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  1. Not really, the only way I can think of would be to use the Switch's screenshot function to at least have a note of the items required, but if it's the bit I'm thinking of you'd still need 6 or 7 screenshots to get the full list. It's a bit annoying it doesn't use the same system as the collectopedia cards. I'm only at start of chapter 4, but I get the impression that the real use of gold will be for either constant fabricator use to try and farm rarer items, or having to pay the extortionate Nopon prices for stuff to complete these sort of quests!
  2. The + button prompt for opening the map only appears if you have the quest/objective open in the bottom right, so you need to press Y first. I think the difference between it and the L2 + X combo is that the + button method centres the map on the objective, rather than the player (that's a guess from memory though). One thing I noticed is that you only need to craft each gem once. A single gem can be applied to multiple characters.
  3. To trigger the ouroboros from within a normal chain attack, you need the two normal characters to have issued an order in the chain. So when it pops up the 3 different orders to choose from, you would choose Noah first and then Mio second or third time around, then the Ouroboros option will show. It does come down to luck a bit in hoping that both characters will show up as options.
  4. That one took me a few tries with some leveling up in between, think I was 26/27 by time I won it. Definitely the trickiest one I've come across. I'm playing on normal and sticking to a single character, can't remember if I tinkered with the classes etc before finally beating him.
  5. Football Management (1982) (2000) (2022)
  6. Can't say I've noticed that, but I mainly play football and bowling where it may be less obvious. I have lost connection a couple of times during a game, never quite sure if it's an issue on my end or just the game in general. I get more annoyed by supposed 'A' rank players that refuse to defend and leave the goal wide open.
  7. This is still my go to game at the moment if I have limited time to play. Slightly surprised by how quickly this thread dropped down the forum. My only real complaint is that the online matchmaking can sometimes take a while. It could do with some way of reporting other players, even if just for their usernames (I've seen a few references to Hitler, along with other names/Miis I wouldn't want my kids seeing).
  8. Just witnessed an amazing piece of sportsmanship in an online game of football. Two players in my team dropped out at the same time, and we were 2-0 down before long. I was ready to just let them score the golden ball and move onto the next game, but my teammate managed to push them back at kickoff and because they only had 3 players staying back to defend we managed to keep them there for a while. It was only as they countered that I realised their 4th player wasn't poaching, they had decided to be our keeper! Managed to equalise with the golden ball, and the same person went straight to our goal again after kickoff to make the teams even. My team won it in extra-time with their help!
  9. Yeah, in the first online game of bowling you get 99 seconds for each attempt, and all the opponents have fairly common names. After that initial game you only have 15 seconds and you notice the names are a bit more like you'd expect to see online. Potential spoiler after a few games online, though it might only have been a surprise to me as I haven't read any reviews.
  10. Are you doing extra tasks to 'complete' the Pokédex pages? You can check what tasks are available for each Pokémon by focussing on them with ZL and pressing down on the d-pad. One tip that I don't think is mentioned anywhere in-game, the tasks with the red ribbon marker beside them count as double in terms of the points needed to complete the pages, not sure if they also award more research points from the Professor. Only other thing I can think of is go catch a bunch of Wurmple and level/evolve them as the different forms should bag you a decent amount of research points.
  11. Have you been making sure to talk to the professor to get the research points added after you've caught/battled some pokemon out in the field? Once you reach enough research points to go up a level, he should tell you to go speak to Cyllene. Also if you think you've missed or pressed 'A' on any of the tutorial popups too quickly, press up to access the satchel then Zr to the 4th tab. There's a 'Survey Tips' option which will allow you to check them all again.
  12. I somehow managed to catch a level 60ish alpha Whiscash without even realising, just at the point I thought I was going to struggle with some battles. I think I'd just been jumping out of the water and throwing pokeballs at whatever was closest in the hope of catching something unaware, wasn't until I handed in the survey results that I spotted it.
  13. It's on the Game Pass mobile app already, but only if you search for it. Doesn't show up in 'Recently Added' or the full A-Z list yet.
  14. Is anyone after the fabled 'froggy chair'? Not sure how rare it actually is, but it turned up in my 'Poki' shop the other day and I now have a bunch of them ordered from the catalogue.
  15. Do we know how the paid DLC works for multiple players on the same island yet? Is it limited to the Resident Rep, or can other residents take part too?
  16. Bow with aspect of Chiron + Relentless Volley + Concentrated Volley can be insanely overpowered. Think I've managed a 16/17 minute run with it, not sure what heat level though.
  17. Has anyone else with Super Arcade Football noticed the full-time stats being a bit weird? Not sure if it's a bug or if they're just faking the opponent data to make it look more like a real match. I had won a match 3-0 with opponent barely getting a touch, but the stats showed them having 7 shots on target and my keeper making 0 saves. Only a minor niggle though, it plays a really good game of sensi so far.
  18. Got my first 'Victory' last night at the 44th attempt. Got some nice Boons with the Adamant Rail that basically let me spam Special and Cast from a safe distance.
  19. @Clipper My understanding is that so long as you'd started MK8 on the secondary Switch first, and the primary Switch wasn't online, you could have it running on both at the same time. I don't think it'd be possible to play together though. If both consoles are online I'm sure it either prevents the game loading a second time, or kicks the other user off. @CovisGod If you set your daughter's Lite to your account's 'primary' console, she can play any of your digital games under her own profile. You'd still be able to play them on your own Switch but only with your profile. You also need to be online when the game initially loads to pass whatever DRM checks they do. Basically, anyone can play digital content on a console so long as the user it was bought by has it set as their primary console. A user can then play any games they own on another device so long as it is online, but only under their own profile.
  20. Yes. The option appears in the pause menu. Unless I've missed it in the main menu, the only way I could load it back up was to start a new flight, pause and then load the file.
  21. @Clipper Assuming all eshop purchases are made with Account A, all user profiles can play those games on whichever switch has been set as the 'home' console for Account A. On the other switch, you can install the games, but will only be able to play them with Account A and will generally need an internet connection to at least launch the game and verify the license. Can't answer the bit about playing a game on both at same time, though I'd lean towards it being unlikely to work. I think part of the check it does on the 2nd console is to see if it's being played on the 'home' one already.
  22. I finished the story last night, but still have some collectibles and the infamy levels to get for 100% The only bug I had was a couple of times after the Apex/Boss cutscenes, the camera went inside my shark so I couldn't see or do anything. I originally downloaded this thinking I'd play it for half an hour or so at the most, but I've really enjoyed it. I think the fact it's fairly easy helped. The number of pop-culture references they got in with the various landmarks was pretty impressive and raised a few chuckles as well. My favourite landmark:
  23. To open the big electronic gates you just need any decent sized fish or a human held in your mouth (by holding RT), make sure you're facing the 'button' at the top right of the gate, jump and then press LB to tail whip them into it. I'm not sure what size/level you need to be in order to reach them though, I think I was already an adult by the time I did them. For the combat, enemies will flash when they're vulnerable. It's usually a sign they're about to attack or have just missed, so if you manage to dodge the attack and spin round you can usually get a few hits in if they're bigger than you, or if you're same/higher level you'll grab them and be able to 'thrash' for more damage.
  24. Do you already have Xbox Live Gold, or are you coming into it 'fresh' as it were? I've got a code for two weeks of Game Pass Ultimate, but it's not valid for existing GP/Live users.
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