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  1. Yup, exactly. They've proved in the past they can make interesting non-Final Fantasy games (Parasite Eve, Vagrant Story) but these days (since their movie disaster) it's like they're too afraid to step away from the safe option. Is it a crime for me to want them to utilise their talent on something else? You may claim each Final Fantasy is hugely different, but there's a lot that's the same. Anyway, this rumour could always be false.
  2. That's just getting more turns in because your speed>their speed. On topic: Yay, another Final Fantasy. :/
  3. I wonder where the first picture comes from then, as he obviously got the red idea from there.
  4. I guess i'm the only one that just wanted the bloody game to start when watching the Shenmue intro. I found it painfully slow...* *cue 'mue haters to comment on the rest of the game.
  5. I love FFVIII, but why oh why can you use the GFs unlimited number of times?? It's ok once your attack and magic skills become more powerful, but up until then battles would be a case of watching the same animations over and over because they do 3 times as much damage as your standard attack. Drawing magic to impove your stats wasn't such a great idea either...
  6. Those beacons in Halo reminded me of the massive bugs in ST that fired blue shit into the sky.
  7. The muscley guy doesn't look too pleased with the bloke in the middle. I'm guessing he chose the outfits.
  8. Zelda 3 Japanese Advert... Wilbo (bless his 'eart) sent me that a while ago. I think I win.
  9. I admit to enjoying civilian killing. It's especially amusing to kill mid-sentence. "Thanks! You saved my..." *BAM* I spent more time in Max Payne 2 firing different weapons at tramps than I did actually playing the game. Carefully laying a grenade next to the man asleep infront of his TV was particularly fun.
  10. Killing civilians has always been my favourite part of games. Enemies are just programmed to kill you, where as civilians are always a bit more interesting. You can take your time...toy with them. I loved playing as the alien in AvP, hearing and watching them cower...wimper...cry... I need help don't I.
  11. I thought it was pretty great. Had me playing from start to end in one go, which is quite unusual for me. I'm not sure if I would've been too pleased with it if I had paid £30-40 though, I borrowed it off my housemate. If anyone can point me to an Mp3 of that Labratory music, i'd be most grateful. That tune is 'kicking'.
  12. My only complaint is the boomerang. Just about every item/weapon was equiped with one tap of the button, and you press again to use. For some reason the boomerang requires you to hold it down... I'm probably just a spaz, but i'd always forget how it worked, and would throw my boomerang in a random direction accidentally, then get knocked off my boat by those bastard 'pineapple beasts (as I call them) whilst being completely defenceless, waiting for my weapon to return. So frustrating. Pretend that was better punctuated, ok.
  13. Let's just hope it wont be a case of a couple new moves and a playable sidekick with big tits.
  14. Um, those textures look absolutely fine to me. Not a seam in sight, and I don't get the 'low-detail' thing. They're just stones aren't they? The docks in Shenmue II, now that's an example of woeful texturing. Seams, pixels, repetition, scale issues, all over the place. Oh yeah, since when have textures mattered that much anyway? There are always technical constraints, and i'd say Ico looks pretty fucking amazing for a PS2 game. I agree about the combat btw, but for me it only grated on the second play through when I knew what was coming.
  15. Yeah, and my speed is really crippled by the fact my mind can't seem to cope with using two buttons.
  16. Me me me! B) You get a nice Jimmy Saville impression from one of those Ewok Rip offs. Excellent. And, imo, still a great game. So there.
  17. This is brilliant. ...and i've just recognised your avatar. The old geeza from Maddog McRee...
  18. Ah, it was you that said it then. I was going to go to the effort of forging an amazon receipt, but now I can't even be arsed to jump through that deceitful, dishonest hoop for this collectors disc jobber any more. It's not like I don't have an N64 and a copy of Majoras mask, I do (albeit covered in dust, with a creaky analogue stick). I'm hoping pretty soon it'll be emulated near-perfectly on the Xbox, if it isn't already. I've not been on the ball lately when it comes to these things...
  19. I'm sure someone on here said they'd been told in an email that online reciepts were valid. Just let me scan that old thread...
  20. I used to pester staff quite often for these once-upon-a-time. I have standees for Tomb Raider (the first one), Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Silent Hill (the first one) and Aliens VS Predator (the first one). They might actually be worth something...
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