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  1. Can someone explain to an idiot like me, what shadow masking is?
  2. Thought it was worth mentioning in this thread, but Nintendo have announced a wireless N64 controller for their new Nintendo Online - Expansion Pack service. I am really hoping it would pair with the Retro-Bit Tribute64 2.4Ghz Wireless Adapter and therefore we'll be able to use it on real hardware...
  3. Yeah, I have a brook adapter for my PS1. Ordered a 8Bitdo DIY kit to turn a PS1 controller wireless, as I have become obsessed with playing everything wireless, but its been stuck in customs for a month. Would the dreamcast one work with analogue sticks? Most of the adapters I've used (like the PS classic USB adapter onto the MiSTer, and the brook PS1 adapter) don't seen to pick up the sn30-pro's analogue input, but maybe I haven't enabled something?
  4. Is there a wireless DC one? Surprisingly having trouble working that out.
  5. One small touch I really like is that if you pick up something at an earlier time of day, it isn't there later on when you return.
  6. Oh, and feel free to invade me, dude.
  7. Can confirm too, Min. I dropped some purple weapons already infused to pick up a new sniper rifle, and they guns were still there on the next phase to equip.
  8. A friend recommended one of these. They are a bit uncomfortable at first, but I removed the arms and swapped it for the head strap. Also, you have to set it up right, choosing the right lens for your eyes, and setting the correct distance from your face (as the lens can be moves forward and back), but once it all comes together, it makes doing tiny soldering repairs a lot easier.
  9. If I wanted to get hold of this today, where is the cheapest place? (It seems that Currys has sold out).
  10. Trying to avoid spoilers, but can anyone give me a high level idea of how this is structured? Is it a single player game with online elements / invasions? Also, do you play the same levels over and over again? Sorry if this has been answered, just trying not to read anything!
  11. Not to put a too finer point on it, my man. But basically you've got to put the hours in.
  12. Ah, we probably kinda of know each other, but only from seeing each other about in the corridors of the uni.
  13. Just to piggy back onto a year old conversation, but are we perhaps talking about Patrick Ramsey when we talk about Paddy? I graduated from the games tech course in 2002, and also wondering if we know each other.
  14. Exactly. They get to develope a new art pipeline. Build an engine optimised for the PS5. Loads of benefits.
  15. Very jealous. I went from the Spectrum to the Master System.
  16. Try it again while tapping the B Button. It makes the craft dip suddenly so you can get back to racing faster, very useful in certain situations!
  17. This is so painfully wrong, that I have to believe you haven't played the game much, especially not at the time (where you wouldn't give up on a game after 20 minutes because you've spend £60 on it) and dismissed it as "too old" or something. So, F-Zero X actually has the idea of "grip". if you turn too hard too fast, you'll exceed this grip limit, which makes the craft slip across the track and the handling feel loose and hard to control. The entire core idea of the game is to push the craft as hard as you can without crossing into that slipping behaviour. Once you do, you need to go into a sort of recovery mode, where you release the accelerator and then reduce your steering, until the grip snaps back. Once you learn this, then the game becomes super accurate and one of the best examples of responsive and tight controls in a driving game.
  18. Yeah, I truly believe Wave Race 64 (along with F-Zero X and 1080 Snowboarding) are the some of the best racing games of all time. Some Wave Race tips for beginners. Missing a L/R buoy reduces your top speed. Once you have missed one, you must pass five to get maximum engine power again. Press accelerate right on the "GO" of the start countdown with give you maximum engine power right from the start. The Z/R button is used for tighter turns. Use this on hairpins, but be careful, is sensitive and takes some getting used to. The B button bends your knees. This is useful to take the height out of waves & jumps. If you want to return to the water quickly, tab B while riding up the wave.
  19. Mine arrives today, @the_debaser. So if it turns out to be rubbish, I am going to... do absolutely nothing but quietly judge you from afar.
  20. Yeah, I really don't know what the person a few pages back was moaning about when he said it wasn't a £50 game. Like, what are you expecting? mOrE pOlyGOns? The framerate is 120fps rock solid. The materials / textures / lighting especially are amazingly well done. It has an incredible art style. Its funny. The core gameplay is very solid (even if it doesn't bring anything new to the table). The level design is constantly pushing boundaries. Its inventive. Its varied. It seems to have at least 10-20 hours gameplay (but probably more). Its well written (which is a huge rarity in games). My only worry is that it runs out of steam before the end. I really didn't get on with the first Psychonauts. The poor framerate on some of the levels, coupled with the inconsistent controls, and some massive difficulty spikes put my off what was a charming story and world. This game has none of those problems. Its currently my favourite game this year.
  21. I am not sure that is actually true? You are collecting something that was mass produced with the intention of being bought by millions, and they have only really been making them in large numbers since the early 80's, so they aren't that old and rare. It seems most collects are aware of the false inflation. So you are now entirely trying to make money on other people only trying to make money, this time with much more information at your finger tips. I can see this blowing up in there faces.
  22. If it makes you feel any better, I have no idea who it is.
  23. Couldn't have said it better myself. Such a delight. Can't believe this is free (on gamepass).
  24. Well, that's the great thing about open source projects and github. You can submit a bug, if you can't see it already there, which helps the community and the core get better. Worst case scenario is that they will close it as a "duplicate issue" if someone has already submitted it. There seems to be a fair few sound issues on the issue page already. Check through those and see if they mention your issue.
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