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  1. Christ, that video is painful. I realise that being a teenager is hard, but the way these kids seem to mix up their identity with the reception / result of a video game, and even go as far as to attempt to sway the opinion of subreddits and even faking death threats.
  2. Me too actually. Its a way off, but an ambition of mine. I was maybe gonna start a separate thread about discussing this? (as I have absolutely no idea what to buy, what the best is etc..) I thought either a custom cab, with a rollerball and perhaps sticks that twist, and four controllers to support Ninja Turtles (when that eventually turns up), or something like an astro city.
  3. Its fucking awful, isn't it? Acclaim's American marketing department really knocking it out of the park. They seem to just give up on the sequel...
  4. Oh awesome. I was expected crappy news!
  5. Where the controls actually patched then?
  6. Hey peeps. I saw a verticle shooter on the switch that was recommended here a few months back. Someone made a seperate thread, and was saying people should try the caravan mode on it. I can't find the thread now, does anyone remember what the name of the game was?
  7. So, we think this is a 500 then? My poor photoshop skills seems to line it up "fairly" well.
  8. More DC set-up questions. I've bought a GCEMU, and am using the SD Card set-up thingy that was linked earlier. With that, Is there a way of adding sub-folders to the GDEMU menu? Also, I've forced VGA for all the titles, but it seems to not work with Bangai-O. Is there a way of disabling VGA on a per title basis from the GDEMU menu? I had trouble working it out...
  9. Yeah. I bought it when I hacked the Playstation Classic, but I plugged it into the MiSTer and it worked perfectly off the bat! EDIT: I did have trouble with the Nes adapter originally, and had to update the firmware for it to pair with the SN30. So, keep that in mind!
  10. I have this one. I also have 8Bitdo Nes, Snes and Megadrive retro receivers and my SN30 Pro, and my Sega Saturn Mod Kit pairs with them all.
  11. Mine would be Trex Warrior - 22nd Century Gladiator. Great Amiga 3d arena shoot-em-up that I think I got on a cover disk from Amiga Format.
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