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  1. I left them as a parting gift as that’s all I had on me. Also, I still have the ocarina. Not sure if I’m supposed to. I can mail that back too.
  2. Yeah, I did that yesterday to move it to my money tree orchard and thought I’d ruined it. Turns out my entire money tree orchard is ruined anyway.
  3. It will take something special to get me out of my current costume. This feels right.
  4. I’ve moved my museum for 50,000 bells. Now I’ve decided I need to move it again just one more space along. Not to mention everyone’s house and the shops. Some adjustments needed there too. And then I’ve got to demolish the early bridges and inclines I put up. But the sisters are selling the crown...
  5. PSVR2 will come with a dedicated controller, allegedly. https://uploadvr.com/sony-psvr-2-controller-patent/
  6. Ugh, does it even have gyro? Not that they made much use of it with the DS4 but I have all but retired from aiming to shoot with a right stick after three years of Switch.
  7. With great power comes great irresponsibility. This terraforming will be the destruction of my island but at least it’s allowed me to donate three more fish to the museum that were caught in my new water ‘features’. Not that it matters anymore this week but my turnips are a spectacular 30 bells this morning.
  8. Thanks, I went for this to ease the flow through Larsen’s gate. Very relaxing trip to a nice island. I hope 99,000 bells was an acceptable tip.
  9. Saw this on the news channel earlier. There’s a UK Cup starting online tomorrow. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/04/nintendo_uk_reveals_mario_kart_8_deluxe_vs_cup_take_part_to_win_eshop_credit All the races will be 150cc so that’s one reason to hop back on. First we had Party Crashes returning to Arms at the weekend, now this. Splatfests to make a comeback next?
  10. I missed the sunset but Annalise doing yoga on the beach at dusk is still a mood.
  11. 30 x 3 (mostly) freshly chopped wood now up for grabs. I’ll either be AFK or eating turnips in front of the Nooks for the next half an hour. 9DJF1
  12. Just did some chopping. Sorry, my trees are mocking you now. I can leave three bundles of 30 out front later for anyone who can’t get wood. Take them all or share one each, it doesn’t matter, I’m just flexing.
  13. Hmm, I just checked my storage and I currently have approx the same amount of each wood type stockpiled.
  14. Jumped on after doing the update. An egg was buried outside my door and two egg balloons were drifting over the roof. The rock in my garden had two eggs, the first catch of the day was an egg and two of my money trees were sporting eggs. And my turnips are 48 bells. What a special game this is.
  15. This is my current lot. Olaf social distancing in the background there clearly thinks we’re beneath him so his days are numbered. Unfortunately, Clyde and Annalise are my two current favourites but there can only be one horse on my island. That’s a tough one.
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