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  1. Tomdominer

    Sony Blocking Accounts Between Devices

    Its seriously easy to do and the only reason they wouldn't is because of Sony's restrictions. You are linking your account with Epic and it must interrogate your Epic account to actually see what you have already purchased. They've actually had to put in MORE checks to see if the account you are linking is already linked to a PS4 account, which means they have special case stuff.
  2. It took me ages to make the jump to actually get down there...
  3. Well, this sucks. I seem to be getting connectivity issues on PS4 where I get the message: "The connection to the DARK SOULS: REMASTERED game server was lost. Returning to Title Menu." It keeps kicking me out at very inopportune times, like fighting the capra demon. I might try and turn off the super sampling. #graspingatstraws
  4. Anyone else having PS4 connection issues?
  5. Tomdominer

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    I was until last monday...
  6. Tomdominer

    Zone of the Enders HD Collection

    Sorry WHAT?
  7. Tomdominer

    Rllmuk Arcade Stick Thread

    Hey @QuexexI have a 360 madcatz original SFIV tourny stick and a cheapo (but modified with sanwa parts) Hori EX2 stick that I am dying to reuse. Are these easy mods to perform on either or both? EDIT: I've just seen the price...
  8. Tomdominer

    Battlefield V

    A decent Battle Royale game aimed at a slightly more mature market than Fortnite (which i still love) but actually doesn't run like a piece of shit on console? WHERE DO I SIGN UP.
  9. Tomdominer

    Demon's Souls

    Has anyone actually tried setting this up? I am tempted...
  10. Tomdominer

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    At least you are not trying the bait the forum or anything...
  11. This solved my video problems, thanks HKT. Maybe fold this into the guide @dumpster?
  12. I have preloader, yeah, and have enabled all the region free settings. It doesn't complain and seems to boot into the US gamecube proper retail disk version of Super Mario Sunshine. The screen switches display modes to 576i and a line of colours appear at the bottom of the screen. Dumpster, have you actually tried a US GC disc in your wii?
  13. I did, yeah. (Well, its been a while, so I am pretty sure I did.) I have pre-loader installed at any rate. The problem is when I insert an official US region gamecube game into my pal Wii it attempts to run it at 576i and then appears to crash. I assume its because the NTSC game was never written to run in that mode, but not sure. Googling has revealed that I should perhaps attempt to change my Wii console region to US. Using this: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/AnyRegion_Changer
  14. I'd also be interesting is using his solution @Strider if he does fix it. Remember to take notes!
  15. So, I've bought an official (I know) wii component cable and I still get the same 576i problem when running NTSC gamecube games. EDIT: Might be related to what Strider is also experiencing...

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