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  1. You don't need four people anymore, you can use vehicles (ballers, quadcrashers) to activate the other pads. Anyone struggling with those two fortbytes challenges though, if you see me online just send me an invite, happy to help get them done.
  2. I found the trick with the fortbytes was to stay on top of them, if you did the daily one it wasn't too hard. Plenty of folks didn't like them though, feels like more busywork.
  3. The Beach Assault limited time mode they've added to this is well manic. Had a game last night and I found I had not a clue what the attacker's objectives were, looked like nobody on my team did either as we were making no progress. Eventually I realised that there were some explosive barrels you had to blow up, which then let the attackers access the area where the big... thing... is that you have to destroy. I got it down to half health but by that point the defenders had noted that we had got our act together and there wasn't enough time to destroy it. On our defense go either the attacking team were just way better than us, had learned from our attempt, or just knew what they were doing and we were thoroughly rinsed. I feel it's potentially a fun mode, but relies heavily on knowing what you're doing, and doesn't do a great job of explaining that. Live event - giant robot versus monster - Saturday 7pm, could be a good one but I'll miss it unfortunately One point of note is that very shortly they are making some changes to Save the World which will affect Xbox players who game share. Basically at the moment if you buy StW, anyone playing on your Xbox can also play it and get the free vbucks from challenges. They are going to change this so that in future, only the account that purchased StW will get vbucks from the game. Eventually (timescale unknown) it will go free to play, so you won't be able to buy it and get vbucks anymore; so if you're currently gamesharing StW, and want to continue getting vbucks from it, you might want to think about whether it's worth your while buying it while it's currently on sale (£17.50 with Gold for the cheapest option). I bought it ages ago and my lad uses it to get the daily login vbucks and nowt else, so it's probably not worth his while to pay £17.50 for them, but I'll ask him. Also there's no guarantee what will happen when it does eventually go free to play; they might start to phase out vbuck rewards for paid players over time, or even suddenly.
  4. Fucking hell, I just cancelled my subscription - I'll have to get the last issue though, or it'll bug me forever!
  5. My eldest son plays non inverted and it makes me feel a little bit sick in my soul.
  6. Did we get it?! It said we finished 1st but not victory? If not that was sooo close!!
  7. @The Eagle Lord did you get done at all? I'm on for a bit, just pottering doing challenges, if you send me an invite I'll drop what I'm doing to help out.
  8. Happy to, it can be a bit random when I get on - usually after 11... Got nearly 270k last night with a relatively competent fill squad, managed a PB of nearly 70k despite getting eliminated in the final round when I got swamped. Getting the boss' health right down then switching attention to building up your multiplier helps a lot - then finish him off when the circle gets small.
  9. If I'm on it's a date - usually not on til later myself but I'll keep an eye out!
  10. They went through that in one of the scenes with Gorbachev. Basically it would've made many countries uninhabitable for the rest of time.
  11. Just the 200,000 points left to do for me now after just squeaking a 152k win late last night. I had the highest score on the team so I must be doing something right at least
  12. Yes, I can't remember if you have to specifically enable cross platform or if it just works now?
  13. I'm in the same boat, have all the other challenges done but have to do the 150,000 points (and whatever comes after that). Happy to team up if I'm on when you are! Maintaining streaks does seem to be crucial. I had a game last night where I collected every multiplier crystal, and during one of the defend sequences I placed a turret and absolutely nailed tons of the obelisks. Thought we'd be nailed on for an amazing score when we won that one but it was only average - about 115,000. So streaks seem all important.
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