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  1. Gross. The guy doing the monkey chant is the one who hasn’t evolved.
  2. Some of what these devs have to put up with is shameful and I’d really rather not have YouTube recommend me monetised videos of people calling for members of Infinity Ward to be sacked.
  3. This is really quite decent so far.
  4. Nah, Old Trafford loves Jose. Tonight will be another necessary nail in Woodward’s coffin.
  5. Around 3% per minute to copy whatever it is they’ve patched in. Switch is next gen compared to this.
  6. DC Lemon

    Alien: Isolation

    The dramatic music when it’s pointed out that some contact shadows are missing on Switch is peak DF.
  7. I didn’t know Jason Brookes but I always felt like I knew everyone who wrote for Super Play.
  8. The GameCube game was a proper remake that’s since been re-released in HD.
  9. I switched from my TV app to the Xbox One app and that has HDR. Why do Smart TVs have to be so dumb? There is something to be said for the more primary coloured pitch of the SDR image, to be fair.
  10. The picture looks great but I’m not getting an HDR signal.
  11. DC Lemon

    Google Stadia

    I’m ok with that future but Stadia’s current line-up is living in the past.
  12. “Fuckery Going On” is Mario Kart’s middle name.
  13. Switch is my jam and this isn’t even its final Animal Crossing form. Whatever comes between now and Nintendo’s next console is playing a supporting role.
  14. Yeah, I’m happy to use this an opportunity for a final lap of (dis)honour on Titanfall 2.
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