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  1. Great games last night @Shimmyhill and @carlospie, we had it all! Win first game, FIRE, headset malfunction, epic storm rescues, MORE FIRE, dropping cars on peoples heads - everything that makes the game fun
  2. Not to worry, you’ll still get the sense of fruitless achievement after each match when you’re awarded yet more Rainbow Ink that you can’t use for anything.
  3. Yeah just watched this and it is great, silly fun. Agree there’s too many spinny camera shots though, they made my head spin!
  4. I watched this last night and really enjoyed it, as has been said the story elements might not have been great but as an action film it’s just good entertainment! Thought Saju was particularly good.
  5. Final day of the Nindo challenges - get 12 top 6 finishes in squads. Not too bad, just go in no fill and camp. If you’ve already won the glider, 2 top 6 finishes will be enough to get all the pointless emoticons you may have missed. Christ knows why I bother grinding for cosmetics I’ll never use, but there you go. Once I got the glider I looked at it and thought “Yeah, not gonna use that.” There’s just something about it that gives me the creeps - I think it’s the width of the shoulders, they look human which just fired some Nope receptors in the primal part of my brain. Kinda like Carnage, looks too much like a flayed man for me to ever feel comfortable using it.
  6. You can check progress on the site where you register; the stats can be a bit behind, though.
  7. Today’s Naruto challenge is to catch 60 fish. Dull, but doable. Don’t forget you have to register before attempting, though! Did yesterday’s challenge so I don’t need to bother with any more now.
  8. You can get the new Naruto glider for free if you do some challenges. You have to register for them first, here: https://thenindo.fortnite.com/en/ There are going to be five days of challenges. the first day has already been and gone. You only have to do one days challenges to get the glider. The challenges are pretty hard for those of us with limited play time; yesterday’s was to get 35 eliminations. Not too hard if you can play for as long as you like, but by the time I got on there was no way I was going to have a chance. Today’s challenge is to get 100 points… You get one point for every 100 damage you do to an opponent. That means 100,000 damage total - or 100 eliminations (with no shield), 50 eliminations (full shield) so likely anywhere between the two in total. Which again, is gonna be a massive pain in the arse if you can’t play till late. However, it turns out that IO guards count as opponents. If you land at the redacted bunker near catty, you can take out the two IO guards there (I don’t think that bitch Slone counts) then rinse and repeat. Each IO guard has a ton of shield and health, so you’ll progress through the challenge quite quickly this way.
  9. Have had a few solo wins lately which is keeping it interesting for me, but yeah now I’ve achieved level 200 (and got the 25 bloomin’ fish) I don’t have anything left to do.
  10. Aw man! Gutted I missed 6,000 free points
  11. Creative AFK is your friend here, when I’m looking to finish off a battle pass and working from home I leave the Switch running for two sessions a day - at least two levels a day for doing nothing.
  12. Is anyone playing the Horde Rush mode? I’d left it alone while Fortnitemares was on, concentrating on getting those quests done, and have got stuck into it now. It’s good fun, frenetic as hell and ammo management is critical. Have managed three victories now! Feels good when the big guy goes down, though I’m usually out of the picture by that point (having done my bit hurting the boss enough, but forgetting to heal, or to get out of the way of the swarm lol)
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