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  1. I loved playing through this when it came out, one of the best adaptations I’ve played
  2. Well the hue stuff is well out of our price bracket, so I’ve plumped for a wee box that connects to the PC by USB, and comes with 5m of LEDs for £40 off eBay. Controlled by free software. Will feed back on how it performs after Christmas!
  3. Starts with season 5 it says, I presume it will be available from the off?
  4. My son would absolutely love something like this for his PC, but he has a 144hz monitor so I guess the Phillips box would not work? But the app would? So if it’s just for use with a PC, you need the lights and a bridge? The Hue kit is out of our price range for the time being, if the DIY kit can produce comparable results though then that might be an option...
  5. If I can pay for that with Xbox credit, it’s a no brainer for me!
  6. Yeah some good fun games there! That Iron Man was a right prick. Trolling us with shockwave nades and clingers, nicking Wolverine’s claws and then bailing at the first hint of trouble EDIT: just nipped over to r/FortniteLeaks, and though I usually try to avoid next season spoilers, I just saw one that’s got me VERY hyped.
  7. Go into Creative mode; select Create NOT Play. Then just sit in the lobby island area (you don’t need to go through any portals to enter levels). For an hour and 15 minutes, you’ll get 6,300 xp every quarter of an hour; after that, you get no more unless you leave Creative and restart. I just log in on one of my kids’ Switches and leave it on the desk while I’m working. When the timer reaches 2:39, leave. Rinse and repeat. Make sure your device doesn’t go to sleep! The encryption for the files for the Galactus event got broken, so there are quite a few lea
  8. Yeah 220 is the last holo foil skin (wolverine). I’ll probably never use it (If you want to try for it, the creative afk method gets you a couple of levels a day; be a tough ask to get that far in the time remaining, though.) EDIT: I just Hope we’ll be able to get into the event! Been ages since we’ve actually got into a game for one, usually have to watch a stream
  9. It certainly was! And that time when the squad fill guy got all our cards and we just made it out of the storm!
  10. Some epic moments in those games @Shimmyhill, cheers!
  11. Reached level 220 last night. I rest.
  12. 70% through the season. Fortnitemares ending soon (by tomorrow possibly); regular Squads is available though!
  13. I’ll be on late, if our paths cross more than happy to help! Can set you up a bot lobby if you want it done with minimal interference.
  14. i never considered smashing it!!
  15. I absolutely love that this is a thing EDIT: and this, of course!
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