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  1. I played as Orisa on Ilios Well last night. My disappointment was immeasurable and my day was ruined.
  2. No crowds and constant shadow pop in are what’s putting me off the Switch version.
  3. The writing hits the mark and the art style works when you take it as a Nickelodeon cartoon that you play. It would have been received better had it come out before Streets of Rage 4 raised the bar. Between Battletoads and Spiritfarer, this has been a strong week for Game Pass coming off the back of MFS. Just when I thought I was out playing Fall Guys on PS4, Phil pulls me back in.
  4. Tat of the year. https://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-switch-game/pikmin-3-deluxe-pack/12667101.html
  5. This is the kind of thing that gets on my GOTY list. Lovely so far and I get more than a hint of Animal Crossing vibes from it (not just from the raccoon above) so I searched for ‘Spiritfarer + Animal Crossing’ and yep. That’s quite the combo of influences to live up to and it’s doing a fine job.
  6. Can’t remember which team I was on originally. I think something came before the chicken but it wasn’t an egg. Team Chicken it is.
  7. I’m starting out on Tadpole difficulty and make no apologies for my cowardice.
  8. Inconsiderate. I hate it when Ubisoft releases a game I actually want to play and makes a mockery of my moral stance.
  9. They’ve changed their minds again. Switch course designer is saved by the bell. Or the crunch.
  10. That sucks. I have my concerns about the Switch port anyway but had the physical edition preordered so I could cut my losses at CeX if it turns out bad. I’m less inclined to pick up a digital copy of this until the guinea pigs come back with their findings. All I really hope for is good handheld controls and the same commentators from The Golf Club for some of that headphone ASMR. Not too bothered about the course editor being absent. Even if the port isn’t up to scratch, it’s not as exciting a prospect on Xbox where The Golf Club 2019 is already available o
  11. Nobody should be forced to go anywhere near Facebook against their will. That’s actual torture. Virtual reality is about escapism, not finding out all your friends are terrible people.
  12. This public bidding war to get a skin featured in the game is hotting up. Fall Guys is here to stay. Edit: Oh, apparently some influencers think putting in joke bids to a charity is funny.
  13. DC Lemon


    This has been a dire final and there’s not much potential for anything other than a damp squib of a last session now.
  14. Nobody: Nintendo: Super Mario Sunshine and Skyward Sword would be a fitting send off for 2020.
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