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  1. I love this Abby moment - Resident Evil 2 Library smeck!
  2. I'm starting a new job on Monday (been out of work since August) and just built a PC a few weeks ago and picked up the wheel 2 days ago. Sods fucking law I've been kicking around doing hee haw for weeks and weeks. And today my wife says we should go shopping for a christmas tree.... Ha! Actually, yes dear OK.
  3. @SharkyOB @davejm @SweatyTravolta Cheers guys. I'm just bought all the DLC, might as well. I've just had a fanny about on Imola in one of the Honda's and I'm doing a hell of a lot better than I did last night on in the Audi (but this is due to tweaks to the wheel FFB). Still trying to get my body position/ pedals sorted. No chance I'll be able to have a proper rig set up anytime soon, maybe a vertical stand soon though. Is there a way to look at your stats, lap records etc out of game in some publisher or third party site? Same sort of thing as Battlenet etc. Atm I'm
  4. Cheers @Count Buffalos Not messed with setups but did find a guide for tweaking the wheel and getting on a lot better. Spunked up for all the DLC too... fark it! I'm in deep.
  5. I just tipped my toe into ACC last night. I bought it a few days ago but I was waiting for a wheel and pedals to be delivered (G920). Had a wee blast last night and whilst I need to sort out the FFB settings it was a good laugh. If I want to race, meet up with you lot what DLC do I need, or is the quick answer all of it? I've had a look at the first post for some useful links for noobs or YT channels to follow? Currently I've been watching Chris Haye and Boosted Media. Cheers.
  6. Set up my G920 yesterday and had my first go of Assetto Corsa Competizione. I've not bothered trying to play it with a pad, just straight into it with the wheel. Gave myself a blister on my right thumb I was holding on so tight It is weird, but I expected that. I've found a few set up guides to adjust the FFB so its a bit easier for a noob. The only pisser... I wish the G29/920 was a bit quicker to unclamp and stow away. I've gone from a new PC build with anal cable management to having shit all over the place. 2hrs in I'm loving ACC and the wheel, just want to get to
  7. Horror - "creepy, jump scare" or "splatty, chop chop"? asking for mein whiff.
  8. @Darren I admit I struggled with the first half of SE1 of Schitt's Creek, but it really kicks in after midway. I'm a few episodes into SE2 and loving it. I find with a lot of US comedy shows the first season is pretty shite and SE2 is where they seem to nail the writing and characters.
  9. Noticed tonight that Close Encounters of the Third Kind is on Netflix from Tuesday next week. I was looking for it because last night I made a fuck ton of mashed potatoes
  10. I found with the Telegram links is that as soon as they were posted the stuff was gone. I mean instantly. I happend to be sitting with it open when some UK 3070 and 80s came up. Click the link and none available. I just got hacked off with it and uninstalled Telegram. I'll pick one up when its less of a shit show.
  11. @Mogster @Doctor Shark Yeah Doc it was via the X570 Tomohawk mobo. I'd also bought a MSI 1660 Super but there's no mystery prize for that. As soon as you register your product it should tell you if there is freebies associated with it. https://register.msi.com/home/login?ref=event/redeem/2020_nov_assassin
  12. How long does it take manufacturers to honour promo games with hardware? Filled out registration details for an MSI mobo which entitles me to Ass Creed: Vicky the Viking. Think it's been about a week now...
  13. I ended up building my first PC last weekend due to reading this thread when @skittles started it months ago. This is the first PC I've owned for around 15. It's taken me months just to mull things over and read up and on different builds etc. Not to mention watching hours of JayzTwoCents and Linus. I do feel a little lost now that I've build it. Windows installed and updated, mobo bios updated, all drivers up to date. I've installed a few clients and still had stuff on Steam from 15 years ago waiting for me. The only thing I've run so far was Apex Legends (just the training) to
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