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  1. Framed #209 https://framed.wtf nope
  2. I’ve not thought of this song for decades. I’m right back in the past sitting with my mates watching manga and loving it.
  3. Remember me when you get bored and decide to sell. I had a modded DC for a bit and just couldn’t love it. That controller..Christ.
  4. If you sold it on here or ntscuk...I think you sold it to me. If so it had more bubble wrap than one would think possible and all the games survived a trip all the way up to the north of Scotland. It kicked off a love affair with Dreamcast which would lead me to collecting a full set and because everyone was getting rid at the time it cost pretty much nothing once all duplicates etc were sold on. If it helps your games contributed to the retrocollect database and I expect a few are in Mike’s collection https://www.thedreamcastjunkyard.co.uk/2018/07/the-dreamcast-junkyard-presents-a-to-z.html as I sold bits to him when I sold up. I do regret selling my collection now but thinking back I enjoyed the hunt more than actually playing the games and would have sold on by now anyway.
  5. She uses other slabs aswell.
  6. Framed #208 https://framed.wtf not seen.
  7. Oh yes I still have access to all the games I bought digitally which I fancied revisiting so loads of stuff, just wondering what I’ve missed while I was focused elsewhere.
  8. You lucky lucky person. I’ve missed this.
  9. I recently bought a switch for..umm…the fourth maybe fifth time.
  10. Picked up a switch lite again. Think the game I bought last was Yoshi..anything good come out since?
  11. Yes, give it more of a chance then you’ll be disappointed with it for what I believe are the right reasons. Oddly even thought I didn’t rate it im fascinated with other peoples experiences.
  12. once you unlock some of the better upgrades you’ll be moving through the levels like a ninja. You can go from the start of a level to a visionary kill,set up another, and out in less than a minute should you want to.
  13. That’s your choice though, you have three lives, when you are down to one, call it a day, retreat and move on to the next part of the day and the three lives are refreshed for the next district. If you are picking up info etc then you are progressing the game and increasing your knowledge if not your abilities.
  14. its best to play this as a bite sized chunks…get into a level, complete the assigned tasks and out. There’s plenty of opportunity to collect stuff. I can’t imagine spending hours in a single level, you’ll be revisiting over and over anyway. Though I hardly think the games at fault for you jumping of a balcony without looking….
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