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  1. the Panda has a point, so i stand by my Avenged Sevenfold track this has chord changes too so is it screamo, Kerraig name some bands in that genre bud, coz i don't know what the hell is what nowadays just checked out convege...yukky! i could not listen to that crap, i like something a bit lighter and with vocals not shouting, guess screamo ain't my bag...my ears are happy about that
  2. Avenged Sevenfold, that beast and the harlot track is deffo a screamo
  3. straight up gangsta, he even "C" walks through the woods LOL! he cwieths becoth hith teeth do not fit
  4. ok, house of pain y'all? no?, well the debut album may have been gimmick based but Ev had flow and leathal had beats, the second 2 albums were slept on big time anyhoo Danny Boy the lyrical skyscraper had a few side projects going Ex-Supermodels and the Shotblockers and is a member of the DMS crew with Danny Diablo international hardcore superstar, his words... XSM had an album but was never released and never will be seeing La Coka Nostra are now coming together so i managed to track the album down, i think it's pretty good, some nice modern sounds, not old school at all, but i still liked? like it here it be with a couple of Danny Boy colabs thrown in. http://files.filefront.com/Danny_Boyrar/;6...;/fileinfo.html
  5. an aquired taste methinks, i have a couple of albums on vinyl and i love the video for ice cream for crow youtube...not great quality but worth a watch... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSeSQI16ZE0 all beefheart videos here too... http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer...p;search=Search
  6. ha!, i looked on the first page and seen nowt, thought it was a bit strange knowing how popular it was...
  7. don't know if there is a topic open already, just thought a heads up thought the first was the best, but it's pretty good for hours entertainment... Shameless 10:00pm - 11:05pm Channel 4 VIDEO Plus+: 5613286
  8. more old shit from my crate... couple of E.P's from the young un's + added 12" b sides http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/283916/the_whooliganz.rar http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/283961/put_your_handz_up.rar
  9. Big Left from LCN, solo shit from his mixtape. Box Cutta http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/278793/10_Box_Cutta.mp3 as i come back http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/278795/03_...__Come_Back.mp3 can't fuck with me http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/278796/08_..._Fk_With_Me.mp3 Paradime KTFO ( REMIX? ) different to album version... much better http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/278816/Par...ivaofD12128.mp3
  10. old shit for old heads... old Beasties boy! http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/259597/The_Hurra.rar
  11. an old one by Aerosmith, called Dream on...
  12. as much as i respect Das's knowledge of brit hip hop, i still can't stand it, i hate the accent, it sounds false to me brought up with the American hip hop, it's sort of grating, maybe it's the mockney accent? dunno but i sure as hell tried to give Das's recomendations a go, but nope, not digging it at all, some of the beats were sweet as, but i can't get over those accents, America will be and always will be the hip hop connection with me. the Crucifix track you upped Das? was sound in the beat department, and lyrics might be good and original, but it doesn't mean it's great does it?, i admire your allegiance to the brit sound, but i'll take them damn yankees every time, different strokes Das, i'll keep an open mind for the recomendations but can't see me changing my mind though, different stokes i supose?. have a cool yule y'all
  13. Danny Boy's birthday bash, with a rendition of Tony Montan live, well it seems to start off live, then i think a bit of miming arises!? http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SQ5CWRUG
  14. Sham

    Christmas Songs

    the new Billy Idol christmas album!
  15. Sham

    Christmas Songs

    the ravonettes - the christmas song http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/239731/01_...istmas_Song.mp3
  16. another early 90's lost gemster, texan funksters hit it up on what was a real fave of mine back then, very hooky and fun... sorry about the 128 bitrate, will hook it up again at a higher rate, maybe in the christmas break, unless it's close to hand, rooms a bombsite at the moment : ( http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/239680/Fro...Ground_Unda.rar
  17. Sham

    Christmas Songs

    slade - merry christmas everybody elton john - step into hristmas wizzard - wish it could be christmas everyday mud - lonely this christmas greg lake - I Believe In Father Christmas RHCP - deck the halls bruce springsteen - rudolf the greedies - we wish you a merry jingle pogues - fairytale of new york
  18. an old 93 release, you know the score and the style from then... y'all so stupid - van full of pakistans album... http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/199252/Van...f_Pakistans.rar
  19. House Of Pain - word is born ghettolab remix feat Darkman from a 12" DJ only Promo http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/213251/hou...eat_Darkman.mp3
  20. sick Jacken & Cynic from the terrorist tapes Vol 1 if you like Psycho Realm and Street Synphonies ect, should be up your street. bit different to the rest with some rock guitar on this track http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/199550/16s...artmusicexe.mp3
  21. the lot here>>> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ABXX11G4
  22. use the original link?, i can up it on gigasize or megaupload if you need it?
  23. the music seperately sounds great, together you just get into it then it's off on another tangent no smooth flow between the tracks either...nope me no likey... i can't see this growing as it seems to be with you, disjointed is exactally how it sounds
  24. been diggin' in the crates again, 12 round version sounds like what Justin Warfield might have made...nice! Brotherhood - Punk Funk E.P PUNK FUNK (12 Round Version) 3:40 MAD HEADZ (UNDERDOG REMIX) 5.09 MAD HEADZ (DJ CRYSTL REMIX) 5.09 PUNK FUNK 4.11 http://www.gigasize.com/delete.php?f=17216...2338780ac57cc64
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