v1.
  4. I just saw on superdeluxeedition.com that Tasmin Archer has a new 3CD retrospective coming out and for the first time ever it occurred to me that she must have released some songs that aren’t Sleeping Satellite.
  5. DC Lemon

    Apple TV +

    I’ve been watching Home. Every episode is fascinating and beautifully shot but I am mostly envious of the Maine family.
  6. DC Lemon

    Nintendo Switch

    That list (or one very like it) was circulating before what turned out to be the recent Mini Direct and debunked at the time. seems a tad unlikely...
  7. My neighbours have been buying @Stejay t-shirts today. Nintendo, you’re scaring me with this witchcraft.
  8. Every game I’ve played since about 1992.
  9. Switch trailer with what looks like actual Switch footage (not always a given with trailers for multiformat games). Decent effort but I think I’ll be playing this one on Game Pass.
  10. I haven’t been won over by either sales pitch as far as 2020 goes but MS made it a particularly easy decision to stick with One X for the foreseeable future. That console doesn’t deserve to be thrown out just yet and from what we saw yesterday I’m left wondering exactly what the unannounced Series S is supposed to do that the One X can’t.
  11. It does feel a bit underrated by critics. 81 on Metacritic compared to 86 for Luigi’s Mansion 3. I think the latter’s score is about right but I rate this higher now. As well as being a great Paper Mario, I like its puzzles, platforming and adventuring as a template for Mario’s mainline 3D adventures going forward. Just waiting on the fabled Edge 6 now.
  12. I’ve been getting Zelda vibes throughout but the 4th area (purple streamer) takes it up a notch.
  13. Here’s hoping MS counters Sony’s GTAV opening with a ‘Minecraft is coming to Series X’ megaton to get the next gen in full swing.
  14. DC Lemon

    Nintendo Switch

    You’re really gonna need to be on a mic and hope the rest of your team is as well to get anywhere in a game like Rogue Company. I prefer Splatoon’s extensive communication system of ‘booyah’ and ‘this way’, naturally.
  15. DC Lemon

    Nintendo Switch

    Rogue Company looks good for what it is, to be fair. It might struggle on the overcrowded PC market but fills a gap on Switch.
  16. DC Lemon

    Nintendo Switch

    If they’re previously announced games, I don’t see why they couldn’t just say what they are instead of cruelly giving me a few hours of hyping myself into believing that Shin Megami Tensei V isn’t vapourware and that Sports Story is about to be shadow dropped only to end up showing FIFA 21 Legacy Edition.
  17. DC Lemon

    Nintendo Switch

    I’m embarrassed to say that Era got me believing that F-Zero was actually going to happen this time.
  18. This has already barged its way into my ever-growing Switch half of fame and pushed past Xenoblade and Animal Crossing as my Switch GOTY. Relentless charm. Bobby is a great sidekick. I’m making my way through the third area
  19. It’s like The Apprentice wasn’t cancelled this year after all and this was the ‘make a video game’ task.
  20. I watched a chunk of it last night. It’s impressively timeless as a production but I’d forgotten that this country wasn’t a total cesspit only eight years ago and now I’m sad.
  21. I’m getting the same amount of pleasure I did from Luigi’s Mansion 3 so it’s exceeding my expectations. It plays like a Zelda offshoot in some ways so I’m wondering why they haven’t made a Paper Zelda yet instead.
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