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  1. Yeah, I got there in the end. The trick was to


    use the boat and head southwest.

    I thought the quest with the saliva trail had bugged out honestly, I'd been running in circles for ages. Mopping up absolutely everything is going to be a nightmare with all these maze-like environments, but I'm a masochist I guess. I just platinum'd Bloodstained the other day, which involved crafting every single weapon and meal in the game...

  2. Ok, back into this now. I finally beat that first Beserker, Unerring. I suddenly remembered that to avoid that bullshit AOE bifrost attack you have turn around? Look away? But then I just kept using the running shield bash move which would stun her out of it. I won with about 1hp left... I realised my axe and blades still aren't fully upgraded, so I'm going to hunt for the items needed for that. Once I've done that I should be able to clinch it with at least some of the remaining beserkers.


    Btw, anyone have any idea how to get up here? It's driving me nuts (late game area)



  3. Ha, yeah, I'm post-game so...😖 I'm probably just rusty as hell. I'll try the Callous one though, thanks. I might try knocking the difficulty down as well tbh, which is how I finally beat Sigrun in the previous game.

  4. I thought I'd go back to this for the platinum and consulted a guide to see which berserker fight is easiest, and... they can't be serious with #10 there? She constantly warps and whizzes around and fires shit at me, I can't tell up from down and Kratos is felled in 30 seconds. I was doing much better against the one they rank as the 5th most difficult. I think I just absolutely suck at parrying and shielding in general, the timing is all over. Also, the reload times on PS4 are painful and having to press X each time is winding me up. Sigh.

  5. Enjoyed that. The alterations are interesting. If I remember right, in the game 


    Joel and Tommy were estranged after falling out years ago over the Fireflies and their differing priorities. They only meet up again because Joel is desperate and wants to offload Ellie. In this, Joel starts off trying to get a car battery to reach his brother who he wants to save? He begins as a smuggler of guns in the game but he's more of a drug dealer here, maybe meant to be more sympathetic? Joel already beating people to death, mind. 


    Also, as beautiful as that fungi person glued to the wall was, shouldn't there be spores and gas masks? I guess they're saving those for later. 


    A 130yo John Hannah attached to life support will appear in season eight, when they've long exhausted the source material, and turn out to be the main villain. "A genocidal maniac? I just gave nature a little helping hand..."

  6. I just fired this up on my PS4 and it looks so good and feels exactly like Journey did. On mobile with the tiny screen and the touch controls, I really wasn't getting on with it. I can't deal with waving my thumbs around over the top of the action to direct my character. It just feels terrible compared to the trusty old analogue stick.


    Anyway, I think I've totally fucked this up because I tried to link my Nintendo account but I passed the title screen on PS previously, creating a new account, which has totally thrown a spanner in the works. Now all I see is this.



    I think I have to wait a full 30-odd days now for the PS account to be deleted fully...bugger.

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