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  1. idiwa

    Banana Splits are coming back

    My biggest memory of the Banana Splits were the two hispanic girls singing some god awful song whilst strumming guitars. behold!
  2. idiwa

    The Meg - Jason Statham vs Giant Shark

    I rented it before Christmas on Amazon and I was so bored I went for a slash and didn’t even bother to pause it. There was nothing about this film that was good. A total floating turd.
  3. idiwa

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    I’ve given up on it. I really enjoyed season one but season two is just farsical. A lot of the bad guys act like graduates from the A-Team school of goons. Its just all rather dull. I think I must have gotten up to episode 6 or 7 so I’ve given it more than enough time to blossom. Meh!
  4. idiwa

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Same for me. I was really expecting to be blown away based on all the praise on Giantbomb and here. Will try it again today and do the tutorials. I just sort of thought “is this it?” Huge fan of Lumines and was expecting something similar.
  5. Jackfrags raises some good points on shields/ shield repair and ammo.
  6. idiwa

    Battlefield V

    Think I'm pretty much done with BFV, I've not played it for over a week and I've gone back to BF4 and enjoying it a hell of a lot more. I'm just bored with the maps (as is everyone) and I just can't see things getting any better with the whacked out choices that EA/Dice have been making leading up to and after its release. This idea that every bloody shooter needs a BR gametype is just utter wank. I wished they'd kill off SP as well and free up teams to develop more maps/ DLC. Basically Dice have a fucking word with yerself!
  7. @Alan Stock @Kauwiks same for me.
  8. Still enjoying this but i have to change my style of play; I keep trying to engage enemies from too far away and I'm just not getting enough hits let alone doing damage. Had a few sketchy games where I've been running around frantically trying to find a weapon, any fucking weapon!!! Gets to the point where I'm just going to throw level 2 helmets at folk to try and take them down. The ping system is fantastic but I have one pet hate; If I see bad guys I'll double tap to call them out and the majority of the time my team will just start shooting and losing any sort of advantage we have. I wish there was a "bad guys, lets flank them" or something so that people just don't start shooting blindly. It's a great game though and as much as I don't give a toss about cosmetics I might buy some just to support the stellar work Respawn has done on this. Gold Loot - On the latest Giantbomb cast they mentioned some items are gold and have things like self respawning abilities (shields) that can only be used once. Anyone come across any gold items in game yet?
  9. I also love her sprint boost when she comes under fire.
  10. I can only get Attrition games these days, which is a damn shame as the objective based games were fantastic. It's still my goto pipe and slippers shooter, it just works so well and I can play one round of Attrition and leave it for the night.
  11. Really enjoying this so far (and huge TF2 fan). I've never played any BR game before and I can't say I'm enjoying the frantic running about trying to find a weapon at the start.. for the most part its been fine (I've found something decent) but christ one game as we dropped in another team dropped right next to us. I ended chasing after some guy Benny Hill style trying to punch him in the back of the head as I was totally weaponless. It does seem to be good game/ bad game at the moment. After the head punch incident (I got killed, shocker!) the next game we won and worked really well together. Constant coms and backing each other up with revives and suppressing fire. 22mins of game play that just flew by.
  12. Does anyone know how to mute other players on PS4? Just had some wee kid screaming away through the game. Not swearing or being a dick just so god damn hyper.
  13. Total kills using that character over multiple games.
  14. “It’s a Kentucky harvester...”

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