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  1. It would be interesting to calculate the total size of patches from release has been so far on each platform. The games fantastic but the patches are a massive pisstake along with the fact the PS4 never seems to download whilst you're at work etc. Be great if they had some sort of a banner notification in the lobby telling you that from tomorrow 8am GMT a new patch will hit or something.
  2. I never watched SE1 because I thought I'd had been axed. Might give it a look now.
  3. The Money Pit with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long has been added recently. Dated as fuck (1986) but christ some bits are so god dammed funny.
  4. Ahhh, makes sense now. Thanks @Wallace
  5. Anyone playing Grind (Kill confirmed where you have to bank your collected tags). Really enjoying it and it reminds me of Bounty Hunter on Titan Fall 2. The only pisser is how you bank your kills/ tags; You run into an area and I'd expect it to just bank all tags (killed and own team recoveries) at once, in an instant. But you have to stay in the zone for a few seconds as these are ticked off. Almost like you're downloading your tags. I only realised this after a good 10 or so games. I just assumed as I ran in to the zone that was me quids in. Apart from that its a really fun game mode.
  6. Bit of a dumbass question - How does Hardpoint scoring work? I was in a game on Shoothouse this afternoon and I had just over 3mins in the Hardpoint area and a team mate had over 2mins in with the rest of the team having between 30 seconds and a min. The other team didn't have close to that as far as time in the zone, but they won. how the hell does that work? Is it based on kills, defensive kills? I did take a screen grab just to truly maximise by anger. Will post it later.
  7. Cheers @Wiper & @GamesGamesGames I picked up a Steam code for under a fiver. My mates don't seem that into the idea of it as they don't want something that is going to be a pain to learn... I think thats a bit short sighted. So fuck it I'm going to play it on my todd and try and lure them in when I'm banging on about it.
  8. Myself and some friends were wondering if there are any decent games out there along the lines of Civ which support multiplayer over different platforms? Basically we want to run something that will work for users on Windows and Mac OS. Every time I search I’m getting stuff that says it supports saves between platforms rather than users. Anyone have any recommendations? Our friendship is based on playing Warhammer and D&D some 30 years ago. So not really looking at shooters. More along the lines of a decent turn based strategy along the lines of Civilisation or something like Total War. Cheers
  9. I can't say I'm that fussed about Dan leaving. I think Dan's been a bit Meh since Drew left. I mean I don't hate Dan or anything and its a great opportunity for him but I get a bit sick of his "I'm thick as fuck!" shtick. coming out with hilarious misunderstandings about everyday things and situations. I wouldn't surprise me if Mike Mahardy replaces him, though I'd prefer it if Austin came back to papa Vinny.
  10. Nope, I thought it was good but as with any new series there's always a bit of bedding in. At the start I felt rather lost with all that was going on but you realise you're not supposed to get it all and you'll pick it up later. I can't even remember if I read the novel first or watched the show first...
  11. learn to swear with Avasarala. Surely someone has to do a compilation of her swearing.
  12. Yes, it gets better. Even by the end of SE1 it takes a massive jump in quality. Overall the acting in other subsequent seasons is better, though so of the cast are a bit wooden at times.
  13. I watched S4 just before Christmas. Whilst its always nice to get an Amos and (fucking) Avasarala hit I found this season to be rather lacklustre. Bobby's arc seemed to be particularly shite. Arjun's actor swap was a bit jarring too and a shame as I thought the other actor nailed the character. Ashford (David Strathairn) was a delight to watch and his Belter creole is second only to Drummer's. For the record I'm a dirty novel reader having finished the latest one a few months ago.
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