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  1. Punisher is mad good in this. Kills groups of zombos in corridors, kills shields, kills the spiders behind guys that they are trying to jump on, can kill trash enemies behind plagas heads. It's this game's Red 9 I think, cause of how neatly you can line the shots up with the modern control scheme.
  2. I would like to see this respawn closet thing, I've not noticed it but I have noticed the game is not as clever about hiding enemy spawn triggers. Tho it hasn't interfered with my gameplay at all, at least not up until chapter 6 which I'm on now. The thing is, if it were to happen a lot on a hard section on professional difficulty that a ganado just teleported behind you and you couldn't hear them, I bet a lot of us would be pissed at that lol. That's not really the kind of challenge you sign up to with professional mode, it's just unfair nonsense. But again, has not happened to me at all so far. edit I have OBS running all the time when playing this so if it does happen to me I'll be sure to share
  3. All of those interactions are in the remake as well though. The only interaction from RE4 OG which seems missing here to me are door ones, like kicking in doors and shooting through them. Shooting through doors is an interaction I really miss tbh. When you know the fuckers are on the other side, it would be nice to shoot them. But I think the action in this is really good. It's more interactive than RE4 OG I think, cause of the melee and dodge system. Sometimes though you can find yourself in a situation where you just have to sit still and eat a shit sandwich I think, and hit reload. The way I see it, in RE4 you avoid getting trapped in the corner. But in Re4 remake you are going to eventually end up trapped in the corner and you need to account for that, even as you try to avoid it. That's where the new mechanics come in, and the weapon switching lends itself to that flow also. Chapter 5 is pretty mean on hardcore I've only just got into the routine of ducking other these hammer fuckers. I had a feeling with the remake that the punisher handgun would be a lot better, cause now you can strafe to line the shots up for piercing. It was also good like that in the VR version.
  4. Generally speaking with dualsense you need to plug it in via USB, for some reason Maybe it's not like that for every game tho Anyway I'm giving up on controller with this game and going M&K now, having a much better time. It's intense, difficult and punishing. Maybe it changes later but I feel like it's the 2nd hardest RE after CV for me personally (hardcore mode, not counting things like arrange mode in RE1 psx). Game is great, but makes me sad I have to sacrifice 4k (1440p monitor). Least my fps is rock solid on the 4090 lol
  5. What do people have their controller aiming settings set to? It feels awful to me, I'm having a really bad time with it
  6. I already feel confident in declaring that this is a much better re-imagining of RE4 than TLOU HBO was of TLOU, lol That said, I'm going to have to go with mouse and keyboard I think. Even with tweaks, the aiming feels so wrong to me on controller
  7. Interesting impressions. I've been playing a bit of the GC original and it's fun to revisit cause of the reasons mentioned. I don't necessarily mind the idea of tinkering and adding surplus stuff to this remake however, it just means we end up with two RE4s rather than one replacing the other I suppose
  8. PS2 had separate ways, so it had that going for it. But reduced enemy count is a big mark against it. Actually was reading earlier about the differences across formats and apparently there's also AI differences between GC and PS2, enemies are less hostile from larger distances on PS2 or something like that. Tbh tho, it was still a great port imo and blew my mind at the time. But knowing this about it, I could never go back lol
  9. This means that it's set up correctly, however I generally find it's best to ignore and go for what you think looks good cause capcom's approach to HDR can be a bit weird
  10. I wasn't that impressed with it on the TV but when I looked at it more closely on a pc monitor there's a lot of detail in it, I think. The hair strands stuff looks decent, but is buggy at low resolutions (Leon has a grid in his hair at 1440, but not 4k). My only real major visual complaint is I find it hard to set it up so it doesn't have lots of black crush. I hate calibrating brightness and stuff like that, I'm never sure if I'm making the image better or worse I'm replaying RE2 remake on PC atm to get ready for this, playing with M&K. I want to play 4 on M&K too so figure I'd get the muscle memory down with the slower paced prequel first.
  11. The door kick is something I missed too tbh, considering how many enemies there are it seems even more likely to be useful in this than the original Maybe it's in there, couldn't find it
  12. I assume the other remake is Metroid. The thing with RE is its formula is just sort of timeless, it's the playability of the game's themselves that age like milk. So it's not super surprising that people still love these Resident Evil remakes (at least the ones that turned out well like 2 and 4)
  13. Parry is quite generous I find. You have a parry and a 'block', I think, and block uses more durability than parry (which might use none, actually). You can hold down l1 as long as you want to get the basic 'block' deflect but parry requires timing I think Parry gives you a melee counter followup while block just stuns, I think. I could have this information wrong. I've not meticulously studied frame data or anything like that but I think this is the general gist. It adds a bit more of a balancing act to dealing with multiple enemies and they've increased the numbers to answer that increased range of options
  14. 'exploiting your knowledge of things you remember to do things a bit differently' is a thing I really like in a RE remake. Reminds me of the way the dog jump scare works in RE1make
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