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  1. @Gambit I thought this would be a no brainer and I subbed immediately when they announced the new venture. But so far I've found it pretty underwhelming. The podcast is growing on me more and I enjoyed the stuf about the new(ish) Switch. But I really can't be arsed with all the Patreon shout outs. Yes I'm paying for it but I really can't be arsed if they say my name or not. Videowise I tried to watch one the other day, the 40K hiveworld thing but got sick of Vinny fucking with his new toy as far as slowing down clips on the stream.
  2. Sweet, cheers @Totoro. Atm I'm focusing on improving the scope, iDroid, tranquilizer pistol and getting the Fulton upgraded. The Spetsnaz captain I made disappear... Do I have to do something to get him out of the brig? Or is he just cooling off and eventually will be able to be placed in a department.
  3. @Totoro I just started playing last week on PC (did play at launch on PS4 but fell off it due to base management issues). Would you mind sharing the base management videos you thought were the most helpful. Cheers.
  4. Yeah I couldn't watch that 50mm depth of field shitfest again.
  5. It's the little things that make life worth living.
  6. 70 mins into this and not seen anyone reloading yet. Yay! Pedantic/ what no brass. Lulz.
  7. Oh come on, not even a titter at the chef... Like it's a fucking Fortnite skin.
  8. Started MGS V on the PC. Played it on the PS4 on release but got pulled away from it for one reason or another. Just glad the bloody hospital crawl is done and dusted.
  9. @PeteJ that's lovely Pete, love the layering with the hills and the subtle colouring.
  10. Some great bants yesterday between Carlton and Sean regarding Castelli sizing
  11. I was referring to Xib jumping the gun.
  12. @PeteJ Yeah I think working from home for 18 months has killed all my creative spark. I work in a creative role (UX, visual designer) but having a home office and spending 7.5hrs in there with work the last thing I want to do is spend another couple of hours in the same room in the evening or on weekends. It's exacerbated somewhat by having all my photography on a PC built for editing, so its not as if I can just sit on the sofa with my MBP and edit stuff for lulz. Lightroom over several machines is a utter pain in the tits (Lightroom Classic I mean).
  13. @PeteJ Why was this Pete? The lack of photography I mean. Tell me to sod off if its private etc. For me I built up a massive backlog of shots to process and then just got sick of it. I was being too heavy handed with edits and I felt like I was getting nothing out of it. My wife and I started doing a lot of hiking/ hillwalking and I stopped taking the camera with me; I just could not be arsed dragging it around when my phone was fine for what she wanted (insta stuff). A few weeks ago I sold my D3300 and all the glass and bought a Sony A7 iii with a 70-200mm F4. Suddenly I'm interested again. Still not sure if I will drag it with me on hikes. Just grabbing a few jpgs from Whatsapp so quality might be shite.
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