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  1. Tomdominer

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I haven't played the game, but perhaps a mechanic where they show the wanted information being communicated and then propagated might be an idea? It seems that the real problem is not understanding how your wanted "identification" is sent through the world. Maybe even a text update of every wanted escalation: Someone has witnessed your animal cruelty You've been reported to INSERT TOWN NAME HERE for animal cruelty. Wanted posters have been created. Letters have been dispatched to surrounding towns containing your description (kill the postmen to stop them being delivered). etc. etc.
  2. Tomdominer

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    How have I never thought to do that!
  3. Tomdominer

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    He is correct, it IS one of the most "cryptic storylines the gaming insdustry has ever witnessed".
  4. Yeah, I have exactly the same thing. Luckily it doesn't affect my vision anymore, really.
  5. God, I had the same thing. Do you have blood floating around in your sight? Mine hasn't gone away in 20 years...
  6. Tomdominer

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I'll tell you what is an emotional roller-coaster (from the perspective of people still deciding whether they want to buy the game). Its THIS THREAD.
  7. Tomdominer

    Is crunch required?

    Fucking hell man.
  8. Anyway, Blackout is like crack cocaine and I am fully addicted. I've added a few people who said to friend them on PS4 but am looking for more teammate. I'll be on around 9pm tonight!
  9. I suspect they made that decision because they were having trouble getting a higher tick-rate in Blackout and change the other multiplayer mode to match so the jump between them wouldn't feel as drastic. I can see them reinstating the 60hz on the standard multiplayer ASAP, but I might be wrong. At any rate, I can't see it as a financial decision myself.
  10. Add Tomdominer for 20 frames per server Playstation non impulse purchase shooting.
  11. Where is the cheapest supermarket to get this? #ImpulsePurchase.
  12. Tomdominer

    Luigi's Mansion - 3DS version

    I assume they have adapted the controls to fit the 3DS? I like the original, but Mansion 2 had MUCH better controls, and one required the use of the C-Stick to aim.
  13. I've played the original a fair bit. The targeting computer on Zwei never seemed to do anything?
  14. Tomdominer

    The Game Development Thread

    Hey chaps, I have some Unity tutorials and visual scripting language tools from a humble bundle that I don't need. PM me if you want them. EDIT: Now gone.

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