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  1. One winging it's way over to you now. Don't worry about anything in return.
  2. @StumpyJohn are you still looking for the white public telescope? Pretty sure I have one I can send later.
  3. Looks like there might be a few options today, I'm at 181 just now with a large spike expected this afternoon.
  4. Thank you! Can hopefully get my flower breeding going now. Had to close up again now so someone else can play but may open again later.
  5. I'm open to friends for the next little while if anyone looking for places to visit. Added my code to the Google Doc. Renée is currently crafting a birdcage if you're after recipes. I'm after a few red lily seeds and yellow/white mum seeds if you can spare them.
  6. Just sent a friend request if you're still around.
  7. Is there anyone around with mums and/or lilies for sale in Nook's that can open up for a visit?
  8. No problem, and thanks for the tips and watering my flowers. Seems like most folk already managed to sell up earlier in the week (myself included, turnip prophet had me at 70% decreasing yesterday morning), so closing up again now.
  9. @Azrael I'm able to open up now if you or anyone else is still looking to sell. PM for the dodo code.
  10. Not at the moment, but can open up again later for anyone that needs it.
  11. 623 in Newtonia today if there's any stragglers still looking to sell. I'm also looking for mums, cosmos and windflower seeds of any colour if anyone can spare a few. PM for a dodo code.
  12. Is anyone after the 'Boxing Ring Mat' flooring Sahara sells? I've got a duplicate if anyone wants it.
  13. Anyone looking for a set of golf clubs now that lockdown restrictions are being eased? I can order them from my catalogue - 54,000 bells
  14. Cheers for opening, I've got a second batch I'd like to sell if you do open back up again. I left a tip behind the house just north of the shop (I forgot to note down whose house!)
  15. @moosegrinder I may be weeks late with this, but do you need a pedal board for your guitar/bass room?
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