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  1. Apparently the first game with sound, though I'm not sure if that's actually meant to be sound for the game or if it's just sound coming from the engine used to run the game:
  2. Do people still care about Theme Park? I imagine it could draw some interest because of RollerCoaster Tycoon, though Theme Park is probably more business-oriented.
  3. lol, it can seem like a big tease every time they reference it. I suppose these days games like Fast RMX on Switch fill that void.
  4. Going on from series like Earthworm Jim and Gex, in general, I’ve noticed several game franchises that haven’t had a new game in years actually. F-Zero might be in demand the most, but Nintendo still doesn’t bother, so I wonder how many still care about these at large beyond niche interest: Thunder Force: Thunder Force (1983) - Thunder Force VI (2008) Excite: Excitebike (1984) - Excitebike: World Rally (2009) Punch-Out!!: Punch-Out!! (1984) - Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! (2009) Adventures of Lolo: Eggerland Mystery (1985) - Revival! Eggerland (2000) Gradius: Gradius (1985) - Gradius ARC (2010) Rolling Thunder: Rolling Thunder (1986) - Rolling Thunder 3 (1993) Rygar: Rygar (1986) - Rygar: The Battle of Argus (2008) Adventure Island: Adventure Island (1986) - Adventure Island: The Beginning (2009) OutRun: OutRun (1986) - OutRun Online Arcade (2009) After Burner: After Burner (1987) - After Burner: Black Falcon (2007) Shinobi: Shinobi (1987) - Shinobi (2011) Splatterhouse: Splatterhouse (1988) - Splatterhouse (2010) Bonk: Bonk's Adventure (1989) - Bonk's Return (2006) Final Fight: Final Fight (1989) - Final Fight: Streetwise (2006) Golden Axe: Golden Axe (1989) - Golden Axe: Beast Rider (2008) F-Zero: F-Zero (1990) - F-Zero Climax (2004) Pilotwings: Pilotwings (1990) - Pilotwings Resort (2011) Oasis: Defenders of Oasis (1992) - The Legend of Oasis (1996) Wave Race: Wave Race (1992) - Wave Race: Blue Storm (2001) Lunar: Lunar: The Silver Star (1992) - Lunar: Dragon Song (2005) Top Gear: Top Gear (1992) - Top Gear: Downforce (2008) Lufia: Lufia & the Fortress of Doom (1993) - Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals (2010)
  5. I think it's starting to gain a little more fanfare in recent years. I presume 2004's Taiko Drum Master didn't sell as well in the US as hoped, which is why there wasn't more willingness to localize more games until Drum 'n' Fun on Switch. I presume that did well enough to justify more localization, because the US and Europe have been seeing more Taiko games ever since.
  6. Am uncertain if Pipe Dream still has wide popularity, with how its gameplay seems to pop up in modern games like in BioShock.
  7. Yeah, quite a number of arcade game series whose popularity seems to have faded over time actually.
  8. Yeah, with Lemmings even being on 3DO and CD-i, as if being a standard game to have when wanting to go into the gaming industry. People tried things like Adventures of Lomax and Lemmings Touch, but it seems it was really after Lemmings 3D that Lemmings entered this uncertainty of what exactly to do with it. I think that if a really passionate and imaginative team got to make a Lemmings game today with enough backing, something special could be created, but alas Lemmings mostly remains dormant.
  9. Paperboy. Not having gameplay that necessarily will keep people coming back and the paperboy occupation itself not being particularly exciting to begin with, along with newspapers being used less today, it may very well qualify as an epitome of being a relic of the times.
  10. The goal in Klax is to catch falling blocks and arrange the ones of certain colors in a row. Rather nice.
  11. Klax. Had over 20 ports back in the day, but no one seems to talk about it anymore even among puzzle enthusiasts.
  12. A standout favorite for me would def have to be Robotrek. It's like a proto-Pokemon, but with robots.
  13. Would this be an underappreciated platformer for the system? It seems that Mario and Sonic are the only GameCube platformers people really talk about, but this one def keeps up Rayman's track record for good games.
  14. Surprising how this game never really gets brought up when discussing how "Lego games are all the same". It's a pretty fun and quirky action-adventure driving game that I think anyone could get into.
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