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  1. @Dave White I wonder how much reviewers spend in a title. This really didn't click with me at first and I thought I'd pissed away sixty bangers... But after 3-4 hours shit kicked off and I'm now enjoying the tension of hunting down bad guys and being methodical whilst avoiding helicopters and drones. The pisser now is my broadband has been down for two days and I can't bloody play it
  2. Patch 1.0.2 released https://ghost-recon.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/news-updates/WnRXpB5KpBY5fsaMgfNY3/tom-clancys-ghost-recon-breakpoint-title-update-102-patch-notes
  3. I actually feel Jeff has more spring in his step since having a kid. Brad just feels like he's barley awake.
  4. I think sometimes (on the Bombcast especially) if someone is not into a particular title they'll just shut up for ages. Not pointing any fingers <cough>Jason</cough>.
  5. In May I moved from iOS to Android (after 10+ years of iphone) and the only real thing I mourn is the loss of Downcast app. I've tried Pocket cast and Podcast Addict (coughed up for them too) and a few more and they all have terrible UI and UX in my opinion. Only reason I was looking to Google`s app was to get something dirt simple/ minimal. Yesterday I tried Podcast Republic and that feels very close to Downcast. Might not be everyone's cup of tea but take a look at it if you fancy a change.
  6. I'm being serious. What is it you like about him. If it is his humour then fair enough. I'm just asking.
  7. What is it you like about him?
  8. Does anyone know if Google's podcast app allows you to add via RSS feed?
  9. If you're playing this Billy name mates are you going to lose out a hell of a lot of the games plus points. Or is it still the shizzle when solo?
  10. Has there been any sales figures published for this?
  11. Think I'm going to pull the trigger on this at the weekend. I never touched Wildlands but all the positive feedback on here is encouraging. I have read a few of the bad reviews and they do seem like pure hatchet jobs. Not read the Polygon yet but will give it a read over tomorrow. A colleague is also really enjoying it so I might see about some online McFuckery for the weekend. tldr - cautious man with free weekend might buy new game.
  12. Enjoyable/ mind in neutral shit.
  13. I've just started season 2 after watching season 1 about two weeks ago. I'm finding it hard going (Christ I'm only on episode 1). It's just too fucking bleak and I can't say I'm getting anything from it other than lowering my mood. I'm really not sure if I should try and push on and just walk away and read the second book.
  14. I really didn't like the first film (detested it actually) and didn't bother with the second. But... that trailer has piqued my interest. It's reminds me of the Sherlock films in a way.
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