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  1. Thanks man, such awesome answers.
  2. How about the BlisSTer Kit? Is that better than the USB hub? Can you buy both? I am currently thinking that I use the USB controllers from my mini machines, and not bother with real joystick hardware...
  3. Thanks for this, very kind! I actually watched a few videos and ordered everything on this list, including a proper MiSTer USB hub. I did also order the IO board, as I thought it was more to do with sound? I already have a OSSC, so was going to pipe it through that, I am not entirely sure what the MiSTer outputs, video wise?
  4. I was this -><- close to buying an AES system. But the sale fell through, as the seller refunding me. And, on reflection, I think that perhaps spending the money on a MiSTer might be preferable, because I get perfect accuracy Geo plus accurate arcade cores as well! Sorry if this had been asked a million times, but where should I order a MiSTer from? And what components do I need? Is there a recommended guide?
  5. Conversely, I've had multiple dual shock 4's fuck up on me. Mostly the sticks literally disintegrating, but a trigger broke as well.
  6. I love how it offers in build system level game equalizer, bass boost and mic sensitivity options, which you can't adjust with any other third party headset.
  7. They suddenly turned up!
  8. Must...resist...reverse...phycology I have 10 saturn pads in various states of (dis)repair. Lets build an adapter than can handle TWO saturn multitaps for hi-ten bomberman!
  9. Its not the only thing, but I own pretty much all original retro hardware that I want to play on, so am only really interested in something like this for an "all-in-one" solution that gives me every platform, including PS1, N64, Saturn, and perhaps even Dreamcast and GameCube etc. The current appeal is that it does arcade and neo geo with decent accuracy, but it would grow considerably if I knew in the future these other platforms are going to be added....
  10. Jesus. I am just waiting for UPS to find my parcel first. Is the import tax inevitable, or just pop luck whether you get charged?
  11. So, I ordered some 7x from the website, and they have been stuck in Stanford Le Hope since the 3rd. The UPS website says "The package is delayed due to a Brexit related disruption. We are adjusting delivery plans as quickly as possible."
  12. Is there plans to follow this up with newer and more capable hardware? The fact that it probably won't ever support N64 has made me hold off for something with a larger capacity....
  13. I've modded my N64 with a RGB chip that cleans and boosts the signal, and then I am piping it through the OSSC upscalar to bring it up to roughly 1080p HDMI signal to play on my modern TV. If you then run the game, and switch to the remake's" N64" visuals, the remake looks MUCH clearer, and it clearly running at a much higher resolution. You wouldn't believe how bad it looks on original hardware.
  14. But Dark Souls have proved that this doesn't need to be the case!
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