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  1. I think this has now sold out everywhere.
  2. Has anyone checked out the Osymyso remixes on the Warp20 Elemental disc yet? Just listening to them today. Favourites are Part 06 and Part 11 so far. When Eyen comes in near the end of the Part 11 it's a proper 'woah' moment. One of my favourites tracks anyway - it's great hearing so many snatches of great Warp moments cooked up so expertly together.
  3. That's a great analysis - I can definitely see where you're coming from with regards to the nostalgic elements. The section at the beginning where he walks around the museum deciding where to hide is both funny and quite amazing given the level of detail given. I still have the third Cosmic Trigger to read, too.
  4. Yes. It's proving far lighter and (therefore) slightly more enjoyable than The Illuminatus! Trilogy was so far, which is about the only thing I have read which I can compare it to. Whether it feels as fulfilling by the time I've finished it I'm not quite sure. Have you read it, and if so what did you make of it (without giving anything away - I'm still very early on in it)?
  5. Stretching the definition of 'rap line' there, but still.
  6. OK, maybe not eight, but so far I've read Nineteen Eight-Four (Orwell), Brave New World (Huxley) and Utopia (More), along with a load of short stories including some other works from Wells, and I have News From Nowhere (Morris) and The Republic (Plato) on the shelf. I am also considering getting the satirical Erewhon. I have to say that More's work is my favourite so far.
  7. Probably the eighth book I've read on Utopias so far in the last few months.
  8. I'm still waiting on the release of the Codex Seraphinianus as apparently recorded by John Inman just months before his death. Richard Burton's recording of Under Milk Wood is being re-released this year on Decca, which is a must-listen, as obviously Richard Burton has the greatest human voice ever recorded (in both senses of the word). To make sure you don't miss out, text YOG-SOTHOTH to 661661 for updates. EDIT: Got the number wrong.
  9. Listening to the Howlin' Wolf anthology this afternoon:
  10. You forgot the best Yann Tiersen track there is:
  11. This is well worth listening to:
  12. Currently listening to the incredible Birdengine album: EDIT: I also got this for Christmas, which I'd never heard of: Christ. - Distance Lends Enchantment To The View After listening to it a couple of times and making comparisons with some Boards Of Canada stuff (it's much more beat heavy than BoC, but the synth pads and swashes of noise that accompany the tracks will seem familiar) I realised that it's the guy who worked on Twoism, one of the early BoC albums. Well worth listening to considering it's on Spotify.
  13. Hey XFM, I'mma let you finish and all, but this is supposed to be the greatest music singles of all time ... OF ALL TIME!
  14. Read Country of the Blind on the train earlier. As usual, Wells takes an entirely fictional concept, of which you're initially convinced would be great (this time the notion of being the only creature of sight in a land of the eternally sightless) and turns it magnificently on its head, horrifying you brilliantly in the process. I can only recommend it to those of you who believe literally in the saying "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King". Wells shows the stunning falseness of this assumption with worrying affluence here.
  15. A little tenuous, but this track from Atmosphere's 2001 record Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs was one I recently rediscovered: Maybe spill a little liquor for the plenty forgotten that won't be cast back to our minds ...
  16. Inspired by Eclectic Eccentricity by any chance? Looks like a nice place to pick up interesting jewellery trinkets in addition to the aforementioned, anyway.
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