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  1. Congrats @Meers on the win mate, can't believe I went from 1st to 5th in those last 2 laps, didn't notice the x4 multiplier so when I pitted it forecasted no rain for the next 30 mins but then I ended up on 24 psi slicks on a wet and damp track when it started raining again, lol, but the evening temps dropping totally finished me off and I had no pace. Overall a really enjoyable dynamic race with a bit of everything! Thanks @davejmThanks guys.
  2. I Totally understand the fov situation, no problem! and I'm not trying to make a big deal here although It's exactly like you said "There also isnt space on track for a car on your right." and you're not far enough along side to justify a cars width, let alone trying to force it at this point. The track veers right, If I keep my foot planted I understeer on to the sausage kerb on the left, If we both slightly lift we both get through, everybody behind gets through then you can line up an overtake. A couple laps after this I was side by side with a Bentley I think, he slightly lifted and so did I and we both made it through clean, I conceded the next corner because he had the inside line and I didn't want to go too wide before the straight or fight too much so the guy behind catches up and we kept it moving and I plotted my attack for further down the track. Serious competitions and public servers I get it, I would have moved over and closed the door straight away regardless but league racing should have a little more discretion, I want the guy in front and behind me to stay on the track and I try to facilitate that as best I can because that's what I enjoy, fast lap times don't really interest me in this hobby, just racing!
  3. I had cleared you and was on the racing line but you didn't even lift, just kept accelerating even changing up a gear and drove straight into me. I'm fully aware of getting too much kerb there on the inside or outside will bounce you across the track into your opponent like what happened behind, I couldn't go anymore left so I made sure I didn't squeeze you on corner entry to force you on the kerb, I was approaching it with a little caution just trying to get us both through unscathed. I also feel there is a sense of responsibility on the guys at the front of the grid to get through the first corners/lap in a sensible manor because all the cars following end up being the casualties of something reckless and unnecessarily ruining peoples races.
  4. Hello guys! @davejm said I'm only allowed out on Thursday evenings.
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