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  1. Well, it's my turn for Redd today. I picked up the Twinkling painting. I have a real Scary painting and fake Solemn and Quaint (milk jug) if there's any interest I'll open up at some point.
  2. Ah crap, sorry, I went off to eat. You still open? Edit: Scrub that, chocks away (or not because sea plane) Edit2: The painting is gone?
  3. Everyone on my island is complaining that there's too many pumpkin decorations now...miserable bastards. @DaleyI don't have the common painting if you're still around?
  4. You still have 11 days. There's not that many recipes, get popping those balloons.
  5. Ah right, I didn't realise this, I thought it was randomised. Thanks for letting me know. Is it weird I'm always using the feather duster? The kebabs (??) in every room add up to a huge difference. I've had the duster become unselectable on some runs though, I'm not really sure why. I thought it was one keepsake use per area, but on my last run I kept the same one all the way...
  6. The full game was sadly forgettable after a demo which I remember enjoying. I really rinsed it, presumably in the summer of 2010, holing up in the gun store, seeing how many cops I could brutally murder. I loved the '50s cars and diners aesthetic which is probably a bit overplayed now.
  7. Yeah, I noticed the pools in the previous rooms, but I had just entered a room, been poisoned, then dead. No chance. Hypnos mentioned what had killed me, but I can't remember what he said. I spent 5 titan blood on different weapons, but apparently you can unlock something if you spend them on one? I've not had any titan blood from bosses in many runs. Is it random? I've not had many diamonds either.
  8. Just...how? Do you use god mode? On my 32nd run I finally scraped out of Elysium last night after a painfully protracted battle, but promptly died a few rooms into the next area...my health just suddenly depleted in 3 seconds, for no apparent reason. I don't think I'm ever going to manage.
  9. I'm in exactly the same predicament @spanx I'm 31 runs in, stuck on Theseus and starting to feel pretty crap at it. My runs feel like they take forever, half the time I don't even escape Asphodel, and the amount of gems/darkness/keys I collect each time is pitiful and does little to help build my character. Plus once I have enough boons there so many particle effects going off I can barely see what's happening and I'm blindly button mashing. I feel like I'm missing something. Maybe it is just a case of perservering, but I can only deal with attempting one run per session.
  10. I just bagged the Dynamic Painting, thanks!
  11. They are dead to me once they relinquish their precious photo. Octavian had a cold this morning so I couldn't give him his daily giftwrapped fossil, so I go away, get medicine, go back, fix him up... Then he still won't accept a gift till I leave his house and re-enter. What a farce.
  12. He seems strangely angry about face scanning tech, what's that about? I thought with the exception of some uncanny valley, largely coming from the teeth, the characters looked great. Of course in ten years they won't be quite so impressive.
  13. Halloween, 31st October! Get collecting the candies because between 5pm and midnight you'll be able to trade them for recipes/items with villagers and Halloween Jack. Edit: Dammit, again @StumpyJohn
  14. Blimey. Apparently you can get away with a minimum of 15 candies on the big day, so I should be fine. You can also get a few candies from villagers on the day if you've neglected to pick them up.
  15. Can you buy candy on other people's islands? i.e. circumvent the 1 per-day limit? ITCHY...TASTY...
  16. Literally just posting it to him now @StumpyJohn Edit: Sent!
  17. I think it looks good, but is there a reason there's no moving footage? Also, is it just me who found the images flying around at the bottom of the screen incredibly irritating?
  18. Yeah, I've done a terrible job with the keepsakes. For ages I was handing my nectar to the first person I came across. I have hardly any of the keepsakes from the gods because I didn't realise you could hand them to the orbs in chambers till recently. I'm trying to rectify that asap. Currently doing a run which is going considerably better. Agreed that a strong attack is the best defence. I can get by with minimal health upgrades if I can destroy everything almost immediately. I'm wondering about investing that blood item into weapons. It seems like such a rare item, I'
  19. I feel like there's a lot of luck involved re: which boons you're offered. I've had some totally shit runs lately, whilst earlier runs were a cakewalk. If I'm still manually drawing my bow and there's no deflect by the time I reach Meg, I'm basically screwed. Not sure if there's a tactic to ensure you get better stuff? I've done 23 runs and have reached bully boy twice.
  20. I played through it on PS4 then PC...the latter must've completely overwritten the memory of the former because that loading screen seems crazy long to me. I cheesed DoH off the cliff. No regrets. It just didn't look like a fun at all, spending ages learning the moves that can devastate you in seconds.
  21. No worries. Thanks! There's still a bunch of areas that need development, with just random weeds/flowers/items, but I think I'll leave them until some fancy new update comes along. Hopefully Christmas will bring a large tree and a bunch of other stuff.
  22. I think it's possible to use a villager's vanity/mirror if they have one? I can't remember. I know you can use their workbenches...
  23. Bloody hell Harry, my museum looks so bare. I was wondering if you had the accessory 'Animal nose', because it kinda looks like a more traditional cat nose costume (black nose and whiskers), but obviously it's not the same as the 'Cat nose' accessory...you might prefer it?
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