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  1. It’s all got a bit boring on my island. Nothing much happe.... OMG
  2. It’s been ugly and humiliating at times but Ole has succeeded in this season’s objective of delivering this club an actual team of eager and willing players for the first time in seven years as well as some football that’s watchable. Even Pogba looks happy to be here and interested in getting the job done so I don’t see this being yet another false dawn.
  3. Jump Rope Challenge: ‘I exist’ Me: ‘I don’t care.’ Jump Rope Challenge: ‘I’ve added an Inkling Girl costume.’ Me:
  4. DC Lemon

    Nintendo Switch

    They’ve fucking announced a fucking Pokemon MOBA.
  5. I always longed for PVZ Garden Warfare to find its way to its natural Nintendo home but most of the magic had gone by Battle for Neighborville.
  6. A good day to die. Mixer was already trending this morning because of this tweet.
  7. Cool people. Cool people want this.
  8. Future Connected isn’t much to write about as far as adding anything to the story goes but wandering around the new area while this music plays is enough for me to love it.
  9. I’ve managed to shrug off the buyer’s remorse. Searching the Isle of Armor for Digletts while catching new old Pokemon has provided some welcome summer chill gaming. I prefer being here than on my Animal Crossing island right now. It’s gone from ‘this is rubbish’ to ‘I want more of this’.
  10. I hear you. If this had been a Coco Bandicoot game, I’d be shaking with excitement regardless of the expected quality.
  11. Except this still has nothing to do with the original publisher or developer.
  12. I read the spoilers when they leaked and this morning I’ve already seen enough YouTube thumbnails to know it was never going to make any difference if I did or not.
  13. As easy as it is to be cynical about EA’s sudden love for Switch, Apex Legends is a committed start. If the next announcement is FIFA 21 Legacy Edition, though... Oh... https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/06/yep_the_new_fifa_game_for_nintendo_switch_will_be_another_legacy_edition
  14. The bottom line is, if you could get your money back, would you? I would. I’ll try and draw some value out of it and hope Game Freak is more thoughtful with The Crown Tundra, but this is uninspiring content made worse for being played out in casual mode unless you make your own difficulty, which is to let GF off the hook. I like my new £20 bike, s’pose...
  15. GTA V came out last gen, has spent the entirety of this gen in the UK top ten and is now being rereleased on new formats next year. Rockstar and Nintendo should team up to make Grand Theft Mario Kart.
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