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  1. Yes, despite my absolutely horrific first impression of it, it might actually be quite powerful if you dare to master it. Being able to splat a Drizzler while it’s shielded is a handy time saver. The downside of that tweet is the cooperating with your co-workers to get close to bosses when you’ve got no weapons with range.
  2. Normally, having three Grizzco Special weapons in a Salmon Run wave would be cause for celebration but three Grizzco Splatanas with a grand total of zero range is the stuff of nightmares. It’s broken me, to be honest.
  3. Rank decay has been known for a while but I don’t think the game itself ever bothered to explain it. I’m not a fan of it. You lose a rank but the opposition is still as strong. The first few weeks of a new season are going to be rough and demotivating.
  4. The Snipewriter is an interesting new weapon. Part sniper, part shotgun. The Custom Splattershot Jr with Wave Breaker and Torpedo is going to counter Ninja Squid right out of the game. That’s nasty.
  5. Ninja Squid with one Swim Speed Up main allows me to keep up with my curling bombs and that’s all the speed I need.
  6. Clash Blaster in Tower Control will get you endless multikills. It’s kinda disgusting.
  7. 3rd person mosh pit is single-handedly keeping the buyer’s remorse at bay. These maps just seem to make more sense when played that way. Even the border one.
  8. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/10/splatoon-3-version-1-2-0-announced-here-are-the-full-patch-notes You’re too good to us, Nintendo.
  9. It’s actually the opposite for me. I’m losing a lot and have climbed twice out of the last three sets. So even when you’re climbing, the experience is still miserable. I’m too scared to play tank in this tough. Every match I’m in ends with ‘tank diff’ in chat.
  10. Seeing the tips pop up again after being eliminated is quite triggering to an OW1 veteran. Especially the Mei and Roadhog ones. It’s like being teabagged.
  11. By being a Sploosh main, apparently. Curling Bombs + Ninja Squid. There’s nothing you can’t achieve with them. Ask me to adopt a different style and things quickly go south…
  12. My comprehensive guide to successfully ranking up. A rank. Don’t play Clam Blitz S rank. Don’t play Clam Blitz S+ rank. Don’t play anything other than Splat Zones with a Reef-Lux
  13. It is. Max Hazard Level in 2 ended up rarely being a problem for me or my random team mates but I haven’t seen one in this yet and have had much worse struggles. According to the app, the highest hazard level I’ve encountered is 186% and that was busier than a maximum run in 2. The weapon comps haven’t helped so far. There was one about a week ago that made light work of everything including Cohozuna but everything else has been tough. At the other end of the scale, the new Tornado wave which is basically you and a box of eggs is incredibly boring and free of threat. I used to be grateful when the mothership appeared but this is a whole new level of free pass. It’s had some truly excellent QoL additions but in terms of the stages and basic levels of fun, it’s currently not as enjoyable as it was in the last game.
  14. It’s a wonderfully versatile bit of kit too. Curling bombs are always ideal for flanking a back line. I enjoy getting aggressive with it. It should be an in-your-face weapon like the Sploosh. Giving it Tenta Missiles was a mistake. The special should have been something similar to the Sploosh’s Ultra Stamp. There’s bound to be a major rebalancing for it in the next patch.
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