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  1. Which quest/character is this for? I've not had the quest, but the glade where mushrooms spawn is unlocked and they're spawning in the bit I have access to. I'll keep a bunch in storage just in case anyway. I'm having to do a fair amount of grinding to get enough wood/iron/rope for some of the quests now, but still pretty much addicted. I'm mostly playing on PC now as it does run better than on Series X. Have had both versions lock up on the map screen though, thankfully without losing too much progress.
  2. I don't think there is multiplayer, you'd each have your own save/village.
  3. Yeah but then you can go outside your house and hear WALL•E humming along to 'Put On Your Sunday Clothes' and everything is good again.
  4. You'll get more coins if you cook up a few meals with the ingredients rather than just selling stuff outright. You unlock extra recipes just by cooking them once, and if you select a recipe you'll get an option to auto-fill the ingredients. Unfortunately it doesn't allow you to cook multiples like the crafting does, but it's worth playing around with.
  5. I unlocked the premium stuff with the free moonbucks, mainly so I could get the various 'Up' items. I then went and gave away one of the Buzz Lightyear items from it in a quest, because I was sure I could re-order it from Scrooge's shop (it was visible in the catalog while I had it in my inventory, but gone after I gave it away). I've opened the first three realms and got a character from each to come back to the village, need to increase friendship levels and unlock the next biome before I can get anyone else though. Still need to let the kids see it as well, but worried I might not get a shot afterwards!
  6. I had a few crashes on the Switch version of this last night, with a generic 'an error occurred' and being put back to the switch menu. It probably worked in my favour though as I think I might've failed the hole otherwise. Best I've managed is 6 holes, which had me in 15th spot on the leaderboard.
  7. Does this have a hard mode with the original limitation of only being able to shoot right? I played the itch.io version years back and it was nails, but addictive. https://liamedwards.itch.io/cursed-to-golf
  8. Not really, the only way I can think of would be to use the Switch's screenshot function to at least have a note of the items required, but if it's the bit I'm thinking of you'd still need 6 or 7 screenshots to get the full list. It's a bit annoying it doesn't use the same system as the collectopedia cards. I'm only at start of chapter 4, but I get the impression that the real use of gold will be for either constant fabricator use to try and farm rarer items, or having to pay the extortionate Nopon prices for stuff to complete these sort of quests!
  9. The + button prompt for opening the map only appears if you have the quest/objective open in the bottom right, so you need to press Y first. I think the difference between it and the L2 + X combo is that the + button method centres the map on the objective, rather than the player (that's a guess from memory though). One thing I noticed is that you only need to craft each gem once. A single gem can be applied to multiple characters.
  10. To trigger the ouroboros from within a normal chain attack, you need the two normal characters to have issued an order in the chain. So when it pops up the 3 different orders to choose from, you would choose Noah first and then Mio second or third time around, then the Ouroboros option will show. It does come down to luck a bit in hoping that both characters will show up as options.
  11. That one took me a few tries with some leveling up in between, think I was 26/27 by time I won it. Definitely the trickiest one I've come across. I'm playing on normal and sticking to a single character, can't remember if I tinkered with the classes etc before finally beating him.
  12. Football Management (1982) (2000) (2022)
  13. Can't say I've noticed that, but I mainly play football and bowling where it may be less obvious. I have lost connection a couple of times during a game, never quite sure if it's an issue on my end or just the game in general. I get more annoyed by supposed 'A' rank players that refuse to defend and leave the goal wide open.
  14. This is still my go to game at the moment if I have limited time to play. Slightly surprised by how quickly this thread dropped down the forum. My only real complaint is that the online matchmaking can sometimes take a while. It could do with some way of reporting other players, even if just for their usernames (I've seen a few references to Hitler, along with other names/Miis I wouldn't want my kids seeing).
  15. Just witnessed an amazing piece of sportsmanship in an online game of football. Two players in my team dropped out at the same time, and we were 2-0 down before long. I was ready to just let them score the golden ball and move onto the next game, but my teammate managed to push them back at kickoff and because they only had 3 players staying back to defend we managed to keep them there for a while. It was only as they countered that I realised their 4th player wasn't poaching, they had decided to be our keeper! Managed to equalise with the golden ball, and the same person went straight to our goal again after kickoff to make the teams even. My team won it in extra-time with their help!
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