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  1. ^ what he said. The forum weekly time trials were fantastic fun. Some great gaming memories.
  2. idiwa

    The Division 2

    Ha! thats another thing... being in a firefight and taking cover behind a car and seeing the car drop a few inches as the bad guys shoot out the tyres. Just amazing attention to detail. I don't know why but every firefight felt like I was in the bank shootout scene in Heat. Just pouring fire into an area and pinning down the enemy, again the sound/ audio making it sound insane. I bought it via PSN so I might go back to it as some stage, you never know.
  3. idiwa

    Solid little thrillers

    Cop land Lee Marvin's Point Blank Headhunters 36 Quai des Orfèvres Blurb for 36 -
  4. idiwa

    Pre-owned games sales in freefall (UK)

    Is the free to play growth screwing up p/o sales? The amount of kids that are hooked on Fortnite et al must be doing damage to retail. Personally I can't be fucked with Game at all now; the whole atmosphere of a store is horrible. Crap (cheap) figures, energy bars, second hand phones... its just shite. I worked for Game from 2003 - 2008 and it was for the most part a great job. The last time I walked it a store I hardly recognised the place. All my PS4 stuff is bought as digital, the occasional day one purchases but most are on a wishlist with PS Prices and I'll pick them up when they are discounted.
  5. idiwa

    The Division 2

    I don’t want to take anyway from the enjoyment that the majority in this thread are having with the game but below is just my thoughts on The Division 2. I pretty much gave up on this last night. I’ve had it since day one and hit level 18 but its just not for me. The game is amazing visually; the amount of detail in the city, the feeling (for me anyway) that there is not the same old assets repeated over and over. The subtle little touches with animals (one of my best moments was crouched near a car and next to me was a trash can and a raccoon was fishing through looking for stuff). The audio is fantastic; the weapon noises, the score and the John Carpenter style music that kicks in during some missions. I really can’t fault it. I guess I’m just not a fan of loot shooters. I sort of got on with Destiny but with Division 2 it feels like I’m walking 1km and in that space I’ve picked up another 5-6 weapons and assorted crap. My neat freak nature makes me spend half the time trying to organise stuff and worrying over what I should stick with and what I should flog or break down. The gun play/ combat is enjoyable and the cover system 99% of the time works fine. Day one I took the advice of this thread and turned off the visual cues for cover and vaulting over stuff. I think the 6 month time period from the outbreak starting in NYC is a bit Meh. The city looks more like something from The Last of Us after years of neglect not a couple of months. I sort of miss the presence of civilians that the first Division had rather than all you see are green (tooled up) allies and everyone else is the enemy. One last thing, with cans of petrol all over the bloody place how come no bugger is using any vehicles? Eh? Glad I spent the cash on it but its just too samey for me.
  6. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

  7. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    farrrk that looks bad.
  8. idiwa

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    I've had a dry spell with the camera, probably a good six months where I've just not wanted to do anything (despite buying a new MBP for Lightroom). I've also been off work (graphic designer) for the past 2 months with depression YAY! I've done sweet FA creatively in this time and Its starting to get to me. So I've fired up LR room and just picked a random shot in my pile of shame and done some colour tweaking. Would be good to get some feedback. Things I'm aware of A) there's not enough sky B) too much depth of field and C) my wife's hair was all over the place and it would be an utter pain in the tits to clone out wisps that are cutting across her nose. I've been a bugger for using presets in the past but I'd like to get to know LR better and creating stuff that I want rather than just happy accidents and fudging my way through it. Meta - 1/2500 at F1.8 50mm ISO 200 Before After
  9. idiwa

    Pro Cycling - Tour de France 2018

    Gasprom Rus Velo too. Aparently Sky will be rebranded for Tour of Yorkshire at the start; which sounds like a hell of a lot of work to nail in a month.
  10. idiwa

    The Division 2

    Ta much.
  11. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Is this part 15? @Mr. Gerbik
  12. idiwa

    The Division 2

    Cheers Spork. I didn't realise you could fast travel at anytime. I thought it was only from bases/ safehouses.
  13. idiwa

    The Division 2

    I'm only about 4hrs in and so far I'm loving it. My only niggle was the amount of alerts within the UI for totally pointless crap and have to acknowledge them all. Feels so much better than Division 1 and the shooting and audio is fantastic. Bugs - I managed to vault over a car bonnet and then clipped into a SUV that was next to it... so I was now stuck inside the SUV. Had to quit the game as there was no bloody way to get out the SUV. Arse! Bugs - I get this weird thing when squinting down the iron sights of my M1A (M14) when in combat; The rifle will drift left as if my DS4 thumb stick is knackard. But it only happens in combat and with that weapon. Anyone else had this with the same weapon or something different? Cheers. @Dave White What was the clan name? I skimmed over it a few days when I was in two minds about buying the game. Cheers.

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