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  1. ukdazs


    I'm going to see them tomorrow at the O2 Academy in Birmingham. Taking my other half who isn't exactly what you'd call a fan. I'm not convinced she knows what she's letting herself in for.
  2. ukdazs


    Watching Jack Draper play Alex De Minaur. I've never seen De Minaur play before but he's great to watch, pulling off some really good shots and tearing round the court like a man possessed.
  3. Poor first set. Some proper pub darts in that second game.
  4. What really offends me about those ape NFTs is the piss poor quality of the art. Like, even if I bought into the whole concept of them, I'd at least want something that looked like it took more than 5 minutes to knock up in MS Paint.
  5. Yeah, we'll definitely see more of those two in the future. Can't believe that finish. The balls on that lad!
  6. Fuck me that match just now was incredible. Finished on a nine darter. Absolute scenes.
  7. Prison FC looking like a tidy squad this season.
  8. ukdazs

    The Boxing Thread

    Callum Smith just sent some guy to the shadow realm.
  9. Hidden in the corner. Also, I despise dressing kids up like middle-aged men. Let him be a kid FFS.
  10. You'd hope so, but people's time is limited and they don't always spend hours reading multiple reviews. I'm sure the word of mouth would have caught up eventually.
  11. Here it is: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/may/07/chernobyl-review-chaos-reigns-in-confusing-nuclear-disaster-epic She didn't understand what was going on, who anybody was or what their motivations were because they weren't explicitly spelled out. Sounds like watching a film with my other half.
  12. Of course all reviews are subjective. I'd have to go back and read it to see what her complaints were but just imagine you decided not to bother with it based on that one review. I'm going to see if I can find it to see why she thought it was bang average.
  13. How do you ever live that down? I mean, surely at that point you snap your metaphorical pen in half and take up a different career?
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