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  1. Super Mario 3D World. I wonder if there's actually more Mario games with a playable Peach than without, it's mostly the mainline games where she's demoted to damsel in distress.
  2. I didn't much enjoy that section either, but I don't think anything else in the game is quite so drawn out and tedious. For me personally I've never been a huge fan of the story and cutscenes and the game is at its best when I'm simply exploring new areas, solving puzzles, smashing minibosses and looting chests. The amount of post-game content seems pretty insane in this. The previous game was mainly just the valkyrie fights right? In this it's
  3. From a Google: "Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, can do everything on the easiest difficulty and use accessibility options" So like the previous game.
  4. Omg, I'm so sick of I finished at level 6 btw. Isn't everything a cakewalk at 8 or 9? I thought I had done a lot of the side content as well... Thanks, I'll ditch my current frustrating battle and get onto that I think.
  5. I finished this last night. I'll try for the plat after a short break but I'll probably end up reducing the difficulty for those difficult bosses. Does anyone else get massive (Ragnarök plus Elden Ring spoilers)
  6. This just went up...might be interesting.
  7. Freeze -> stunlocked -> death Getting a crazy amount of rumble in this game on PS4 btw, I'm surprised the battery is holding out. It's going off during dialogue for some reason. Not sure if bug.
  8. Wordle 514 3/6 As the tiles on the second line turned I nearly lost it.
  9. Gah, I was effectively doing some puzzles on hard mode because I didn't realise that
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