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  1. I'm the same, I ended up changing to custom controller config and not having anything mapped to right stick click as I got so fed up with myself for doing it!
  2. I’m in but whenever I try and add it to my basket it just does nothing, says my cart is empty edit: says out of stock now
  3. I've just got to the... and they've told me I still have 9 shrines left to find, which seems like a lot! I thought I'd found most of them. After unlocking the last power I went through all the areas and tried to do everything else I could, and now going back again I'm struggling to find the remaining shrines. I read somewhere that the lights on the doors in the hub world indicate that there is still secret stuff to find in that area, is that a good indication of where I'm missing shrines? Or are there a bunch still ahead of me?
  4. That one is on the manager. Not a single substitution in a tough game like that. You could see Poland were going for it towards the end, big gaps were appearing in the midfield, and the England players were looking exhausted. Bring on Henderson or someone! It kills their momentum, gives us some fresh legs, and it kills some time! He needs to wise up a bit, and trust his bench a bit more. The players did nothing wrong really, the only thing I would say is, near the end Lewandowski fouled Kane and Kane pretty much just got back up. If it had been the other way round Lewandowski would have been rolling around and would have taken an age to get back up. We've got better at that sort of thing but we've still got a way to go, just need to be a bit smarter at seeing the game out.
  5. See for me, I'd be pretty pissed off if they delayed it for another three months just because campaign co-op isn't finished. I totally get why people like playing the campaign in co-op, and I've played it many times like that and enjoyed it. However for me, the campaign, especially on the first play through needs to be played alone. That moment in the first game when you crash on the ring and you look around and everyone else is dead, and you suddenly feel totally isolated and alone in a strange world, and it's just you against the covenant, that for me just wouldn't be the same in co-op. You don't get those terrifying moments when you're up against a hunter alone, or those moments of relief and joy when you stumble across a bunch of marines, and you then do your best to keep them alive for as long as you can. If my kids were playing Halo for the first time I think I'd rather sit with them and watch them play through it, and experience all that, rather than play through in co-op and have the whole experience diluted. Plus, we still know very little about the campaign. There might be challenges ragarding the level design that makes having two master chiefs around need a bit of extra thought and work. And yeah, they probably should have sorted that shit out by now given how long they've had, but maybe testing co-op play was something that COVID had a bigger effect on than we realise. Maybe they didn't have the network code ready for remote co-op so could only test it in house? As it is, I'll be playing plenty on MP and a few hours of campaign a week, which will probably take me the best part of three months, by which time co-op will be ready hopefully.
  6. Nice! Some very satisfying headshots with the carbine in there. I'm not sure as I couldn't get in a game to test it last night! Jumping on shortly so I'll try switching and see if I notice any difference. Performance mode is the default.
  7. I noticed there is a setting for graphical quality that has two options: Performance and Quality, so that might do what you’re after regarding frame rate and resolution?
  8. I've finally downloaded it but I can't get in any games, just never matches me up with any players. Anyone else getting that?
  9. That's the thing though, it's not a 'beta' and they've been quite careful not to call it that. It's a tech test, and almost certainly won't be as stable a build as a proper beta demo.
  10. I think we should be getting the beta next month. Make sure you're signed up to Halo Insider program so you get an invite: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/halo-insider
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