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  1. Well, if the only reason you are asking is to sell them on, you could just sell them with loose sticks and loose about £10-£15 on the price? To be honest, opening them up and putting lube on them did help quite a bit.
  2. Ok, so just tried it. First impressions aren't great. The stick feels too stiff, and its slightly harder to turn left than turn right. Also, it feels like there is grinding plastic when you use it. I am going to open it up and put some plastic lube in to see if that help. But honestly, I would just order one of ebay with a decent stick, like other people have mentioned, and this one cost me £10 and isn't great. To be fair, at least the the throw is correct, which is more than I can say for most of the 3rd party sticks available, which make Goldeneye almost impossible to play.
  3. I have one arriving from Ali Express this week. I'll give you impressions when it arrives (I'm pretty fussy about this stuff).
  4. Oh, I haven't got one. I have an OSSC that handles pretty much everything else. Snes, N64, Saturn, PS1, Dreamcast, GameCube. When you start getting into the higher resolutions, and the interlaced signals, then the OSSC isn't the best. I also have a frontloaded rgb modded nes. Looks perfect on the OSSC. I assume the tink would be just as good.
  5. Yeah. It's the main selling point of the tink for me. Being able to handle interlaced signal with various resolutions without it looking like ass.
  6. The solution I've found, with the PS2 and ossc, is to use Open PS2 Loader, which allows you to force video modes with it's built in GSM. Then I try either 240p, 480p or 1080i. The most consistent is 1080i, as a lot of games don't like being forces into progressive, and usually fail on the attempting to run FMV. But 1080i works quite well, as (I think) the ossc just passes it through to your tv, which can usually de-interlace 1080i content (unlike 480i).
  7. If you haven't already, I'd recommend trying the SA-1 chip hacks of Gradius 3 and Super R-Type. Gradius 3 in particular, is transformed!
  8. Yeah, it felt very Gran Turismo to me. Sim lite.
  9. Yeah, I came here to also say that. I mean, look at the pause menu. LOOK AT IT.
  10. Are you saying that the CX doesn't display 120hz 4k for Dolby Vision, or it doesn't display 120hz 4k at all?
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