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  1. I was loving Chuck until his mum (mom?) turned up and it got really daft. Does it get better?
  2. I’m a little surprised at the reaction to the film in this thread. My circle of friends consider it a good film, nothing spectacular but solid enough. Two (or is it three?) great central performances and some great production design. About 1 million times better than Prometheus.
  3. Although I thought this was extremely poor in places and terribly paced as a whole I think it just about works. I think a rewatch will be in order in a few months time as I found it incredibly difficult to follow at times. Far from the tv masterpiece I was hoping for, but I think it will improve with rewatches.
  4. Exact opposite for me. I thought the show was excellent with the exception of Ramsey. She’s terrible. Why on earth didn’t they go with the actor who played Joel’s daughter for Ellie. She was exceptionally good.
  5. 12 days of Christmas meant 12 best picture winners for me, most of which I hadn’t seen before. Annie Hall An extremely funny film with two cracking central performances. I’ve not seen many Allen films before, but I found this to be a very well made film. 4/5. Braveheart Apparently this is a bit dodgy from a historical perspective. I found it to be a good film if rather overlong. Gibson was on fine form apart from his stupid hair. Supporting cast was excellent and the sense of time and place was well realised. 4/5 The Departed Well this was just brilliant. I’m not normally a huge fan of Di Caprio, but his performance here was impeccable. Everyone puts in good work. There was one plot point that seemed very daft, apart from that this was perfect. 5/5 Parasite. A masterpiece. Pure cinema from a director who knows exactly how to frame a shot which is a rarity nowadays. I loved every second of this. Utterly bonkers, utterly brilliant. 5/5 Birdman Well, the quality had to stop somewhere. Just found this to be pretentious bollocks where nothing really happens and a great cast is wasted. I didn’t like The Revanant much either but at least it had a tangible plot. 1/5 The Artist Not seen this since the cinema and had largely forgotten it. It was just amazing, made with real passion and brilliantly realised. If anyone here hasn’t seen it then I would recommend it wholeheartedly. 5/5 Chicago Another poor film. Tried to watch it once before and turned it off half way in. Luckily the music is amazing. Not a fan of Renee whats her face and an inspired performance from Zeta Jones isn’t enough to save the film. 5/5 for the songs 1.5/5 for the film The Kings Speech As a staunch anti royalist I had put this off for years. Well, silly me as it is a great film with 3 utterly stunning performances from Rush, Firth and Bonham-Carter. Handsomely shot this made me feel sympathetic for The King which is no mean feat. 4.5/5. Ghandhi Far too long, this film tries to fit too much of the great man’s life into its running time. Kingsley is beyond perfect and always keeps you captivated even when you feel like nodding off. Some stunning cinematography. Luckily the subject matter is so interesting that I could somewhat forgive the plodding simplicity of the pacing. 4/5 Lawrence of Arable Ive often fallen asleep while watching this over the years. I know the first two hours intimately but the second half I’m much less familiar with. One of the best true stories ever committed to film, I consider this to be close to perfect (again, it’s just too damn long). 5/5 The Sting Seen bits of this over the years. It doesn’t quite stick the ending which felt slightly anti climatic to me. Still, there was an awful lot to enjoy in this sweet hearted movie. The 2 leads are, of course, impeccable. Shaw doesn’t disappoint either. Also, what a fantastic score, just a lovely film to listen to. 4/5 Spotlight An extremely well told tale. You can’t really go wrong with a cast like this and when you add in a sharp script and a well observed view of this horrible true story then you get a fantastic film. 4.5/5 i think that’s 12.
  6. Bates Motel Not exactly highbrow tv, this incredibly trashy and incredibly entertaining show is pure fun from start to finish. Special mention to Vera Farmiga’s performance which might be the most extraordinary I’ve ever seen anywhere. She veers from utterly terrible to BAFTA worthy, often within a few scenes. Highmore is excellent in a difficult role. 4/5
  7. Christ, I’m probably going to avoid this then. Not a huge fan of the film anyway, but I’m a big Davis fan. I find her to be terrible.
  8. It’s not that one from Falcon and Winter Soldier is it?
  9. Sounds as confused as the Boba Fett show was ( which I just finished yesterday )
  10. Episode 1 done. The young cast are far too attractive, but apart from that it’s very good. Am I supposed to have a clue as to what’s going on? Who is fighting with who?
  11. Christ, what a mess the dc comics movies are. They lurch from one disaster to another. I am not sure what is even happening now. Are they rebooting everything with all new casts? Is The Flash being released? What about the Shazam and Aquaman sequels? Gunn doesn’t seem to have made astute decisions so far.
  12. It’s been very interesting reading some of your controversial options! I have a few of my own. Matrix Revolutions is pretty decent. The second Jack Reacher film is really good. Batman Forever is good to. Michael Bay is the third best director of action currently working. ( first two are the Russo‘s and McQuarrie ). Shame he is shit at every other aspect of movie making. The Lone Ranger with Depo is great fun. I have never heard of Office Space.
  13. Cheers! I wonder if 9 is any good?
  14. Where is it £8.69? I can't find it
  15. I've started this game a few times and play a few hours and then stop. My main issue is that the playable character is such a complete tosser that I can't take it anymore. He is such an idiotic, self-centered, narcissistic moron who thinks that his way of existing is infinitely more important than anyone else's. He is exactly the sort of person I actively try to avoid in RL.
  16. Treadstone Poor follow up to the Bourne movies. A plot that is overly confusing and it doesn't really go anywhere. No idea why there were two timelines running. 2/5
  17. Is this any better than Rings of Power or House of the Dragon as, boy, did they run out of steam very quickly.
  18. Absolutely loving this so far. Just a great game full stop. I like linear games so I don’t mind that aspect at all. Glad I took the plunge.
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