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  1. Just had an hour on Creed:Rise to Glory and then a quick shower as I was sweating like I'd run a marathon. Daft but great fun.
  2. Yeah, I've watched it. Really enjoyed it. Interesting ending to series 2. Don't want to say too much for spoilery reasons but it'll be interesting to see where it goes in series 3.
  3. The soundtrack to my spreadsheets.
  4. Yeah, I found that whole episode uncomfortable.
  5. It felt like Marvin was just starting to come out of his shell, so it was a bit of a shame that he left last night. Maura's my favourite though, she brings the drama whilst also being funny as fuck. It would be dull without her around. I have no time for Anna and only slightly more for Amber. The lads are mostly alright, except Curtis. It's not that I dislike him, there's just something not quite right. He's either in the closet or he's hiding something of his true nature in there. That's a tough act to maintain for so long.
  6. I'm not sure I can agree with that, @The Fox. My reading of the situation is that Michael had prepared himself for an almighty kick off with Amber and as a result had his guard up. But Amber directed her anger at Joanna, calling her a 'dead ting' (I cringed so hard typing that as a 44 year old white man.) Then Anna wades in repeating the same shitty phrase over and over. Anna is pathetic. Couldn't even look at Jordan at the recoupling and mumbling like a naughty schoolgirl who'd been caught smoking. Jordan deserves better. Anyway, Amy got taken out of the villa briefly for some counselling but she's gone back in. ITV obviously twitchy after recent events. This series has been ace.
  7. Yeah, not gonna lie, I'm watching it this year and it's AMAZING. I'm playing footy tonight but I'll be rushing back afterwards to witness the carnage after last night. Shit's about to get real.
  8. If the F2 is anything to go by, we'll be seeing plenty of the safety car this afternoon.
  9. Not saying it's my favourite DP song (and it's a remix so probably doesn't count) but it bangs:
  10. It'll be something to do with your NAT type or some other nonsense on your router. Have a google around and I'm pretty sure someone else will have had the exact same problem. My Virgin router was a total pain in the arse and took a bit of fiddling before I got it working properly.
  11. Having given up on United getting anywhere remotely close to the top 4, I really quite enjoyed that. Utterly ridiculous defensively but at least stuff happened and it wasn't stultifyingly boring and slow.
  12. EUkdazs

    The Boxing Thread

    The most one-sided draw I've ever seen. Absolute joke of a decision. Fury schooled him for the majority of the fight. Pauli Malignaggi refused to comment on the post match highlights because he said there was no point trying to explain that decision and the Mexican judge should never work again!
  13. Yeah, should probably have had a shower after playing this, not before. Had to wipe the headset down afterwards! Love it.
  14. Ha! I'm certainly no expert, I just like the 80s.
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