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  1. Yeah, but most hacks are usually phishing scams, I have heard anecdotally. It probably wasn't that sophisticated.
  2. I kinda think its a bit of a missed opportunity to not lift the curtain on this kind of thing. Kinda like DVD commentary, or a making off.
  3. I find all the debug information on the footage absolutely fascinating!
  4. That's not true? My mister settings go up to 2560x1440 @60hz. https://mister-devel.github.io/MkDocs_MiSTer/advanced/videomodes/#additional-flags "MiSTer is limited to a maximum horizontal resolution of 2048 pixels and a maximum pixel clock of 210Mhz. This is enough to display a 2048x1536 image (209Mhz, Pad resolution), which is the maximum native resolution supported."
  5. Yeah. I mean, its conjecture, but I know for a fact that if the game was released on a rival platform first, Microsoft insists on exclusive content in the Xbox version of the game (its literally a submission requirement). That's why No Man's Sky had some new stuff added went the Xbox version launch, and why Spelunky 2 had better lighting and 120hz on Xbox, but not on PlayStation. Big companies like are petty about this stuff, as they want their platform to be "perceived" as the best one available.
  6. Well, at another guess, I suspect this was supposed to be part of the original "Rare Replay" package, but was removed for licensing reasons. It would make it slightly more palatable if it was released at the time, but after all this wait, its a bit shitty.
  7. Yeah, that would be my guess. "We will only agree to this, if the versions are identical, the switch version has more features" etc.
  8. Here is 30 minutes of the remaster footage, just to rub the salt into the wounds. (Thanks god negs have been removed).
  9. Well, the framerate and resolution is confirmed as better (4k and 60fps). It just won't have the newer models and textures from the dead XBLA remastered version.
  10. I'd maybe be interested in the 32x. Although I have no idea what is a reasonable price.
  11. Here is the article, containing new screenshots. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2022/09/13/james-bond-returns-goldeneye-007-on-game-pass/ Yeah. You can see what the remaster looked like, compared to the "new" xbox version
  12. Well, if Nintendo's N64 online service sends input data and syncs the game that way, it would make sense its online only on Switch, yeah. Isn't that how the other online games work?
  13. They haven't even added online to the Xbox version, I don't think. "even in split-screen local multiplayer!" Maybe I am just reading too much into the wording of that tweet.
  14. I like your enthusiasm, at least!
  15. I thought they would use the term "remaster". The 4k and smoother framerate makes me think its gonna be original assets. I wonder if its because it has to be the same on both platforms?
  16. That Rare tweet kinda makes me think it isn't actually a conversion of the 360 remaster. Which sucks. "Includes achievements, 4K resolution and a smoother framerate"
  17. Ah right, so proton is a compatibility thingy, not the actual OS. Anyway, followed that link @Siri linked me to, and got it working. Had to open the os file browser, reveal hidden files, locate the steam app folder and had to edit ini files. Console it is not.
  18. No. I was a bit busy yesterday, but I got round to it in the evening. I found and installed the proton anti cheat, but easy anti cheat still tries to install on Fall Guys launch and fails. I also did Google and read that is requires a more "compatible" Proton. OS, but have no idea how to install that. Will have another go today.
  19. Well, sorry to hear that my man. I know you are a long time member, so it's probably common knowledge, but I genuinely didn't know. Soz sorry if I was being an arse. Thanks for the help.
  20. Not entirely sure whether this is a slight, or sarcasm, or serious. Anyway, thanks for trying to help.
  21. Hey chaps. Just received mine from @tenrou(thanks again). Seems super slick so far. One thing. It seems to get stuck trying to run "Fall Guys" at the "easy anti cheat" phase...
  22. Yeah, mash the b-button on larger waves to reduce the amount you are forced up by them, so you can back on the water quicker. Super cool control addition.
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