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  1. Squigs

    Nintendo Switch

    If you have both switches to hand, it's possible to transfer a profile from one to another so long as it's linked to a Nintendo account on the 'source' console. It doesn't need to have an online sub associated. The profile on the 'new' switch shouldn't be linked to anything. I transferred my daughter's profile on my switch to her new one when she got it, so that she could continue her Yoshi save. https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/27394/~/how-to-transfer-user-and-save-data
  2. Squigs

    Snooker 19

    Yeah I'd tried that as well, but it just nags you to turn flight mode off instead.
  3. Squigs

    Snooker 19

    Don't suppose anyone else picked this up on Switch? I got it yesterday, but trying to play it on the bus this morning resulted in constant errors about no internet connection before I'd even selected a mode. Surely this isn't always online? I can't find anything online to suggest it needs a connection to play, or anyone else complaining about it.
  4. I think I might've got a bit stuck at a similar point, and it turned out I just hadn't spotted another bit of the mine branching off. Speak to the Golem/Babs etc and they should give you a reminder of where you're meant to be heading, if it's the bit I'm thinking of I think someone tells you to head in a particular direction from the copper dig site.
  5. The best tip I've seen for excavation, spoiled below as I think it's only possible once the story is complete:
  6. I completed the story the other day, I really enjoyed it but could maybe see it grating for others. I only noticed the Switch starting to struggle quite late on, and it was usually down to number of characters/monsters on screen at once, though I've read that some more complex creations can hit it pretty hard too. I'm now working my way through the Explorer's Shores to complete the checklists. A small hint for anyone else doing the same (item spoiler for Khrumbul-Dun):
  7. It probably comes down to personal preference really, there's obviously plenty of stuff that can be done on the Isle of Awakening after you've gained access to the second island but I figured I was better to keep going with the story to unlock more recipes.
  8. Your hammer will get upgraded at various points of the story, not sure there's any other way of triggering them. You do get explosives on the second island, but even they can't take out everything. Mining-related spoiler/hint:
  9. One thing to look out for on that Furrowfield task is that when it asks you to plant 250 crops, don't go harvesting them until it's complete. You need 250 planted at one time, I only noticed as my total started going down.
  10. Have you used the scarecrow to set which seeds you'd like them to plant, and do you definitely have the seeds available in a chest nearby? You're not trying to get them to plant certain seeds without the extra bits they need to grow or anything? I'm sure that if it was outside the base Wrigley wouldn't have converted it in the first place. They're not just busy dealing with other fields already, are they? I'm sure I had a few occasions where they just took a bit longer to get around to certain fields. How far in is everyone now? I'm a decent way through the third story island, though I've pretty much just been doing the missions without taking much time to make my rooms/bases look decent. I've not done much on the Isle of Awakening either other than the bits to progress the story.
  11. Have you bought the 'Special' lures from the bait shop in Lagras? You need to be using the relevant lure (Lake/River/Swamp) in order to catch them. I think I only ever got the notification the first time I was in the area and it was added to the map, don't recall it popping back up when I returned to catch them. Having said that, I keep meaning to check if mine is bugged, as I've caught 4 or 5 of them now and only ever had a reward in the mail from the first one I sent off.
  12. I was addicted to Championship Manager/Football Manager when I was younger. Spent 100s of hours on them all from CM97/98 up to about FM2010 before I started losing interest in all the new features. I think CM01/02 would have been the most played, had several save games that ran for 10-20 seasons. Plenty of 'just one more game' moments playing it til 4 in the morning on a school night! Quite a few friends played it too, so tactics, signings and achievements would be discussed during lessons the next day. Although I don't play it these days, I really wish I'd kept backups of some of the saved games. It'd be great to load them back up again.
  13. I got a Master System for Christmas when I was around 6 or 7 (so 1990/91). I don't remember if I'd expressed any sort of interest in games before that point, as I'm not sure I'd have played any. I distinctly remember opening up one of my presents and it being a game, and being slightly baffled as I didn't have the console to play it on. Turns out they'd hidden the console itself behind the couch. My playing time was definitely restricted to a certain degree, it was hooked up to the living room TV so I always had to ask permission before turning it on and would be told to turn it off when somebody wanted to watch something. I don't think they were too worried about me spending too much time on it at that point though, as I'd be far more likely to be kicking a ball about outside. They were also fairly lenient on what games I was allowed, though I think it may have been ignorance on their part that I got away with Mortal Kombat 2 when I was only 10. I don't recall my dad ever being interested in playing anything, but my mum was pretty good at Alex Kidd in Miracle World and loved playing Teddy Boy as well. She played a fair amount of Dragon's Fury on the Mega Drive a few years later, but that's the last game I remember her having any interest in. It probably wasn't until I was 13 that I really got 'addicted'. That was all down to the fact my Gran had bought a PC, and I'd spend most weekends there playing Championship Manager. In fairness, I'd also have been playing two games of football and meeting up with mates over the course of those weekends, but that's definitely when I'd have started to play stuff for hours on end, staying up half the night to finish a season. The release of CM3 a couple of years later is basically what put me onto my eventual career in IT, as I needed to upgrade the PC in order to run it properly. I've now got a four-year-old daughter, and although she's had a few goes of running around in Mario Odyssey or playing Mario Kart 8 with all the assists turned on, she usually gets bored and hands the controller back after a few minutes. She'll play the odd game on her tablet, but she's usually more interested in watching stuff on Youtube and dancing along to Baby Shark so it's that we try to limit, rather than gaming time.
  14. Those guys are just looking for the total number of Pokémon you've caught, rather than how many different species.
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