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  1. yeah, i was just a bit taken aback that you can get it off the shelf at global and seeing some of the people behind the glass i don't think they are too aware of an 18 cert or not, just imagine the shock if your daughter rented it because she liked the groups on there, then you walk in and spunky man cums on your telly, litterally.
  2. how much further can they go in a mainstream rental film?, i heard this film contained real sex and it did, there is full intercourse a hand job a blow job a foot job, a male orgasm and cunnilingus. i've seen films with the odd erection before in a couple of mainstream films as discussed in this forum somwhere, but never close up blow jobs or male ejaculation, i just wonder what effects it will have on these two actors in the future, mentally or emotionally. will this now open the jizz gates for full sex and orgasms in other films now they let this one through, how can they stop the rest?. brief outline to the film. The first sexually explicit British film to be awarded a British mainstream certificate. Matt meets American student, Lisa, at the Brixton Academy and falls in love with her. The film seeks to document their relationship, both domestically and sexually, cut to the music of the gigs that they go to. the groups in the movie. The Dandy Warhols ; Franz Ferdinand ; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ; Super Furry Animals
  3. CKY?, i just downloaded their latest album, what a great rock band, i always seen the logo and somehow thought they were going to be some thrash metal or shouty metal band, a great album, a great singer and the twin guitars on this album reminds me of thin lizzy or preist. a solid rock album, so went to town and picked up infiltrate-destroy-rebuild for 8.99 in HMV includes a DVD too, just listening to ithe album now, not as imediate as the new one but solid for a first hearing, will be purchasing the downloaded one soon too. i think there is one more album from what i seen in HMV, anyone else into this band or heard the earlier stuff?, i recomend the new one without a doubt to any rocker!.
  4. Sham

    The Transplants

    hey the album arrived the one with fifteen tracks on!!!!!, did it have 15 tracks on?..did it fuck, amazon! i hate you....
  5. Sham

    The Transplants

    i supose it's it just didn't fit in with this album for me anyway, i have all boo-yaa tribe shit, they do quite a bit of that harmonizing in their songs, i've ordered the album from amazon with the 15 tracks on, see when it gets here wether it has or not
  6. Sham

    The Transplants

    how many tracks guys? the one on amazon has 15 listed? others have 12?, it's 8.99 at amazon, but p&p ain't included killafornia is awesome, and not today featuring Sen Dog from Cypress Hill also great, i think the track with the boo-yaa tribe is crap, which dissapoints because boo-yaa's Doomsday album was fuckin' aces.
  7. i seen the line up, then went into a coma... thank fuck!
  8. 5.99 delivered http://play.com/play247.asp?pa=srmr&page=t...R2&title=115307
  9. Sham

    James Blunt

    if you like him, try Howie Day, his track collide is great, also he's not new but i just heard about him in the past few months is Joseph Arthur, try in the sun, invisible hands, bottle of you, i think in the sun was used for some aftershave advert, Kalvin Kline / hugo boss? so you might have heard it.
  10. crash Dave Mathews in the sun Joseph Arthur invisible hands Joseph Arthur Dakota the Stereophonics i'm on your back The Foo Fighters sacrafice Creed amber 311 one last breath Creed when the sky turns blue U2 feat the Corrs
  11. yeah Blunts songs are top tissue paper songs you're beautiful high goodbye my lover check out Howie Day's collide... awesome soppy song talk tonight by Oasis
  12. the film?, erm, no! the sample was, but that's not what was said.
  13. heard it through the grapevine is a good un' too, along with my favourite, who'll stop the rain, check out the lead singer John Fogerty's solo albums, centerfield is a great album
  14. lying is not big or clever goaty! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...6396479760&rd=1
  15. Sham

    The Foo Fighters

    were they?...i admit i was a bit pissed when watching it and fell asleep after the foo fighters acoustic track, the arcade fire, seemed good, but i think his voice would get on my tits listening to a full album, i left my video to tape it, so will have another listen to the show, when the hangover goes, did the Foo's do the best of you?, and did Arcade do another song too?...
  16. Sham

    The Foo Fighters

    anyone heard it yet?, i think it's awesome, big wall of sound, heart wrenched lyrics, i think Dave Grohl is a underated songwriter and singer, he belts this out with feeling, buy it, steal it, just hear it!.
  17. Sham


    get the back catologue of Suicidal Tendencies, they are awesome.... also try and get, blood runs red by No Mercy, a side project of Mike Muirs, stunning!
  18. i got this when it came out on CD back in 1994 it was called Niggamortis, and does have pass the shovel on there too and it's, ehem! on my hardrive now "Gravediggaz - Pass The Shovel.mp3" http://s35.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2E0IWMY...1M2IM4R2NYH95N7
  19. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...8232976-4943040
  20. aye , i know, but i never meant to send it in....twice lol!
  21. Sham


    i remember them, they done a remix of runnin' up on ya for house of pain, metal mix i think
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