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  1. To think Captain Sparklefingers aka Shazam! cost around a $90 million and will better than whatever version is rolled out, as that film was something this will never be, fun!!!
  2. I saw this last night with the other half, we both loved it.
  3. aidey6

    The Boxing Thread

    I know it is only the highlights, but it looked a pretty good tear up
  4. I'm seven episodes in and the latest episode is out there. I've been really enjoying this so far. Been watching with the other half and she likes it too
  5. Blessing in disguise that Ashley Young gets a ban, I hope we start with Brandon at LB and he has a good game. It was so frustrating that we pushed Young up and didn't just swap James & Rashford on the wing prior to James being subbed
  6. Despite Spider-Man being rebooted since 2007, Sony wisely kept J K Simmons in the iconic role
  7. It is going to leave the options upfront very thin, although it will be another reduced expense salary wise even the club have to subsidise his vast wages
  8. But only on loan; our most forward thinking new players in the last three transfer windows have been another shite Brazilian and a Championship winger; where are all these players that Ole said were wanting to sign
  9. Is Mario Mandzukic more mobile than Lukaku ? I was blindingly hoping we would go for Bruno Fernandes, as our midfield without Pogba doesn't look a patch on the sides that finished in the top four last season
  10. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11675/11779011/paulo-dybala-tottenham-agree-64-4m-fee-for-juventus-forward I imagine if true CL football trumps Europa League
  11. I would like us to go for Bruno Fernandes, as our last minute transfer; I have a feeling he'll be a creative spark sorely missing from our midfield. I am hope that McTominay can raise his game, as Matic is too slow
  12. I wonder if this will be Marvel Studios first Cert 15 film. A brilliant actor I am looking forward to this. Confusion - New Order is my current ring tone; still love that scene when we first see Blade
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