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  1. @Clipper Assuming all eshop purchases are made with Account A, all user profiles can play those games on whichever switch has been set as the 'home' console for Account A. On the other switch, you can install the games, but will only be able to play them with Account A and will generally need an internet connection to at least launch the game and verify the license. Can't answer the bit about playing a game on both at same time, though I'd lean towards it being unlikely to work. I think part of the check it does on the 2nd console is to see if it's being played on the 'home' one already.
  2. I finished the story last night, but still have some collectibles and the infamy levels to get for 100% The only bug I had was a couple of times after the Apex/Boss cutscenes, the camera went inside my shark so I couldn't see or do anything. I originally downloaded this thinking I'd play it for half an hour or so at the most, but I've really enjoyed it. I think the fact it's fairly easy helped. The number of pop-culture references they got in with the various landmarks was pretty impressive and raised a few chuckles as well. My favourite landmark:
  3. To open the big electronic gates you just need any decent sized fish or a human held in your mouth (by holding RT), make sure you're facing the 'button' at the top right of the gate, jump and then press LB to tail whip them into it. I'm not sure what size/level you need to be in order to reach them though, I think I was already an adult by the time I did them. For the combat, enemies will flash when they're vulnerable. It's usually a sign they're about to attack or have just missed, so if you manage to dodge the attack and spin round you can usually get a few hits in if they're bigger than you, or if you're same/higher level you'll grab them and be able to 'thrash' for more damage.
  4. Do you already have Xbox Live Gold, or are you coming into it 'fresh' as it were? I've got a code for two weeks of Game Pass Ultimate, but it's not valid for existing GP/Live users.
  5. I've got a 14-day trial code for Game Pass Ultimate if anyone wants it, says it's not valid for existing Game Pass or Live Gold members though, or previous Ultimate trial users.
  6. Have a look at the course listings on TGCtours for the better recreations of any real courses, as well as decent made up ones.
  7. I've been enjoying it on PC, and only bugs I've noticed from 4/5 hours with it were a few cases of it being rather fiddly with mouse clicks during combat, and once it loaded up the combat field without the action bar so I literally couldn't do anything. Having said that, I did just watch this video showing how broken it can be (pre-release so some of it might already be patched). For those who don't want to watch, there's essentially an infinite money exploit and some of the special moves are way overpowered.
  8. I bought Slither Loop last night and had a quick go. It's very basic, the only menu is a list of all 90 puzzles and when you load the first one up it briefly shows you how to play. I don't remember if the DS game had a tutorial, but this just shows you a completed puzzle along with the controls, then let's you get on with it.
  9. Bit of a long shot this, but I don't suppose anyone has an unclaimed Supraland from June's Choice selection that they don't want? I just realised I had paused my subscription that month. I've a fair amount of unclaimed stuff I could trade for it from other bundles over the years.
  10. Are you still after a copy of this?
  11. Pretty sure I have 10 NPC villagers as well as 3 human residents, so don't think we take up any of their slots.
  12. Yeah I'm not sure what that advice is about tbh, but I think when they talk to you about getting the stones back they're worried about what their leader will do to them or something. You definitely need to get all of the stones though to gain access to the shrine before you can do anything about the streamer itself.
  13. One winging it's way over to you now. Don't worry about anything in return.
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