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  1. There’s some free stuff if you sign up to the official Italian discord, too; it’s… a bit feckin’ complicated, to be honest. Two emojis and a wrap, but you have to keep track of your progress through a series of five quests manually. Eh. If you can be arsed, this video explains how to do it.
  2. I just finished this, it was indeed excellent.
  3. Free stuff! https://fortnite.playstation.com/dashboard You need a PSN account to participate, but you can just create one on the Sony website, then link it in your Epic account settings, and it’ll work on any platform once that’s done (so it seems) - no PlayStation required.
  4. Yep really want Robocop but I’ve only got 5 vbucks at the moment!! I’m also well off the pace in terms of reaching level 200. With only 17 days to go I’m only in the 120’s. Easiest way to ensure I get there without too much stressful grind would be to buy the Omega Knight level-up pack, but I resent having to earmark vbucks I don’t currently have for a skin I don’t particularly want. I’d rather spend them on Robocop. I keep forgetting to log in to Save the World to progress the daily rewards, as well; it was smart of Epic to move it off the login screen, bet they’ve significantly reduced the vbucks they were doling out from that.
  5. I enjoyed that! Thought it ended very abruptly, though.
  6. Just found it via Reddit that Fortnite is playable over xcloud! This is useful for a couple of reasons: 1. it’s another way to play Fortnite on iOS devices! GeForce Now was working ok when I needed it, but you had to get into the beta for that. Maybe xcloud will work better, or have a better control scheme? Good to have options, anyway. 2. if you have the Master Chief or Gears of War skins, but don’t have a next-gen Xbox, just launching Fortnite via xcloud unlocks the exclusive black styles for them!
  7. I still prefer building overall, but don’t mind the zero build modes - will often drop into a few no-build matches of the regular mode is proving too sweaty. Totally agree, the clambering is a great addition. With a few ramps and some climbing I can compete with someone who’s building a skyscraper, in fact usually you end up on top of them!
  8. It used to be that the level 200 unlocks were true stretch goals, and they were limited to an extra style or two for the tier 100 skin; however now they really just feel like an extension of the regular battle pass.
  9. Started after yesterday’s update, I reckon it’ll probably be around for a week - would be a bit weird to pull it after one day. I’m out on the sauce tomorrow night, but if you see me on late drop me an invite!
  10. Anyone having a go with the Star Wars stuff at the mo? Lightsabers and E-11 blaster rifles are back. May the 4th be with you and all that.
  11. Thought that episode was bloody great. Just wow. Isaac is amazing.
  12. Hot damn, new street fighter skins coming! Check Blanka out! https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/street-fighters-blanka-and-sakura-touch-down-in-fortnite-compete-in-the-blanka-and-sakura-cup
  13. Don’t get me started on those frigging challenges I’d done one of them - the 10k damage to opponents one, by abusing IO guards and Slone. Got to 9 out of 10 points on the survive storm circles one. Forever pissed at them now. They need to keep challenges achievable for people with less play time. Bastards.
  14. I don’t need it I can’t afford it Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  15. Love it, the best kind of wins are those where the odds are against you but you pull it off! The lack of pressure that comes with the “ah to hell with it” attitude helps loads! Got my first solo win of the season the other night while I was just doing challenges, minced a fair few bots then faced down some actual humans at the end. Won a good fight, then someone decided to rush me which ended badly for him - I had no idea he was the last guy, was amazed when the VR popped up! Kind of similarly won a solo duos match last night, whilst using a not-quite-bot account to get easier lobbies whilst cheesing the second day of the (incredibly frustrating) lantern trials. Last two opponents were 1. a bot and 2. a bush camper so it didn’t really feel earned, but still nice.
  16. I was entertained throughout, and thoroughly bamboozled at the end! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
  17. I’m not really feeling this; there have been plenty of action sequences. The blank periods are working on me as key to the plot, with plenty of action. I didn’t get the complaints about the use of invisible monsters either, since we saw plenty of them from Steven’s perspective. You don’t need to see everything as long as what you don’t see doesn’t detract from the experience, and I don’t see that as being an issue here personally.
  18. Yeah my kids have started watching this, the robots are brutal!
  19. I did a sad when I read the MK7 AR was gone
  20. Haven’t had much chance to do more than check out the trailer yet, what’s it like with no building? Some of the player base have been clamouring for a no build mode for ages, I always worry it’ll split the numbers making matchmaking a nightmare. Suppose forcing it on everyone to begin with gives them an idea of how people are likely to take to it at least.
  21. Not exactly a retro find - just yet, anyway… but in the office the other day, someone asked me if I knew anything about a couple of devices that had been kicking around the office for ages. Seems they are industrial PCs, used for interfacing with and programming PLCs, dating from the early 90’s. They are industrial units, predating laptops, and are best described as “luggable” rather than portable! They’re about the size of a suitcase, and so far as I can tell they house 486 EISA PCs. If it turns out they’re entirely surplus to requirements, I’m sorely tempted to ask if I can have them to muck about with. Either to see if I can run old games on, or if they’re too non-standard for that, maybe gut the case and repurpose it with desktop innards. My wife would do her nut if I brought them home though, they really are enormous!
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