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  1. EUkdazs

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    Homogenic > Debut > everything else.
  2. EUkdazs

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    Ooh, that's a brave one.
  3. Roxy Music's version of Jealous Guy is better than John Lennon's.
  4. EUkdazs

    The Boxing Thread

    Yeah, I did think the ref kept getting in the way. New vision mixers at Sky? Thought Khan looked past it. Bet Kell Brook can't wait to fight him.
  5. EUkdazs

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Saido Berahino has scored a goal. Surely a sign of the end times.
  6. EUkdazs

    The Boxing Thread

    That was one hell of a finish.
  7. EUkdazs

    Football Kits 2017/18

    Man Utd have released a 1968 replica kit which is a straight banger: Yours for £100. Presume it's made out of unicorn tears or something.
  8. EUkdazs

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Liverpool have been excellent this half.
  9. EUkdazs

    WipEout Omega Collection - VR Update out now

    Ugh, Sebenco Climb. Don't think I even managed a full lap. I was convinced Metropia was going to be the one to finish me off but I actually found that really gentle on my stomach. I need a poo just thinking about Sebenco Climb though.
  10. EUkdazs

    WipEout Omega Collection - VR Update out now

    Wow. The sense of presence is off the scale. Everything is so big! Only managed three races before the sweats started, even with all the comfort settings turned on but what an amazing experience.
  11. EUkdazs

    PlayStation VR

    I want Beat Saber and I want it now. http://www.beatsaber.com
  12. EUkdazs

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Paul Lambert to Stoke. Haha what the fuck?!
  13. It's great fun in VR but it made me feel sick as a dog. I stupidly tried to push through it and ended up feeling ill for about 4 hours afterwards. Apparently, having a steering wheel helps (and a fan blowing on your face is also supposed to help!)
  14. EUkdazs

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Cancelled out the wrongly disallowed goal in the first half. The ref was poor all night.
  15. EUkdazs

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Heh. I'm all over Lindelof and Bailly in this years Fantasy Football. NONE SHALL PASS!

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