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  1. Surely its because you couldn't have players using teleporting movement in VR? If all other players have to actually walk around.
  2. Yeah, had some frustrating news about my own game, but hopefully can still get this damn thing off the ground.
  3. Mate, I haven't bought it either, yet! But to be fair, taking into account the £450 console and the 4k tv, Demon's Souls is already costing me a fair wack.
  4. The reason why digital foundry prefers the Xbox Series X, because from a hardware point of view, Microsoft have learnt their lesson regarding the Xbox One launch. The Xbox One launched as a slower platform with a higher price, with little focus on actual games, and was targeting itself as an all-in-one media device, with tv control and all that gubbins. This time, they are front and centre launcher a console that is FASTER and CHEAPER. I think Sony took the hit, price wise, to stay in the game. The problem with the XBox Series isn't the hardware, though. Its the fact th
  5. What was the first game to have a reload button? Goldeneye again?
  6. Have the issues been sorted for Star Wars: Squadron and VR? I have an original vive and a 2070 super. Will that be fine?
  7. I am personally hopelessly addicted to Hunt: Showdown, so that being "compatible" and even running at 60/120hz is a real selling point for me.
  8. The only thing I would say to this is that the original whip would linger longer on the end part of the animation, so you could "spear" the enemies with the whip, which, for me was the easiest way to dispatch enemies. Also, the whip collider has less "height", so I am whipping above and below bats quite often.
  9. I agree. I am still undecided whether I just need to "git gud" or the game is too much. Still too early to say, I think. I do think all it would take to make the game more welcoming is some collision box, timing and spawn odds changes. I don't want any of the fundamentals to change, just to make it a little easier and not so demandingly precise. Widen the collider on the player so stomping is easier, widen the rock hit box, so you don't throw it over bat's heads, slow down the whip anim speed and increase whip collider size, half the odds of arrow traps and enemies in pots, increas
  10. Edit: Re-read that and realised that's what you meant.
  11. This is a video I like to call, deaths o' bullshit.
  12. I definitely wanted a deeper game, with more secrets to discover, and a longer and more interesting journey to hell (or whatever the new place is called), but I am not sure I wanted a more challenging game. I've spent 20-30 hours on the game and still can't consistently complete the dwelling / mines level. Something will always catch me out. It reminds me of the newer gameplay trailer where Derek says "even after many many hours of playing I still have interesting runs that don't even go past the first area". I'm starting to think that is a weakness, not a strength. Also, with the
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