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  1. It’s unfortunate that more haven’t experienced the ‘other’ ending where you I’m still recovering. As for the MP, it might sound like hyperbole and contrary to everything we know about the development of the game, not to mention excusing various bugs I’ve encountered, but it’s kind of the most fun I’ve had since the MW2 glory days. I love the fact that snipers are constantly calling me a ‘fucking cunt’ in the death chat in this. Music to my ears. All hail the AUG. Not enough maps? It has Nuketown. It has enough maps.
  2. This is an unacceptable amount of wrong for one issue.
  3. Richard E Grant and especially Dawn French are great too. Sony hasn’t really pushed this and they must have spent a fair bit on it. The later levels dare to spill Mario’s pint, but for those who have no intention of playing it, here’s the moment where it stops being an adequate mascot platformer. Christmas morning 2020 begins for families when the bit at 1.25-1.45 says so.
  4. The campaign really needs to be played twice. The first time I played it in what I assumed would be considered the right way and the ending was okay. Then I played it the other way and that ending was... very different.
  5. Sackboy is basically Yoshi. It’s only after the credits roll that you might start to wish he was Mario. The game generally gave me various flashbacks to Super Mario 3D All Stars. The time trial stages are influenced by Sunshine’s void levels (although never as devious and unforgiving) and when you get to Interstellar Junction it starts to get a bit Galaxy-esque (in terms of ideas, not actual planet hopping). But if you make it past the music in Treble in Paradise and how the level reacts to it and aren’t fully won over, then all hope might be lost. As for Call of Duty C
  6. I’ve been playing Sackboy on PS4 all week. It’s a strong contender for feel good game of the year. The music alone will make every child’s PS5 Christmas special. Hats off to Sumo, they’ve made me feel like the Edge reviewer who gave LBP a 10. But I didn’t think I needed a PS5 just yet. Then when they became available on Amazon at 1pm, it wasn’t a question of need, it came down to the meta game of seeing if I could beat the bots and scalpers. Amazon just dispatched a PS5 via DPD. Yolo. Apart from Sackboy who will ride again tomorrow.
  7. I played as Orisa on Ilios Well last night. My disappointment was immeasurable and my day was ruined.
  8. No crowds and constant shadow pop in are what’s putting me off the Switch version.
  9. The writing hits the mark and the art style works when you take it as a Nickelodeon cartoon that you play. It would have been received better had it come out before Streets of Rage 4 raised the bar. Between Battletoads and Spiritfarer, this has been a strong week for Game Pass coming off the back of MFS. Just when I thought I was out playing Fall Guys on PS4, Phil pulls me back in.
  10. Tat of the year. https://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-switch-game/pikmin-3-deluxe-pack/12667101.html
  11. This is the kind of thing that gets on my GOTY list. Lovely so far and I get more than a hint of Animal Crossing vibes from it (not just from the raccoon above) so I searched for ‘Spiritfarer + Animal Crossing’ and yep. That’s quite the combo of influences to live up to and it’s doing a fine job.
  12. Can’t remember which team I was on originally. I think something came before the chicken but it wasn’t an egg. Team Chicken it is.
  13. I’m starting out on Tadpole difficulty and make no apologies for my cowardice.
  14. Inconsiderate. I hate it when Ubisoft releases a game I actually want to play and makes a mockery of my moral stance.
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