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  1. You put it next to the rom, and then run the config file with the amiga core. Tell me how you get on!
  2. I have managed to get them running, but its a total ball-ache, and because I don't have enough nostalgia for the games, I stopped trying. The basic gist is that you have to make a config file per game, which has to point correctly at right kickstarter file and also set-up the correct resolution and memory settings, and there is little guidance out there about what configs work for what games. I wish that guy who made that damn amiga video actually created a guide to how he did it. Anyway, here is a my "Supercars_2.uae" file which I run using the amiga core km_uae4arm_libretro.so. use_gui=no show_leds=true chipset=aga cpu_type=68020 cpu_speed=real cpu_compatible=true fast_copper=true chipmem_size=4 fastmem_size=4 gfx_center_vertical=simple gfx_center_horizontal=simple gfx_framerate=0 gfx_width=640 gfx_height=512 gfx_framerate=1 sound_output=normal sound_channels=mixed floppy_speed=100 kickstart_rom_file = /media/retroarch/system/kick31.rom nr_floppies = 2 floppy0 = /media/roms/Amiga/Racing/Supercars_2/Scars2_1.adf floppy1 = /media/roms/Amiga/Racing/Supercars_2/Scars2_2.adf You'll notice the path starts with "media" which points to the root of the USB drive. You then put in the absolute path for both the kickstarter rom (which is called kick31.rom in this case) and the adf files for each game disk. Good luck. If you have any success, maybe share it here, as I'd like to try Stuntcar Racer, which I couldn't use because it needed a keyboard...
  3. They are, I think. All the updates bundled together.
  4. Eeeerrr, well, I suppose you could try the shaders and see if the filtering options there make it look better? But yeah, if you use hi-res mode, expect slowdown on some of the more demanding titles.
  5. I am not sure, as I use retroarch. But, with retroarch, its select and start to bring up the quick menu, and then from there you choose "core options" and I believe the hi-res option is in there (going from memory). if you can bring up a autobleem menu when running the game, then I would check through that.
  6. Are you sure you guys aren't running hi-res mode? I had problems when running Silent Hill in hi-res. Also, with retroarch you can choose which core you want to use to run any game, so if it doesn't run at all / very well, on one, move onto another core...
  7. I am saying maybe. I got the stick recommendation from a friend and ordered the USB 2 one as it was priced higher and had no issue. I don't have a usb 3 stick to make a comparison. I am sorry if you feel you have wasted your money. EDIT: It seems like the usb 2 isn't available anymore. I can remove the stick if people have issues. Honestly, the OGT mod is so easy I'd just do that. And after that, you'll have no power issues at all, so I would recommend everyone do it regardless.
  8. Yeah, I ordered the USB 2 one. It was more expensive, which made me slighty suspicious, so I went for that one. I should update the first post with this new info.
  9. Man, really!? How do you get it for 360 then? Doing through the marketplace doesn't work. Maybe through some sort of purchase history?
  10. I never owned one at the time, so have no nostalgia for the console. That said, are there any exclusive PC Engine games that are totally worth checking out? (I have my PS Classic for old arcade games like Splatterhouse and R-Type).
  11. The last time I checked, you could still browse and re-download old games. I managed to get the Castle of Illusion remake for my son, which seemed to become available again to buy. That said, its wholly dependent on the product still being available. Outrun 2 famously isn't because the Ferrari license expired, and Sega didn't pony up the costs to renew it, which is understandable, so they pulled it from the marketplace. You can't even re-download it again even if you bought it when it was originally released, which blows.
  12. Is Kirby's Air Ride worth picking up today? I was eyeing it on ebay...
  13. It should be noted (if its been missed) that if you do the OTG mod to your classic (which is a software mod) you don't need to do the power mod and any power level USB stick will work from the rear port with an OTG adaptor and you get the added benefit of also freeing up both front ports for your console. That said, you do need a low voltage USB stick to do the mod in the first place...
  14. Ok, that issue is definitely because of a power issue with the USB. Are you sure? I made the mistake of copying over my first USB to my second USB drive and one of the retroboot files got corrupted when copying over, so it didn't run. Maybe try a clean build with the second thumb drive, and if that works, then copy the roms over after? You can buy this, which means you can wirelessly connect dual shock 4 controllers to your classic (if you own any).
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