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  1. News seems to have dried up regarding the 2 new Aleste games? I know Senjin Aleste (sp?) was supposed to be arcade-only but I don’t want to believe it’ll never get a console port. And last I heard of Aleste Branch, I thought it was targeting Q1 this year!
  2. https://youtu.be/b9K08TNSV9k Pretty hype news for me, DOA is unironically one of my favourite fighting game series (Sorry, can’t seem to work out how to insert the YT vid directly. It’s Rooflemonger on some recently revealed news for Team Ninja’s intent to reboot some franchises)
  3. Well, there it is! Hopefully folks will get bumped up to where they belong now
  4. Oh I really like the presentation on that one! I think the only shmup I’ve played where you can move like that is Fantasy Zone, and I liked that quite a bit. One to watch for sure
  5. I feel like for that price I’d only be inclined if the skins had some special voice lines/effects attached. As it is, I guess the only skins I’ll be picking up are whatever the bp provides, which feels mandatory if you want to get at the new heroes Ugh
  6. Ehhhh… honestly the only great skin she has imo is Honeydew. The firefighter one’s cute too I guess
  7. YES YES YESSSSSSSS! Cannot overstate how freaking sick Graze Counter is, one of my absolute favourites on Steam Can. Not. Wait!
  8. Yikes. Have Blizzard acknowledged this on their side? How come D.Va gets a sick-ass skin but my girl Mei gets done dirty with… with this monstrosity?!* *Rhetorical question, sigh. My Queen is always going to be underappreciated
  9. Ah, still quite a wait for PS4, then. I might have to cave and get the Switch version
  10. Shmup Junkie is always a good time, dude seems always so chill and enthusiastic
  11. New Tank hype? New Tank hype. Maura (sp?) feels too obvious, I dunno. One of the MEKA Squad would be neat
  12. This is the one that has me really excited! Excellent little puzzler
  13. A couple of dishcloth type things A postcard Soundtrack CD Would have liked some kind of artbook but still a nice haul
  14. Couple of physical orders came in to work today, love the cover art for the Bullet Soul pack
  15. Boo! I was really digging her again as well. Junkrat it is!
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