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  1. Some of these changes take a bit of getting used to. Memory made me put Symmetra’s ult up around the corner out of harm’s way.
  2. No buyer’s remorse just yet, it had to be done for the gyro experience alone, but there are numerous ways in which I believe Paladins is objectively better than Overwatch now. The one I was instantly reminded of last night was when my team stood at the first choke point for the entire round while attacking on Hanamura. You could put it down to new players but it was ever thus back in the day. Paladins has a flank class and no choke points as bad as that. I have not missed Hanamura.
  3. I’ve booted it up twice and yes. Just the one Halloween skin so far. Sombra. Bloody Sombra. I’m taking a wild guess that she hasn’t become relevant in the last two years.
  4. It’s a bit buggy at the moment and you can’t capture video. But after two years apart, I’m ready to forgive.
  5. Haven’t started playing yet and I already hate Blizzard. Some things never change.
  6. @Darhkwing 150cc. It didn’t occur to me that 200cc might offer an advantage to scoring. I know the points for winning in both classes are the same. Maybe you can do better combos, though. The score at the top of my friends leaderboard is just shy of 22,000. Thankfully there are no rubies up for grabs among friends.
  7. I can’t be bothered with the PVE missions in the campaign. All I saw in what I did play was bullet sponge boss battles that require no strategy but lots of patience. Similarly, Ops feels so predestination in the wake of Splatoon’s Salmon Run. Five drawn out waves of mild action. As for the multiplayer, not nearly enough maps for Turf Takeover at the moment and the final objectives are a letdown. The drill one is particularly crap. It’s still in the founder’s stage and not a lost cause but as things stand it’s not a good sequel.
  8. It’s the rankings for the Koopa Troopa Cup. I think there might be a new one picked at random each week. If you go to that cup as seen below and then press on its icon again it shows you the leaderboards for it. There’s the friend’s leaderboard but also a tiered one that throws you up against randoms where up to 20 rubies are up for grabs. I’ve currently got an 8,000 point lead on mine. Another great new way to keep you playing.
  9. The default controls have been an unfortunate backfire. They probably thought smart steering would ease players into the new control method but it’s done the opposite. I was no different in my first race, fighting against the game for control of my kart, but with some tweaking I’m hitting those apexes on Mario Circuit 1 as well as I ever did on the SNES.
  10. DC Lemon

    Apple Arcade

    Finally got around to trying this. Sayonara Wild Hearts, Chu Chu Rocket Universe and What the Golf have been my slightly belated launch games of choice. I’m totally down with this being the future for £4.99 per month.
  11. Tour is a better solo experience than MK8, at least in terms of the structure. Although the bar set by MK8 was barely off the ground. Multiplayer will be another story but nobody is judging it by that at the moment.
  12. All good things come to those who grind.
  13. That doesn’t reflect what I wrote which was that there is much to like about how this freshens up the Mario Kart experience. I didn’t say it was a bad game on its current platform.
  14. The controls aren’t a negative for a mobile game once you set them up right. Obviously steering assist needs to go. That became obvious as soon as the game prevented me from taking shortcuts with it on. Acceleration being automatic makes no difference because you never took your thumb off the accelerator anyway (before 200cc came along in MK8 and we don’t need to worry about 200cc in this). I got another go on the pipe just for logging in today. How exciting. Another duplicate. My excitement was premature. I still have zero desire to hand over money just to be disappointed.
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