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  1. idiwa

    Illustration Club

    Just having a noodle with illustrator. Need to work on the shading and highlights on the horns/ tail etc. Need a better slogan and type. BSAF deck is an old design but what the hell, thought i'd sticker it up.
  2. Ah man, just reading that I'm buckling like a cheap belt.
  3. Cheers for the manual workflow etc. Yeah I wanna get up Storr for sunrise, not sure how happy Mrs idiwa will be about that. Eagles I was wanting to see too and I think there is a tour for Sea Otters. Again its down to luck with weather and if they wanna be seen. Reminds me I need to get some ginger pills so I don't spew my ring when in a wee boat.
  4. Behold shonky tripod vid above!. The Nikon is set up for back-button focusing, tbh I've always found it a real faff on the Nikon. I think its supposed to be more intuitive on Canon. A lot of the time I'm using the dpad to offset focus point and then hitting the shutter button to focus and then taking the shot etc.
  5. I found the video I made of my fucking useless tripod last year. YAY! Get what you pay for shocker. K&F Concept Camera Tripod Monopod I think this was around 55 quid. Google Video link The video shows the Nikon rocking (pun) the plate from the PeakDesign strap (which it looks like they've changed now)
  6. @FishyFish yeah I always shoot Raw (Fro taught me that!) And I have my camera set to shoot under exposed. Tripod - I bought a knew one for last year's trip to Oban and it's s bit Meh. There is so much wiggle room between the camera and plate. I also use a PeakDesign sling/ strap which is amazing but it doesn't play well with tripod mounts. Will link the the tripod later but it's really pissed me off. Feel like it needs a wedge of blutak in the mount. I know about ND filters from Peter McKinnon and how bloody expensive they can be! The D3300 does do bracketing but I guess I need to shoot with a remote on the tripod and manually do it. But Shirley that's borderline impossible to change focus, settings etc and not move it by a few mm.
  7. I use a 27" for working from home (4k) and 2* 27" (1440) at work. For the home setup I toyed with bigger than 27" but a lot of users (designers, photographers) said you either get a crik in your neck or you end up moving further away from it.
  8. @PopeSmokesDope @TommyG I’m looking for some advice on landscape photography. I’m heading to the Isle of Skye this week for a weeks break. This is our yearly wedding anniversary get away with last year being Oban. Whilst I did get some decent pics in Oban it was very hit and miss. Defiantly luck rather than skill. I guess what I have to work on is my story telling, rather than just SNAP here's a big fucking hill.... Trying to use rule of thirds and sight-lines with roads/ trails etc. I think my main issue is skies being blown out so I guess I need to adjust metering. Should I be using spot based metering rather than matrix? Normally I’m shooting in Aperture Priority mode. Set up is a Nikon D3300 with 18-55mm kit lens, 50mm Nikor F1.8 and 70-300mm Nikor F.4.5. Examples of happy accidents before and the last two are unedited just to show the results I am getting straight off the camera - Thanks in advance. Unedited -
  9. The bit about Minecraft and circles had me full on lolling into my cabbage.
  10. Just to wade into the disposable income/ hobbies debate. My other hobbies are road bikes (fucking ch-ching!) and photography (how fucking much?!?) Whilst my wife is a kite surfer and you can easily be spending 1.5k on a new kite and she has four of the buggers. To me dropping 500 quid on a card that will last you 2-3 years on something that is also useful is a no brained. I'm also lucky that my wife hasn't got a fucking clue what she is looking at so it's easy to buy new tech. #spineless
  11. I don't think you can, but to me this element (pun!) is not as prominent in the full game as it was in the Demo.
  12. idiwa


    Yeah I was just getting into Metallica when One charted in the UK and my first gig I went to was Metallica (Black tour) at the SECC in Glasgow. You're right, it was such a massive shift from ...And Justice and I felt really disappointed. They went from avoiding promo vids (OK One was their first and rather unique at the time) to doing multiple promos. I think they only song I really liked off the Black Album was Sad But True. Its just too much of a departure for me from Lightning, Puppets and ...And Justice. The only thing I've properly listened to was Death Magnetic at its release. But again its just not hitting where I wanna be. I'll retreat into sad old man talking about how great it was in the old days Just messing... but I've never been that taken by the Black Album. Probably been a good 15 years since I've heard it.
  13. idiwa


    But, the Black Album was... shite?
  14. idiwa


    Metallica for me and the first four albums... after that it all gets a little bit too Bob Rock.
  15. Bone Silence by Alastair Reynolds has just dropped from 8.99 - 4.99 if anyone is bothered. Not a massive drop but... y'knaw.
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