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  1. I’m pretty sure there was one of these at the Hollywood Bowl in Teesside, of all places. I recall sitting in the car, at any rate. Wonder what happened to that one…
  2. Well I thought that was great.
  3. The scene with Syril and the ISB officer was great, it was like a dystopian sci-fi version of a Richard Curtis film!
  4. I guess hard to follow isn’t the right word really, I followed the story no problem. Just the logistics of the jumping mechanic twisted my melon a bit
  5. I get what you mean, I also found it a bit hard to follow - it didn’t stop me thoroughly enjoying it, I must say, but:
  6. I really want to know what the parts the prisoners were making were! The attention to detail that’s been shown up to now makes me feel sure they must be off an AT-AT or something.
  7. Is there a release date for this yet?
  8. Um, how much are the spectrums? I get very confused when the first post in trading threads changes all the time
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