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  1. Rockboy

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    Thanks @Shimmyhill yep definitely hoping to keep it pink! Will skip the foil then. I ended up getting two medium sized legs of lamb. I have the Weber premium with the trays either side, so figured I can cook the legs in the middle and then give them a quick blast at the end over the coals if they need a bit of colour. I do have a meat thermometer, what temp do you think for pink?
  2. Rockboy

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    Anyone done leg of lamb on a Weber? I need to do lamb for 9 people on Sunday. I'm thinking I won't be able to get a shoulder joint big enough for 9, but two legs should be fine. Sounds like a quick sear and then indirect for 1h 30 to 1h 45 is the recommended method, just wondered if anyone has tried it. I'm wondering whether to sear then wrap in foil to stop it drying out too much?
  3. Rockboy

    The Man Utd Thread

    Cantona at 2:25 was just outrageous.
  4. Rockboy

    The Beer Thread

    I was on holiday a few weeks ago in the Mumbles, Gower and stumbled across a great little pub called the Mumbles Alehouse: https://www.facebook.com/mumblesalehouse They had a nice hoppy IPA on called Independence from the Bristol Beer Factory: https://www.bristolbeerfactory.co.uk/independence/ The pub is well worth a visit if you're in the area, and the beer is definitely worth sampling if you see it around.
  5. Rockboy

    Smashing Pumpkins

    I of the Mourning should be on there and also Age of innocence. I saw them on the Machina tour and I of the Mourning was utterly brilliant live.
  6. Rockboy

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Love that Argentina shirt.
  7. Rockboy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    United fan here, I genuinely felt sorry for Liverpool tonight. I think you needed to score in that first 30 mins when you were dominating. Regarding Ramos, I think he went in hard on Salah to try and rough him up a bit, not genuinely thinking he would put him out of the game. I doubt he was unhappy at the eventual outcome though, the guy is a prize knob. And Karius, I think the second mistake only happened because of the first one. Had he not had the first slip up he probably would have just punched it away, but that first error was playing on his mind, and he fluffed it.
  8. Rockboy

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Almost 40 yards!
  9. Rockboy

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    I did turkey on the BBQ this year, with a dry brine beforehand. Went really well, better than my previous standard oven attempts. Tried to maintain temps around 350- 375F, took about 3hrs 20mins for a 6kg bird.
  10. Rockboy

    The Man Utd Thread

    @Nicky All 4 here https://twitter.com/UtdClips
  11. Rockboy

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm surprised how many of you have physical versions of the big first party games like Mario and Zelda. I would have thought it would be the other way round, as they're the ones you'll be playing most, and won't want to be swapping cartridges all the time. Is there a reason to go physical that I'm missing?
  12. Rockboy

    Nintendo Switch

    I see Argos have some of the Switch bags/cases on sale, anyone used any of these and would recommend? Or is there a forum favourite official/Hori one? http://www.argos.co.uk/search/shop-all-technology-black-friday-deals-at-argos/category:50000327/
  13. Rockboy

    The Beer Thread

    See the last page! Yeah Mad Goose is my favourite beer at the moment.
  14. Rockboy

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    Thanks @Jonny5 and @Shimmyhill yeah I used to get them from The Range but my local sold out ages ago, will try Waitrose, thanks.
  15. Rockboy

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    Anyone know of any retail stores that stock Heat Beads?

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